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Article: A Guided Meditation for Crystal Clear Focus

A Guided Meditation for Crystal Clear Focus

A Guided Meditation for Crystal Clear Focus

These days, focusing has become a rare skill.

In order to learn new skills and collect enough information to grow, we need the ability to focus. Focusing helps us lower stress because our body can relax when it can hone in on one thing at a time. Chances are, we are not going to give up social media because we use it to keep in touch with friends and family, and many of us use it for work.

Today, we put together a guided meditation aimed at helping you focus - better able to study for a test, learn about your industry of choice, and really glean the information you read on any topic you need for life such as parenting, health, and hobbies.

You Have So Much To Gain With Guided Meditation

Doing a focus meditation will increase your ability to focus when you’re talking to someone else. This will allow you to have better communication and thus better relationships. There are so many different types of meditation and not all of them are specifically for focus.

Pairing this meditation with some calming music can help you develop the ability to tap into your flow state where you are creative and can clearly see a vision of the future you want to create so you can take steps towards it.

Find some focus meditation music to make sure it's the right pace and will not stimulate your mind, but calm it. There’s not just one answer to the question of how to meditate to increase focus, so don’t get frustrated trying to find the best one. Instead, make sure to do meditation frequently to get the best results and achieve crystal clear focus. 

Meditations that help open and activate your third eye will set you up to get that vision center firing on all cylinders.

A Guided Meditation For Focus

Listen to this guided meditation here.

Before you begin, make sure you’re in a comfortable seated position and that you won’t be disturbed by anything or anyone. Check that your phone is on silent and then sit up with a tall spine.


Begin to take slow and deep breaths in and out of your nose with the intention to relax. Take five slow and deep breaths to really get into a calm quiet state.

Now envision yourself walking barefoot on soft grass. Feel the cool earth under your feet as you slowly take one step after another. Notice how your body moves when you lift your leg and bend your knee. Notice how your spine moves when you move your weight forward to take the next step.


Notice how your arms sway to help maintain your balance. Feel this magnificent orchestra your body plays as you do something as simple as walking. Your heart continues to pump blood throughout your body. Your breath still enters and exits your lungs.

Your brain processes information rapidly and you blink without thinking. The body is an enigma of humongous proportions because it sustains itself and learns about everything it encounters with the ability to adapt and respond quickly. You have the ability to learn about anything you point your focus on!


For now, stop walking and focus on one piece of grass that you pick from the ground. Notice how it’s smooth when you rub your finger one way on it and rough when you rub the other way. Notice how the end tapers at the top and how each side is a perfect reflection of the other side, showing there is symmetry. Notice the color of the blade of grass. Notice what it smells like and how light it is. What else can you notice about it?


Now just as you noticed this blade of grass, envision yourself in the future you truly want in your heart. Visualize yourself when you have completed your goal with as much detail as possible. Take time to notice how you feel, the colors, the surroundings, the people you are with, where you are, and what you’re doing.

Now see in your mind’s eye that this entire vision is filled with light, it is the Universal life force charging this vision to make it crisp and you now see it in ultra-clear focus.


The next time you desire the ability to focus, think of the blade of grass and then ask the Universe to light up whatever you want to focus on so that this same ultra-clear vision is channeled towards it. Even if it is just to go about your day in a focused state, this will enable you to stop jumping ahead in your mind and it will help you to stop replaying the past.

Breathe and Conclude

When you pool all your energy to the moment, you’ll start to absorb information effortlessly and find that the ability to focus comes from the intention to do so. Now take three deep breaths to bring yourself back to the room, noticing how you feel.

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It’s exciting to think that guided meditation is a biohack/brainhack that will help you in all areas of your life. When we start to experience our brainpower working more at its full potential, we realize just how well we can utilize our time. We also realize that this skill of being able to focus has real value. If we give up the freedom of thought by selling off our attention span, we are also basically giving up our intelligence, our ability to create more abundance, and our ability to think freely!

If we want to stay on top of our game, ready to learn, ready to take risks, and ready to grow, we need this invaluable asset of being able to focus.

If you find reading difficult and tend to watch TV instead, you can really benefit from this meditation. If you find your mind is bouncing around all the time so that any task takes a while to get done, this will help you work more efficiently. It will help you create a steady plan and stick to it. It will also lower anxiety that feeling ‘all over the place’ creates.

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