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Article: 10 Mantras for Self-Love

10 Mantras for Self-Love

10 Mantras for Self-Love

There’s no denying that self-love is crucial for a harmonious, balanced life, yet this is often a concept that goes largely overlooked in society. And when life feels tense or overwhelming, it can feel impossible to maintain the self-love needed to get through challenging times.

You can harness the power of mantras and use them to build your self-esteem higher than ever before. If you want to infuse your life with more confidence and self-love than ever, but you aren’t sure where to start, this guide is for you.

Before we dive into the ten most effective mantras for maintaining self-love, let’s explore mantras as a concept and discover how they can dramatically improve your life.

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What is a Mantra?

In yogic practices, a mantra is a word or sound repeated to allow an individual to slip into a meditative state with ease. However, in our modern society, we often use this word interchangeably with “affirmation,” a word or phrase that is repeated to help set your intentions and build an energetic foundation.

In other words, the mantras we’re speaking about today are phrases you can repeat to yourself to lift your energy and clear your spirit of any negativity.

When you make an effort to include these loving, healing mantras in your life, you’re not only promoting that crucial self-love, but you’re also making a commitment to yourself and your sense of confidence.

Now that mantras are a bit more familiar, let’s look at ten mantras that will bring inner stillness, peace, and self-love into your heart.

10 Mantras for Self-Love

These mantras can be repeated throughout the day for a quick boost of energy and self-love; however, they can be even more effective if you take the time to clear your energy and ground your spirit before practicing them.

Even something as simple as taking a step outside and allowing your bare feet to connect with the soil below can help you feel more grounded and relaxed.

1. “I Am Doing My Best in Each Moment.”

While achievements and accomplishments can certainly create an air of self-love and balanced pride, it’s important to recognize that you are doing your best in each and every moment. Acknowledging your effort is essential for self-love and self-respect.

You don’t have to win every race to appreciate your motivation and abilities.

2. “I Am Beautiful, Inside & Out.”

Your beauty radiates from within, and it’s important that you remind yourself of that– especially as a part of a society so obsessed with external beauty. The beauty that resides in your spirit is eternal, and when you support your internal exquisiteness, it grows brighter and lovelier than ever.

3. “I Trust Myself & My Intuition.”

There are few things in this world that foster self-love as deeply as trusting your own intuition and following its guidance. Your intuitive center is here to lead you down your own unique path, and letting that internal wisdom shine is essential.

4. “I Am Perfect as I Am.”

Right here, in this very moment, you are perfect as you are. There is nothing that you need to do to be able to appreciate who you are.

Instead of trying to achieve a sense of perfection that does not exist, remind yourself that you are exactly where and who you need to be right now.

5. “I Am Growing & Evolving Each Day.”

When was the last time you sat down to take stock of your growth as an individual? Even when life feels frustrating or overwhelming, you are always learning, always adapting to each new situation and experience– even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Celebrate your personal evolution each day!

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6. “My Feelings & Emotions Are Valid.”

Think about how you treat a loved one who’s facing negative feelings and emotions. Do you invalidate their experience or try to be there in support and love for your friend? Validating your own experience is just as important, perhaps even more so, because you can’t move on from emotions that you don’t acknowledge.

7. “I Am Strong & Fearless.”

Try to think about each time that you’ve gathered the courage to face a frightening situation, from job interviews to standing up for yourself and everything in between. Each day you face new challenges, and each day you find a way to get through them. 

That bravery deserves to be identified and appreciated.

8. “I Deserve Happiness & Joy.”

Sometimes happiness and joy can make us feel a pang of guilt, especially when there are so many tragedies occurring around the world each day. But you are deserving of a life filled with joy and happiness, and it’s time to put that energy out there into the Universe.

This mantra can even help you feel those moments of beauty more deeply and with more gratitude.

9. “I Spread Love All Around Me.”

To help you recognize just how loving you are, remind yourself of the love you share with the world around you. Every smile, every compliment, every kind word brings more light into this reality. 

This mantra will also encourage you to share more of your love with yourself.

10. “Aieem Namah.”

This is a Sanskrit phrase meaning, “My true self is inspired and wise.” This mantra is perfect to use during uncertain times to remind yourself that your inner wisdom is divine and alive.

Repeating this phrase will further help you trust and connect to your intuitive center.

Crystals to Boost Self-Love & Empower Your Mantras

Did you know that holding a crystal in your left palm can make your mantras even more powerful?

The left side of the body is associated with femininity and receiving, whereas the right side of your body is associated more deeply with masculinity and giving. This means that the energy of healing crystals can more easily be received by your spirit when placed near the left side of your body.

Further, there are quite a few crystals known for their abilities to promote self-love and self-trust, reducing feelings of self-doubt or insecurity:

  • Rose quartz – Promotes unconditional love and opens the Heart chakra.
  • Amethyst – Releases negativity and balances the Third Eye chakra.
  • Moonstone – Connects to the energy of the Moon and helps you acknowledge and identify emotions.
  • Red jasper – Connects to the Root chakra and helps you feel more grounded.

You Deserve Self-Love

Self-love and self-respect are crucial components for a happy, healthy life, and it’s time for all of us to embrace and emphasize these qualities. Think of self-love as a metaphorical bed, as soft and inviting as a cloud, enveloping you with comfort and contentedness.

Aren’t you ready to sink in and get cozy?

Maybe you want to find a self-care ritual to accompany your mantras. Find one that works for you: Your Self-Care Ritual, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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