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Article: 10 Mantras for Strength & Courage

10 Mantras for Strength & Courage

10 Mantras for Strength & Courage

What is the difference between someone who smiles all the time and someone who frowns? It may just be that the one who smiles uses personal mantras.

We are going through unprecedented change in the world on many levels, and in order to move through this time still able to smile and feel good, many of us are looking for activities or habits that can calm, soothe and even guide us into a healthier and more positive mental state.

If this sounds familiar, have you ever tried the time tested practice of reciting mantras for strength and courage?

Mantras have been around for a long time, and can be used in a similar way to those who memorize prayers or motivational quotes. All of these practices can change the way we think - which can significantly affect the way we feel.

We may also think of using calming mantras because they are often taught in meditation classes - which aim to slow the mind and reach that lovely zen state. However, meditation mantras for strength are highly effective because they shift our belief in ourselves and how we expect things to go.

Instead of feeling worried about the future, these healing mantras for courage and confidence can infuse you with a state of enthusiasm that will inspire you to take action in the present.! When we reframe our mind, the structure of the house of our life becomes stronger. The bones of our experience of life are the thoughts we have on a regular basis which we can change with intention and repetition. Let’s take a look!

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A man stands on a mountain looking out at the sunset on the horizon.

How To Use Strength Mantras

The great thing about mindfulness techniques is that they are free and accessible to you right when you need them. You don’t have to buy a bottle of magic pills or an expensive trainer to capture the benefits of powerful mantras. The way the mantra is worded will give you the desired result and how frequently you use it will determine how often you feel that way. It’s a formula that has pretty straight forward results.

Here are a few ways you can use mantras:

  • Start Your Day With Mantras

Stand in front of the mirror and summon your positivity to say the mantra out loud five times each morning when you’re getting ready. Think of it as an essential part of your morning routine, just as important as putting on deodorant. Deodorant keeps your body odor at bay and mantras keep your energy from being off-putting.

  • Write Them Down

Write them 20 times each morning and night to bookend your days with the intention you want to set in motion. Or you can simply write the mantra on sticky-notes and place them in areas you know you will see them, such as on your computer, bathroom mirror, in front of the kitchen sink, on your car dashboard, and next to where you sleep!

  • Get Creative

Make them into a piece of art and put them up in a place in your home where you spend most of your time - like the kitchen or your bedroom. You can get creative and have an Etsy artist add your favorite mantra to different household items like hats, shirts, mugs, pens, etc.

  • Set Reminders

Have your phone remind you of your daily mantra throughout the day to create a new habit of thinking that will stop your old patterns. Use a simple daily calendar event reminder and set it to alert you.

  • Recite Them in Times of Negativity

Try to mentally recite the mantra as often as possible when you have downtime or if you notice yourself feeling negative. You can mentally recite the mantra slowly with conviction while standing in line or out loud driving to and from work as well as when exercising.

A mantra on a piece of paper to remind a person to be strong and courageous.

How Will You Know If It’s Working?

If you are diligent about using one of these mantras, you will notice an effect. You will feel stronger and more courageous. If for some reason, one of these doesn’t resonate with you, no worries! You can create your own or go searching for the perfect mantra that unlocks something deep within you.

You will be the determining factor on how much benefit you get from this. If you only say it once, you probably won’t notice a difference. But if you say it daily in front of the mirror multiple times with enthusiasm and make it a habit…watch out world, you’re going to get into a new wavelength where doors open and life feels exciting again!

10 Mantras For Strength & Courage

Now all you need to do is read the mantras below and see which one calls to you.

  1. “I embrace each challenge as an opportunity to grow.”
  2. “My inner-compass guides me to make the best decisions.”
  3. “I know things will get better.”
  4. “I am supported by the Universe when I follow my heart.”
  5. “I am shielded by positive energy.”
  6. “I am ready to fulfill my soul’s purpose with enthusiasm.”
  7. “Those who live courageously, guided by their spirit, never feel their life is wasted.”
  8. “The best life for me is to humbly walk the path of my soul.”
  9. “I know that each dark night is followed by a bright day.”
  10. “When I feel lost, I trust my soul is taking care of me.”

We also have a great yoga flow for strength you may want to pair with the use of your new mantra.

Get Ready For Real Positive Change

Get excited because you now have some powerful tools at your disposal! To inspire you to know that mantras really work, you may be interested in knowing that there are scientific studies that the use of mantra meditation like in Transcendental Meditation (TM), show they have been used to help with many different psychological ailments that affect our well-being and productivity such as anxiety, depression, stress, and anger.

One study even found that medicinal plants that have been played mantras beforehand are more effective for patients with infertility and schizophrenia.

And finally, we just wanted to remind you that it’s often hard to see how much we are growing when life is challenging us. It’s often those times we begin to look forward to because we find that time after time we are able to use those transforming periods to level up our personal growth and inner-strength.

Decide to commit to facing life with a positive and courageous outlook and decide that strength is a decision. Don’t confuse being strong with not having feelings…sometimes the best way to be strong is to allow people to help you.

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