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Article: 9 Body-Positive Mantras to Love Your Body Right Now

9 Body-Positive Mantras to Love Your Body Right Now

9 Body-Positive Mantras to Love Your Body Right Now

Our bodies are beautiful, powerful, and magical things.

Just think.

Your body can climb, heal, process information, remember things, learn new complex concepts, dance, feel emotions, and find solutions all while digesting, regenerating cells, and regulating your temperature!

Instead of looking at the body love mantras and body positivity affirmations that flood our social media feeds as ways to love your physical appearance, why not think of them to honor everything that your body does for you?

The amazing things our bodies can do should be reason enough to feel immense love towards them. Still, many of us are conditioned to compare ourselves to the likes of Instagram models and overly photoshopped celebrities.

We are often overpowered by images of slim, seemingly “perfect” women, but that does not have to take away our power to love our own bodies, no matter their shape, appearance, or size.

It’s time to break these hardwired habits and embrace a new era of self-love.

The Power of Body Positivity

A part of the new wellness revolution is discovering how to love your body by shifting the focus from external to internal. One key answer to the question of how to love your body is consistent practice.

Thoughts become normalized over time, so using meditation mantras for body positivity frequently every day will help retrain you to love your body instead of feeling negative emotions towards it.

Mantras are powerful mindfulness techniques that work for all aspects of our lives that start with how we think. The very core of our happiness comes from how we perceive, and those perceptions occur at a highly subconscious level.

Using mantras, you’re directing your subconscious to start loving your body in many different ways.

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9 Body-Positive Mantras

Your journey to self-love, which is the first step in finding healthy love in your life, can start with these powerful mantras, right here, right now. The mind is the storehouse of power in our search for body positivity techniques, so let’s unlock that inertia and amplify that light from with you!

1. "My Body Does Incredible Things All the Time"

This simple mantra shifts your focus from negative thoughts about your body to positive ones. This can help you find respect for the amazing things your body can do, like that run you just went on or that meal you just made.

2. "I am Grateful for the Experiences My Body Allows Me to Have"

We often take for granted the ability to taste all different flavors, feel the comforting warmth of a fire, or feel the excitement that comes from listening to a great song.

All of that is possible because of your body, and this mantra helps you celebrate those things.

3. "My Body is a Beautiful Manifestation, Storing My Vibrant Energy"

This adds a more spiritual slant to the perspective of body love by reminding you that your body is the home of your soul and helping you see the big picture of who you really are as a soul here to uplift the world.

4. "My Self-Worth Has Nothing to do With My Appearance"

This can stop negative self talk dead in its tracks.

This is great to use when you’re around people or places that make you feel insecure and help you recover from feeling insignificant.

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5. "Loving Life Starts With Loving My Energy"

We often look for satisfaction in the mirror instead of feeling our soul’s wonder and celebrating the light within us.

When we focus on finding happiness through sharing our light, we will override external insecurities that give our power away.

6. "I Release All Judgments of My Appearance. I Celebrate My Existence"

This simple and uplifting action statement is a great way to help you stay the course in your quest to really fall in love with yourself, all of you, including your brain, your skin, your thoughts, and emotions.

7. "Comparison is the Thief of My Joy"

You’ve probably heard this mantra before because it just kind of rolls off the tongue.

Meditating on this mantra can help you unpack places in your life where you’ve been comparing yourself to others based on external appearance without even realizing it.

8. "Every Body is Incredible & Unique"

If you find yourself trying to find self-worth by changing your external appearance, it’s a futile struggle. Use this mantra to help break that cycle right now.

9. "My Body Does Amazing Things. I Honor it With Love"

Establishing the idea that your body is sacred can help you make good decisions that will make you trust yourself and feel good. This mantra will also help you begin to recognize when you unconsciously say things or act in ways that are not self-loving.

Celebrate Your Body Right Now

You can use any of the mantras as often as you would like and set up a system that works to help you stick to the plan. You can make it a point to write the mantra you choose twenty times a day for a month or mentally recite it ten times every time you feel insecure.

You can also create fun art incorporating the mantra or put sticky notes with the mantra in key places you’ll see them around the house.

All of us struggle with self-love at some point, so don’t beat yourself up. Instead, build yourself up by choosing to reflect and meditate on the idea of body love and what that means for you and your life. It’s time to take your power back and celebrate you!

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