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Article: How to Heal from Your Past Lives

How to Heal from Your Past Lives

How to Heal from Your Past Lives

“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”- Donald Rumsfeld

While starting an article about past lives with a quote from a politician might seem a bit odd, it helps introduce us to a topic that is, for most people, unknown. Just as people often have to learn how to improve their diet to heal their body, we often end up seeking answers in unexpected places to solve problems in our lives. Some places, we didn’t even know existed. Think of a person who had never seen or heard of a plane suddenly seeing one fly overhead. At first, it would seem too far-fetched to conceive of, but later, after explanation and study, they would be able to learn to fly that plane themselves.

The same can be said for understanding the concept of past lives as well as applying simple techniques that will help you heal deep issues in your life and find forgiveness for our own past actions. Most people need to understand how something can potentially benefit them before signing up (hey I’m one of them). This introduction to healing your past lives will help you understand the very real and practical ways this new journey into the past can help your daily life as well as how to do it. We believe you’ll find it is not difficult and surprisingly effective.

How Past Life Healing Can Help You

Many of our neuroses and deep-rooted issues in our relationships and emotional life come from past life memories stored in the soul. The soul work we do to clear the memories that are replaying in our unconscious and creating behaviors in our waking life, can free us from deep emotional pain that keeps us from living confidently, openly and without shame. If we did something we are carrying guilt about, we will often be punishing ourselves. If we were wronged or betrayed, we will often mistrust everyone. There are many fears and unbalanced thinking patterns that can stem from experiences not accessible in our waking consciousness.

Here are some typical daily life problems that could be resolved using past life healing:

  • Excessive anger towards a person or group
  • Phobias or anxieties that are debilitating or unexplained
  • Difficulties making decisions
  • Feeling unworthy of love or recognition
  • Excessive neediness or codependency
  • Tendencies to self-isolate or push others away
  • Feeling a need to save everyone or fix everything
  • Afraid to commit to things or finalize plans
  • Chronic pain or inexplicable health conditions
  • Inability to hold a job or provide for oneself
  • Holding onto money, hoarding, or extreme fear of poverty
  • Unexplained grief or sadness
  • Obsessive behaviors or addictions
  • Suspicion of spiritual topics or people trying to help you
  • Attracting strange experiences/having bad luck

Of course, some of these behaviors can come from childhood trauma and environmental conditioning in this life as well. Past lives are not the only place that we look for healing but they are able to help us find a lot of healing if we can’t find the root cause of something in this lifetime. Other places include ancestral karma or some things we carry in our genetic DNA.

The last bullet point is actually a major part of our daily lives that much of the work of past life healing is able to help with. Based on the law of attraction, our own energy attracts similar energy. Healing our deepest negative memories will free us from attracting people and experiences with the same vibration. It’s safe to say, there are plenty of benefits from healing your past lives but just how is that done?

How To Heal From Your Past Lives

First, you’ll want to identify an issue in your life that you’ve noticed you are struggling with or something you want to overcome. If you’re not sure what to focus on, that’s OK too. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to heal in your life, you can create a question in your mind about it. Let’s say you’re having one bad relationship after another and you keep trying to save people who don’t want help in your relationships. The question would simply be, “why do I keep doing this?”

Or perhaps it’s a fear you are dealing with or you’re feeling stuck. Phrase the issue as a question in your mind such as, “what memory is causing this,” or “why am I experiencing this?” Then grab a journal for your past life healing meditation.

Take a few deep breaths in and out of your nose to relax your body and calm the mind. Feel yourself sitting in the room and feel as though there is an energy around the surface of your body. Feel that energy connecting to all the energy around it, in the atmosphere and in space. Bring your mind to outer space where you are free from the thoughts of your life.

Ask your soul to show you a memory which relates to your question or the memory that needs to be healed the most. Breathe and allow the memory to come to you. Just let the movie you are shown play without judging. You will often be very surprised at what you see. Now ask your soul how this relates to your question or how it’s affecting your life today. Write down what your soul reveals about this.

Now it is time to release all of the energy you’re holding about this memory. Visualize now that the memory dissolves completely leaving a blank space that you can now fill with a healing story. What could have happened that would have been peaceful, positive and not traumatic? What story do you want to replace the memory with that will give you better energy in your life today? We may have lived in different times and had many faces, but the lessons we learn in life experiences have energy we can relate to and lessons we may still need to finally learn. For example, if someone did something to our family, we don’t have to be angry anymore because it doesn’t help anyone, including ourselves.

Once you’ve given yourself the new memory and can see how it is positive and healing energy that now feeds your life today, that’s it. You’ve completed your first past life healing and you did a great job. Many people miss out on this huge area of energetic healing and suffer a great deal because of it. If you make this a tool that you use regularly, you’ll find it will become a great way to transform your life. Be sure to always be intentional, calm and take your time. When you’re ready to come back to the room, take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes. Write down how you feel and if you feel the energy you were working on dislodged or if you somehow feel free of it.

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Closing Thoughts…

An important thing to mention about past life healing is how the ego can trip us up. The ego is not something that helps us heal. It is not very smart and wants us to feel important because it is the part of our mind that separates us from our soul. In many ways the ego functions to help us get through our day and not be out in space overwhelmed with spiritual information. However, we do also need to put a check and balance on the ego to make sure it doesn’t meddle in our own healing process.

The ego will show up in your meditations in a few typical ways. It will show you that you were someone famous which is only going to feed your self-importance and is actually not a real visit to a past life, or it will block the meditation by creating confusion. People who are insecure often see themselves as important people in past lives because the ego wants to prove their self-worth. However, you will see the lessons you learned and what is left to learn in a real past life regression and the identity, if it was someone important, will be hidden from you because it will not help you. This egotism can be ameliorated by having a pure intention going into your meditation to find a way to take responsibility for your energy and shift it.

To continue understanding past lives, check out a book called Healing Your Past Lives: Exploring The Many Lives of The Soul by Roger Woolger, Ph.D. You may also find some inspiration and motivation to explore past life healing by watching the movie Cloud Atlas. It has a star-studded cast including Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. The movie shows how two souls keep meeting in different lives and how the energy and choices shape their soul over the course of many lifetimes. It is a very inspiring movie (thank you Hollywood).

Hopefully, you are ready to continue to learn about healing your past lives. You can use it for personal grown and learning about the true nature of the soul even if life is good and problems are scarce. And finally, if you’re a person who needs empirical evidence, there are many stories of people remembering their past lives and then verifying facts they could not have otherwise known!

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