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Article: A Meditation to Find Peace in Uncertain Times

A Meditation to Find Peace in Uncertain Times

A Meditation to Find Peace in Uncertain Times

One of the best ways to use all this time we have to ourselves when we may feel isolated is some good old-fashioned meditation.

Instead of being distraught about having so much alone time, we can look at this as an opportunity to practice more healing meditation and mindfulness meditation.

Here’s why meditation is the perfect solution to the chaotic times we are in. Going back thousands of years, meditation for peace has been a cornerstone for coping with uncertainty and change. When we use guided meditation for peace, the world outside of us may be going through ups and downs, but we have an anchor, so the ship of our own mind doesn’t have to be tossed around with the emotional storm.

Truly, one of the best things we can do is to practice and share this because the peace in uncertain times meditation can offer us is free, instant, and induces a state of calm and happiness.

This meditation was created with the intention to help you feel that anchor, that stillness within, and that peace that you can tap into at any moment.

Just as we may worry about when we will see land when we are out at sea, we may worry about how things will turn out regarding the current state of our world. What that person on the boat may not realize is they already have what they need, right on the boat, and can still enjoy the ride.

Similarly, we think we need to have our external world operate predictably to be okay, yet all we need is within us. So perhaps this shakeup in our world is a gift, teaching us to find peace within.

Meditation Preparation

Instead of rushing into your meditation, take some time to consider the energy you want to bring to your meditation. It’s nice to straighten up your room before meditating to give your mind a sense of clarity.

You can even take a shower to help clear the energy of the day and be more fully tuned into your body. Here are some ways you can prepare for deeper and more effective meditation.

If you really put some effort into this and set your intention to find peace by making this a significant turning point, it really can be a monumental shift in your experience of life this year.

Candles, Incense, & Essential Oils

Nature provides us with soothing scents to help our nervous system shift from a state of anxiousness to a state of relaxation—Vanilla, jasmine, and rose help to lift the spirits while also calming our mind and body.

You may have a personal favorite scent that helps you shift your energy as well. Lighting candles can also help set the tone for a more relaxed meditation.

Prepare Your Space

Find a place you can meditate without distractions. You may want to sit on a cushion on a yoga mat to support your lower back. If you have no special place to meditate, you can create one by bringing some elements of nature into a corner of a room or little nook.

A candle, flower, rock, a glass of water, feather, or other natural items can be placed around your meditation space to help you set the intention to connect to your true spiritual nature.

You can find some calming meditation music and dim the lights to make it feel like an inviting space to meditate.

Crystals for Peace Meditation

If you have any crystals, go ahead and grab them too. These little energy assistants will help you raise your vibrations to perceive the meditation’s peaceful state will help you access.

You can either hold them in your hand or place them around you.

Some crystals that help cultivate a state of peace include amber, amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, or black crystals like tourmaline or obsidian.

Body Position & Breathing

Either sit in a cross-legged position or on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. You can lay down if you want as well. If you’re sitting, make sure your spine is straight and your chin is slightly tucked to help line up your neck with your spine.

Think of lengthening the spine from the top of the head.

Relax your body before you begin. You will be breathing slowly and deeply through your nose to help you stay in a more relaxed state as you progress through the meditation.

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Listen to the below meditation, narrated by Shannon Yrizarry:

A Meditation to Find Peace

Welcome to your meditation to find peace in uncertain times.

By the end of this meditation, your energy will have shifted, and you will feel at ease, knowing you have the ability to cultivate a peaceful state at any time. You empower yourself by diving into the treasure chest of your mind and guiding your consciousness to a positive state today.

Congratulations on finding this meditation. We know it will be a spark of positive fire in your life to help you build momentum that keeps you feeling good.

1. Begin

To begin, just simply start to notice your feet. Are they tense? Are they cold? Can you wiggle your toes and make them feel a little better?

Spread your toes and then point them to get some blood to flow to them. Focus your energy on your feet and feel they are alive, and notice the energy you can feel there.

3. Awaken Your Body

Now pull that focus up through your body, awakening each part of the body as you go. You feel your ankles, your shins, your calves, knees, and thighs. You feel the stability of your pelvis, spine, ribs, and collar bones.

You feel the energy dancing within your stomach, organs, and chest. You feel the energy in your shoulders, arms, and hands, and you notice the energy in your neck, mouth, eyes, and head.

You are now buzzing with energy, relaxed, and yet alert.

4. Ground Your Thoughts

You will now bring your focus to the front of the brain.

Through the Third Eye, imagine a peaceful, calm, flat dirt field in front of you. The soil is rich in nutrients and ready for planting. This is the field of your subconscious. Using your intention, imagine you plant seeds of peace.

The golden container holding the seeds is mystical and powerful. You sense the seeds will create real change in your life. You can feel the excitement as you open the can and place each seed in the ground, covering them with dirt.

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5. Visualize

Visualize a light rain begin to fall, watering the seeds and feel as if the sky, the earth, and the seeds are all a part of you. Finally, the rain stops, and the sun warms the dirt. You see the seeds beginning to sprout and grow gracefully into a peaceful garden of plants.

Each plant will help you cultivate peace in a part of your life. There is a peace plant for your home. It helps you feel like home is a place of respite, where you can slow down and let yourself release anxiety.

A plant for your relationships helps you speak and think calmly and loving about yourself and others. There is a plant for peace in your career that helps you see that your life is meaningful and purposeful as long as you can help people.

Take a deep breath and see all the peace plants giving off the essence of peace into your mind, body, and soul.

6. Set Your Intention

To seal this meditation’s intention, feel that this garden’s peaceful energy now infuses the cells in your body, creating a healthy state and harmonious energy.

You feel calm, and you are sensing that this state is now a part of who you are.

7. Breathe

Begin to slowly deepen your breath to come back to waking consciousness. Notice how you feel and smile, knowing you can return to your garden of peace plants to get what you need from them at any time.

Keep Breathing

You may want to use our free meditation resources to continue developing your mindfulness habits during this time. We have some great guided meditations for chakra healing and even breathing exercises that can help you slow down your mind and feel a sense of peace pretty quickly.

Drinking more water is another way to help your body feel at peace when you feel emotionally “all-over-the-place.”

If you can get your hands on some alkaline water, even better. It can help restore balance in your body. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are acidic and can cause discomfort in the body. You can also alkalize your water at home by adding some lemon juice or baking soda.

Go forth with peace in your heart.

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