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Article: What is the Law of Attraction & How Can You Use It?

What is the Law of Attraction & How Can You Use It?

What is the Law of Attraction & How Can You Use It?

There’s a lot of buzz about the Law of Attraction lately, especially throughout social media. All those people preaching “good vibes only” and encouraging you to “set intentions and plant the seeds of success” are actually activating the law of attraction, whether you knew it or not!

But what exactly is the Law of Attraction, and how can you take this seemingly abstract concept and put it into action in your life?

Without being an expert on particle physics, you can use the Law of Attraction to direct the power of your subconscious where most of your energy to create is stored. We will show you simple ways you can consistently create positive energy to manifest specific things. Does that sound helpful? When was the last time you found yourself wishing you had more money, a new job, or even a loving partner? Well, the Law of Attraction is the missing link that many wildly successful people used to light their path.

We are literally fumbling through life with a blindfold on when we aren’t aware of this higher law and using it. Are you ready to take that blindfold off and realize your true power? I thought so. First, let’s look at the nuts and bolts of the Law of Attraction and then we will break down some ways to apply it in the areas that matter most in your life.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

First, you’re probably curious about how the Law of Attraction works.

Although it goes much further back into history, the Law of Attraction as we know it today is a product of the 19th century’s New Thought philosophy.

In plain language, the Law of Attraction states that “positive or negative thoughts bring corresponding positive or negative experiences into one’s life.”

Our thoughts are constantly generating energetic frequencies that are at certain vibrations. Those vibrations seek out similar vibrations in the external world. Just as we cannot see radio or sound waves, they are unarguably present. Radiation is another example of frequencies beyond our sensory perception. Our thoughts are always going, both when we are awake and asleep, and they are allowing certain things to come to us whether or not we are aware of it.

Now you’re certainly wondering how to use the Law of Attraction. How do we harness the mind and direct it? We create emotional states based on what we desire. Let’s say you want to manifest something simple, like a dinner with friends. You would start by visualizing the table, the flavor of the food when you bite into it, and the joy you feel when you’re around the table laughing and having good conversation. It’s actually quite easy to do.

The next ingredient besides having a goal and visualizing it is being consistent with focusing on that goal. The energy will be much stronger if you spend a larger percentage of your thoughts directed towards it. If you want the quality of your life to improve, you must create the energy you want to experience. That means intentionally creating your own feelings of happiness in order to experience more of that.

You are a powerful manifestor, so let’s dive into how you can create energy for the things we all tend to want such as love, money, and health. We are going to look at simple ways to stay in a positive state and project the vision you want to attract these three vital things to you. You must start to be what you want to attract in the most simple terms.

How to Manifest Love

If your subconscious is projecting a story that love is hard or only ever leads to failure, you’re going to attract more of those experiences.

You can use the tool of writing to manifest the type of love you want. What type of love makes you feel the most alive? Is it calm and consistently positive? Is there a tremendous amount of attraction, physical affection, support, and laughter? Cultivate the qualities of the love you want to manifest and make a list of them in a journal. Each day read the list and visualize yourself in a relationship like that.

The next ingredient that will help you manifest love is taking action to tell the universe you are ready for it to happen. Buy that dress, go on that date, tell that person you are interested. The universe responds to the energy we put out there and as well as our belief that we can actually have what we focus on. When you are very kind, loving, fun, humorous, loyal and gentle to others, you create a high energetic vibration that attracts the type of people who emit that energy as well. How can you direct your intention and use your time to be the type of person you want to attract? Get on that exercise routine, eat those greens, read those self-help books, smile, do things for others and listen to what’s going on with other people.

Using an affirmation throughout the day can help build energy. I like the affirmation, “I have loving people and fulfilling relationships in my life.” Over time, you’ll begin to alter the fabric of the universe in more and more physical ways.

How to Attract Money

Something we all want is to attract money because it makes life easier. It’s not greedy to want more of it. You can sit quietly and send a message to the universe that you want to heal your relationship with money and let it flow into your life. Visualize dump trucks dumping money onto your head. Visualize yourself opening checks in the mail. Get specific with how much money you see in your bank account. Get excited that the universe is conspiring to deliver the same frequency you’re vibrating at. How about vibrating the idea of $500,000? Jim Carrey has said he once wrote himself a check for $3 million and made that much in a year when he was just starting out.

And, if you want nice things and a nice life, remember to take care of the things you have. Clean your house. Straighten things up. Polish the silverware. Be proud of what you have and treat yourself like royalty. Those vibes will start to seep into your subconscious and your reality will transform. Do you want to lounge poolside and drink out of crystal goblets? Go ahead and start picturing it now. Get to a pool and order a fancy beverage. Get into the role, act the part and feel the vibes.

How to Improve Health

The power of the mind is something that can help or hinder our health. If we keep saying and thinking of ourselves as unhealthy and unwell, we will cement that into our reality. However, if we start picturing ourselves as exuberant, vibrant, and full of vim and vigor, we will start to step into that reality.

Since everything is made of vibration, we can start to shift our vibration by sending a different signal.

When it comes to health, we can make a vision board of health where there are pictures and words that make us think of living with the freedom of a healthy mind body and spirit. Maybe there is a picture of running, a green juice, jumping off a diving board or winning an Ironman award. What inspires you and makes you feel excited when you think about being healthy? Focus on that and it will start to come into your life. Sign up for a class, throw away junk food, and put a healthy food chart on the refrigerator. Buy healthy food books, magazines, and shop at health food stores. Immerse yourself in the vibration of health and you will begin to create those vibrations yourself.

Closing Thoughts…

It’s time to ask yourself what you truly want. Get clear, get specific, and write it all down. Keep those good vibes flowing with high vibration music, art, incense, and crystals. What clothing puts you in a good mood and what activities charge you up? Spend quiet time in meditation daily visualizing and writing exactly what you want. Take action towards those things and tell the universe you know it has your back. Take a leap, make it count and get ready to live with magic!

There is a power to our thoughts and our emotional energy. The vibrations of music can greatly alter your state as can the words you use. Make them positive! Surround yourself with uplifting and inspiring people, places and things. You can change your life and you can start right now.

All of the efforts you make to redirect the subconscious mind to create positive momentum. Over time, your thoughts will expect things to come to you easily. If you have any story that change is hard, that money is scarce, that life is difficult, it’s time to manifest the opposite by raising your vibes and creating an affirmation that things are easy and fun for your mind to chew on like food for the soul. You’ll feel and experience the power of the Law of Attraction as you make small steps to practice these things and you’ll find you are powerful beyond belief.

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