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Article: A 5-Minute Meditation to Start Your Day Off Right

A 5-Minute Meditation to Start Your Day Off Right

A 5-Minute Meditation to Start Your Day Off Right

Have you found it hard to sit and meditate because your mind bounces around?

All you need is a guided meditation that can help you stay focused on your meditation practice. This could help you get the benefits of meditation and override the frustration you’ve felt when you try to meditate.

The best time to meditate is first thing in the morning. It sets the course for your day and allows you to choose what type of day you want to have.

Start living life on your terms with this easy 5-minute meditation to bring new levels of happiness into your life. But don’t just take our word for it…try it yourself!

Why It’s So Crucial To Start Your Day Right

Here are five reasons why it’s a genius idea to start your day with meditation.

  1. Meditation helps you focus. Having a good memory can help you have more time to play because you don’t have to study so much or keep going over things multiple times.
  2. Meditation helps you feel positive and calm. Meditation initiates you into a good-vibe way of living. You will regain a sense of optimism that helps you feel excited about each day.
  3. Meditation gives you a connection to your spiritual essence. When you’re in that state half-way between waking and sleeping consciousness, you can tune into the expanded spiritual awareness that connects all of life.
  4. Meditation enhances creative insights. By spending time in meditation, your third eye will start to open, reigniting the creativity you had as a child.
  5. Meditation can help you to set your intention and reach your goals faster. This guided morning meditation directs your mental energy to the highest good in your life so you use to time in the most fulfilling way.

Besides these highly-valuable benefits, scientific experiments have also shown that our body functions better with a morning meditation practice.

A red and orange sunrise is on the horizon over the mountains.

The Health Benefits Linked To Meditation

Here are 5 science-backed benefits of meditating in the morning:

1. Meditation Lowers Stress Levels

Meditating helps you relax and stress less. When we are filled with stress, there are many problems that can be induced by stress such as psoriasis, fibromyalgia, IBS, addiction, and overeating.

2. Meditation Improves Mental Health

When seeking out treatment for any mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, meditation can be a great tool for refocusing our minds and taking time to check in with ourselves. Feeling a sense of desperation or loss of hope can be reduced by adding this simple habit to your morning routine.

3. Meditation Lessens Pain

Committing to a daily meditation practice has been shown to reduce inflammation in our bodies and therefore it is a great way to relieve pain. The cytokines released into the body from stress can create inflammation, so meditation can help lower those levels.

4. Meditation Improves Sleep Quality

Studies show that meditation helps you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer.

5. Meditation Improves Memory

There are studies that show that daily meditation can reduce age-related memory loss and contribute to a healthier brain. To ease the symptoms of aging, meditation can help you keep your memory sharp.

Using a guided meditation when you are waking up doesn’t cost any money and has so many life-transforming perks. Each day, turn on some morning meditation music and start your day with mediation!

Want to get started? Here’s How To Develop a Habit of Daily Meditation

A woman lays in bed meditating with pink flowers on her face and hair.

A 5-Minute Guided Morning Meditation

Prepare for the mediation by sitting in a comfortable position. It’s better to sit than lay down so you don’t get sleepy.

Listen to the below meditation, narrated by Shannon Yrizzary:

Begin Your Meditation

Welcome to your morning meditation! This is a good time to turn on some meditation music.

Start breathing slowly in and out of your nose and hit play! You can read along if you are a visual person.

Setting The Energy

Throughout the meditation, breathe slowly in and out of your nose.

The first step is to tell your body to feel good. Mentally send each cell in your body a smiley face to make your whole body feel positive.

Visualize positive yellow energy spreading to each part of your body. You have just set your body to a positive state for the day.

That’s a really positive start already. Just a few minutes to go and you will be ready to start an amazing day!

Feeling Gratitude

Now we will put your attitude of gratitude on.

Envision yourself feeling grateful for things as you go through the day. This is locking your mental settings to be thankful and feel blessed.

Notice how positive you already feel from seeing yourself appreciating the people and good things in your life.

Hey, you’re almost done! The last step is to get you in a high vibrational state and connect to your soul, the wise compass in your life.

Charging Your Aura

Now for the last step to your morning meditation, begin to take powerful and deeper breaths in your nose and out of pursed lips.

Envision bright energy filling your aura, the energy around you. Take five powerful and deep breaths.

Now feel how you are vibing high.

Invite your soul to give you one simple focus for today that will help you achieve your goal. It may be an action or just a state of mind.

Alright! You are now ready to manifest positive things today.

Well done and keep it up.

This Will Help You Shift Your Reality

Hey, congratulations on finding a life-hack that will transform your day!

We encourage you to really give this a shot by doing it each morning before you jump into the day. You will see how it helps you set your focus, because you are consciously choosing to direct your energy to support your goals.

You will see how you appreciate things much more because of this meditation that prepares you to perceive through an attitude of gratitude.

Your intention is very powerful and the reason the meditation concludes by letting you connect to your soul is that your soul will help you make the best decisions for your happiness. Letting your soul help you set your intention will lead you towards a life of kindness, compassion, love, and positive experiences.

Let your light shine to the world through this simple habit and you’ll see that a positive you mean a more positive world, for everyone.

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