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Article: 10 Things to Do Rather Than Reaching for Your Phone

10 Things to Do Rather Than Reaching for Your Phone

10 Things to Do Rather Than Reaching for Your Phone

Is there any of one of us who isn’t guilty of this?

Be honest. How many times do you wake up, and the first thing you do is check your phone?

Okay, it might be to hit the snooze button on that pesky alarm, but when it comes to waking up naturally, who doesn’t reach straight for the phone to check their messages, social media, etc.?

It’s a bad habit that many of us have. You are not alone. There is seemingly no logical reason why we do it, which becomes especially clear to us when we realize we probably shouldn’t do it.

Phones are addictive things.

It’s as if we are permanently glued to them at times. We may not even know why we are so eager to check it soon as we wake up. It’s just a habit many fall into, regardless of age.

Nor is it especially healthy. Staring at a phone all day can result in problems such as tech neck, hunched backs, vision issues, and migraines!

Why Looking At Your Phone in the Morning Isn’t a Good Idea

You plan on only taking a quick glimpse to check your messages, but it isn’t long before you’re scrolling down all the doom and gloom stories in both the media and social media.

Essentially, what’s happening is that your mind is being fed with all kinds of negative energy as soon as you wake up. This sets the tone for a rather glum day! By the time you’ve managed to wrench yourself from staring at the screen, you’re ready to make that coffee, only to find your heart feels heavy and the world looks even more miserable than usual.

It is a trap that so many fall into. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way!

What you need to do is set yourself up in a no-phone morning routine. There are ways to stop using your phone in the morning, and 10 of the best ways are listed below!

Resist the urge to reach immediately for your phone. If it has already become an addiction, then this will be challenging but certainly doable. Try these methods instead, and before long, you will have a wellness morning routine that doesn’t include scrolling endlessly down your screen.

10 Things to Do in the Morning Instead of Reaching for Your Phone

1. Write Down What You’ll Have for Breakfast

This is far more motivating than it sounds!

First of all, when it comes to breakfast, it’s not everyone’s favorite meal of the day. Some can’t stomach it at all, while for others, a bowl of oats in the morning is hardly something to make you want to leap out of bed shouting with joy (unless you’re a major oat fan).

So the key is to keep it interesting! Get creative and think about the fun and nutritious breakfasts you can have.

Incorporate healthy and delicious drinks and smoothies to go with them. I like to include a fatty tea in my breakfast routine (a combination of coconut oil, collagen peptides, black tea, and MCT oil which gives a lovely whirling froth when blended for two minutes) and knowing the goodness of the nutrients going down me is a motivational boost for getting up and dragging myself away from the phone!

Once you’ve thought of all your fun breakfast ideas, reach for your journal and write down the one you want to try. (Make sure you’ve prepped for all the ingredients beforehand!)

2. Write Down 3 Positive Affirmations for the Day

Instead of reaching for the phone, pick up your journal and write down three positive affirmations to start your day with. These will trickle into your subconscious mind and lodge themselves there, keeping you full of bright spirits!

Some good affirmations are:

  • I will maintain positive energy throughout the day
  • Life is beautiful, and there is so much to enjoy
  • Nature is my friend. I will enjoy a walk today.

3. Engage in Yoga or Stretching

Yoga is not just for people who are “into” yoga.

Yoga is for everyone, and its main purpose is to bring your mind, body, and soul into alignment. Practicing 10 minutes of yoga in the morning works beautifully to help you start the day with a calm mind. This is especially recommended for anyone who has a nightmare the night before.

Stretching is equally helpful. Spend 10 minutes stretching and put on some soothing music while you do it. The results are magical, helping to promote serenity within.

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4. Record Your Dreams

This is excellent for enhancing your creativity. It is fantastic for understanding yourself at a deeper level and strengthening your intuitive and psychic gifts.

Get yourself a specific dream journal and keep it by your bed. Upon waking, write down every part of the dream you remember.

The more you get into this habit, the more you will look forward to waking up each day, knowing you have a wealth of information to write down in your dream journal.

5. Sit in Silence

You may have a hectic day ahead of you. Whether it be a busy day at work or taking care of things at home, how many chances do you really get to just sit in silence for a couple of minutes before you need to begin all of your daily tasks?

After waking up, lay in bed, or sit up in bed for a handful of minutes. Be mindful of the new day ahead of you, and take a few moments just for yourself.

Clear your mind, and then start your day.

6. Set a Daily Intention With Tarot

This is another great idea because it changes every day and gives you something to look forward to.

Shuffle your Tarot cards and ask for guidance for the day. Pull the card that speaks to you.

Whatever the card is, this is the message that the universe wants you to know throughout the day. You can spend time meditating on it or bring it with you as you prepare your morning beverage!

7. Reach for a Book

The night before, prepare three books of your choosing and lay them by your bed. They could be anything: fiction, a self-help book, a book on crystals, a biography. Anything at all.

Upon waking, reach for one of these books, whichever one calls out to you. Then read 10 minutes of it. If it’s a self-help book or educational book of some sort, go to whatever chapter interests you the most. If it’s fiction, continue where you left off or start the book if it is new.

Reading in the morning - on paper, not the screen - can help get your brain working and fill your mind with something interesting of your choosing.

8. Recite Your Blessings

Whether you wish to express your gratitude or meditate on all you are thankful for, having a conversation with the universe in the morning is always a great idea!

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9. Cuddle

Always a good idea, regardless of the time of day, but cuddling with your other half (human, pet, or even stuffed animal!) upon waking fills you with warmth and fuzzies. What’s more, it stops you from reaching for the phone.

10. Splash Your Face 100 Times With Cold Water

For the hardcore among us! Committing yourself to this regime has a wealth of benefits, such as leaving you feeling fresh, getting your blood circulation going, and making you feel ready to take on anything.

Splash your face 100 times with cold water and watch as the miraculous effects take place.

Try a No-Phone Morning Routine

A healthier morning routine that doesn’t involve spending ages scrolling on your phone will, in the long and short term, leave you feeling much happier, vibrant, and ready for action.

We cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the world of our phones. It seems that everywhere we turn these days, everyone is buried in their phones. The cell phone is still a relatively new phenomenon and while it represents the wonders of technology, it does not come without its consequences.

Set up a no-phone morning routine for yourself. Guaranteed, you will feel better about it!

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