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Article: How to Take Your Empath Superpower to the Next Level

How to Take Your Empath Superpower to the Next Level

How to Take Your Empath Superpower to the Next Level

If you’re reading this article, then it’s likely that you already know you’re an empath.

This means that you already know you can do the following:

  • Feel the emotions of others as if they are your own
  • Know when someone is lying even though they may seem sincere
  • Have the ability to feel places and land, and sense the emotion that lingers there
  • Have an extraordinary ability to empathize with others
  • Tap into powerful intuition

Those are some key traits, but different empaths have different abilities and to different degrees. In fact, being an emotional empath is just the start. There are many types of empaths.

But regardless of your empath abilities, today, you will learn how to take your empath superpower to the next level.

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Strengthening Your Empath Powers

Learning to be a powerful empath can be challenging. Your empath powers are something you were born with, and you have likely struggled with them throughout your life, or at some point in your life, and there may have even been times when you have felt them be a curse more than a blessing.

After all, it is a blessing and a curse to feel things so very deeply.

But once you have succeeded in harnessing your empath powers in a way that enables you to stay grounded and relatively stable, you have the ability to do incredible good for yourself, others, and the world at large.

Empaths are healers, warriors, and transformers. The strength of their compassion is so potent that it can light up the world, spreading love where there is fear and light where there is darkness.

An empath who has learned to use their superpower for the greater good– which often only comes about after much suffering and inner turmoil on the part of the empath– becomes a force to reckon with in this world. They combine phenomenal strength with limitless compassion while maintaining their own sense of balance and protecting their delicate and sensitive emotions.

But how does one strengthen empath powers? How does one truly become a powerful empath?

1. Harness the Power of Crystals

As an empath, you are naturally more sensitive than others. You may have managed to find a balance between your emotions and the emotions of others, but there is so much more than your empath powers are capable of doing.

This is where crystals can help!

An empath will naturally connect to crystals because of their high sensitivity. Different crystals work for different individuals, but some of the most powerful crystals that can enhance your empath gifts of intuition and heightened feeling are:

These crystals are especially advanced when it comes to enhancing the empath power of your soul. You can meditate with them, sleep with them under your pillow or simply carry them around in your pocket to let them work their magic naturally.

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2. Learn Your Empath “Specialty”

Every empath has a specialty. Some have more than one.

Because empaths are so sensitive and in tune with feelings, this naturally carries an array of psychic abilities.

Clairvoyance, mediumship, clairaudience, and telepathy are just some of the special abilities empaths can possess.

You might get messages coming through to you and not know where they come from; you may have dreams or premonitions about the future; you may be able to communicate with others using your mind or tap into their mind without realizing it.

Whichever it is– and there may be multiple gifts– zoom in on what your empath specialty is and then harness it from there. There are separate exercises one can do for different types of psychic gifts.

3. Eat the Right Stuff

When developing your empath powers or psychic gifts, the stuff you put into your body is imperative.

A diet of whole foods, fresh spring or filtered water, free from processed foods, sugar foods, and foods high in saturated and trans fat, helps a great deal.

Your body is your vessel. When it comes to psychic abilities and developing empath gifts, the body must be given the correct fuel to channel the energy needed to strengthen the gifts.

Your pineal gland is an essential gland in your brain. When it is cleansed, it is easier for you to harness your psychic and empath abilities. Some useful additions to the diet to cleanse the pineal gland are:

  • Wheatgrass
  • Seaweed
  • Shilajit
  • Alfafa sprouts
  • Apple cider vinegar

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Empath Superpowers Are Super

If you are an empath, you will already be aware of your awesome abilities.

Depending on your empath journey stage, you may still be starting out or at a more advanced level, where you have learned to determine which emotions are yours and which emotions belong to others. More advanced empaths have learned how to create positive spaces for themselves, both internally and externally, to ensure they do not get overwhelmed.

Your empath abilities become a true superpower when you can shine them into the world and help others and the world at large. This is the empath at their best and one of the reasons they came to Earth in the first place.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to be an empath. It is not easy surviving in such a harsh world when you are so sensitive. But it is important to remember that the empath came here for a reason, and that is to help Mankind in some way.

Hopefully, the advice above can help you on your journey as an empath. As difficult as it can be, nothing else comes close, for it is as rewarding as it is challenging. Let your empath powers shine into the world!

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