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Article: A 5-Minute Meditation for Ending Your Day

A 5-Minute Meditation for Ending Your Day

A 5-Minute Meditation for Ending Your Day

We know you’re busy taking care of life and thinking about everything you need to do, but with your mind running nonstop, it can be hard to shut it off fully at night.

That’s why we think the perfect way to end your day is with meditation.

A night meditation practice makes you a better version of yourself. Evening meditation can make you more patient, respond without being as defensive, and see the bright side of life. The best part?

You don’t have to spend an hour doing meditation if you don’t want to. Five minutes is enough time for your body to relax.

Yes, only five minutes can make a huge difference!

We’ve created a compact 5-minute meditation to help you unwind and sleep like a rock, just like you did after playing all day when you were a kid. If you find sitting in silence a challenge like most people, this guided meditation will help you stay engaged.

We know that you have lots of things you have to do, but you can squeeze in this time. You deserve it.

The Benefits of Ending Your Day Using Meditation

If you commit to doing this every day, notice how things have shifted in your life after just a week. You’ll see that taking even a small amount of time to direct your thoughts helps you actually be a happier person. Your health and relationships can all start to improve just from doing this guided meditation before going to bed.

Here are just some of the many benefits of meditation at night:

  • Relaxing at the end of your day can help you have a more restful sleep.
  • Meditation has been scientifically proven to help combat depression, chronic pain, and anxiety.
  • Taking time to release negative emotions builds skills to help you manage stress.
  • Meditation also helps with many physical issues like irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, tension headaches, and insomnia.
  • Meditation helps enhance imagination and creativity so you can find solutions to life situations with more ease.

A 5-Minute Meditation for Ending Your Day

Lay down on your bed (or on your couch or yoga mat) with a pillow under your head. For increased relaxation, you can put a pillow under the back of your legs as well if you are on your back.

Step #1: Notice Your Breathing

Start to notice yours inhales and exhales. Follow the breath as it naturally keeps you alive.

Invite your breath to deepen slightly, as if it were bringing more life into your body with each breath. This is recharging your energy and relaxing your whole system.

Step #2: Let Go

Notice the thoughts that are going through your mind. Allow yourself to let each stream of thoughts go.

Release them as if you were sending them off down the river on a raft. This is for you, for your well-being. In your life, this is the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

Any remaining stories still lingering can now be sent down the river as well.

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Step #3: Surround Yourself With Light

Inform your body that it’s time to release all tension. Feel your body begin to melt into the place you’re laying.

You’re completely here, just being in the moment. The joy of being alive is now here, showing you how wonderful it is to simply exist.

To ensure you have peaceful sleep, envision a golden light surrounding you like a bubble. This is healing and protective energy that will ensure you dream of positive things and wake up feeling rested.

Remember, you are a divine spiritual being, you are here to spread love, you are always right where you need to be and you’re doing great. You have completed your evening meditation which is building positive momentum in your spiritual journey.

You can use our daily meditation music to keep the vibes flowing after you do the meditation. Diffusing essential oils or applying them topically can help you relax after a busy day as well.

What Else Can You Incorporate Into Your Evening Routine?

You may also fall in love with the deep relaxation benefits of restorative yoga which activates the rest and digest mechanism of your nervous system. If meditation isn’t quite your thing, yoga is the next best thing, and we encourage you to try it out.

Whether you’re busy with holiday preparations or just needing to decompress from all that is going on in the world, this meditation and our other guided meditations can help you find your zen.

We may not be able to control everything that happens in the world around us, but when we take time to cultivate peace within, we are being the change that can only start with us.

You can start your day with meditation too! Check out: A 5-Minute Meditation to Start Your Day Off Right

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