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Article: Why You Need to Hygge Your Fall (& How to in 6 Delightful Ways)

Why You Need to Hygge Your Fall (& How to in 6 Delightful Ways)

Why You Need to Hygge Your Fall (& How to in 6 Delightful Ways)

Yet another season rolls in with an ongoing pandemic.

We say chillax because it’s officially sweater weather! This means Hello Hygge! a.k.a - A Netflix binge while cocooned in cashmere and snacking on buttery baked goodies.

Join us at Daily Life in this slow down edition to see how and why you should hygge your fall.

But first…

What does “Hygge” mean?

Hygge is a Scandinavian concept of intentionally choosing happiness.

According to the World Happiness Report of 2020, Nordic countries consistently top the happiness index charts each year. What exactly makes these people so satisfied with their lives? Can we too emulate the Danes?

This year, in light of COVID-19, the Western world seems to be obsessed with all things hygge. And for good reason. Research has shown a strong correlation between Danish Hygge lifestyle and overall happiness.

How Do You Pronounce Hygge?

Okay, but what’s the right hygge pronunciation? It’s easily one of those words where we swallow half of it hoping nobody will actually hear us! While your brain might be sounding it out as ‘hi-ge’ or ‘hig-ee’ but the word H-Y-G-G-E in Danish is actually pronounced Hoo-Gah.

Why You Need to Hygge Your Fall

A Hygge lifestyle is more than just candles, cookies and decor. It’s a way of life where you intentionally savor the slow down that comes with autumn.

But why is a Hygge life so important? And what’s the unexpected link between Feng Shui and Hygge?

Feng Shui & Hygge Living

Feng Shui is an ancient eastern philosophy, while Hygge is a Nordic concept. Surprisingly, these two are related!

Per Feng Shui, unobstructed flow of Chi (Qi) energy involves balancing of 5 primary elements - Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, & Metal. Of these, the energy of metal signifies completion, inward yin, inner reflection, and letting go. Metal is also associated with cold, heavy vibes.

Sounds a whole lot like autumn, doesn’t it?

Just like the leaves, we need to purge out all that doesn’t serve us. But this can actually dissipate our Chi energy. We run the risk of feeling energetically depleted and drained out (it lowers our immunity per traditional Chinese medicine) if we purge without properly nourishing ourselves (mind, body, and soul).

Warm food, cozy mood, and family time are excellent ways to counter the metallic let-go energy of autumn + winter… which essentially is what Hygge is all about.

Clearly, Hygge seems to be Feng Shui approved!

To learn more about Feng Shui for Eliminating Stress, Read Can Feng Shui Relieve Stress?

A woman throws leaves up into the sky while smiling.

6 Ways to Create Hygge in Fall 2020

A heap of Hygge is never a bad thing! For anyone! So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

1. Set a Cozy Mood

Picture this: You’re bundled up either by yourself (Yay, me time!) or with family (fur family included) in front of a crackling fireplace, sipping on hot chocolate, watching Netflix in a room filled with candles and plush pillows.

Aah! Downright delightful, No?

Did you know? Bright LED lights during long nights of cold months have been scientifically proven to negatively impact our circadian rhythm. Even more of a reason to get on those cozy vibes with dim lights and candles.

A woman is curled up in bed under a cozy blanket reading a grey book.

2. Create a Fall Reading List

If you’re a bookworm, hygge up your reading nook now - and look no further! We rounded up a short reading list just for you.

  1. Can’t Even - How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation - Anne Helen Peterson
  2. Untamed - Glennon Doyle
  3. Leave the World Behind - Rumaan Alam
  4. Cobble Hill - Cecily Ziegesar
  5. The invisible Life of Addie LaRue - V.E.Schwab
  6. If I Had Your Face - Frances Cha

We are sure you won’t put these books down till the last page. 

3. Indulge in a Hygge Movie Night

Not into books? Are you more of an, “I can barely read a page, when’s the movie coming out?” person?

Netflix has you covered this fall. With its exhaustive collection of fall movies (new and classics) which include all the spooky Halloween fun, one thing’s for sure - entertainment is guaranteed and so are all the warm Hygge vibes. So gather your friends and family to get in some fun movie nights.

Pro Tip: Bring some board games to the evening. Make it a game and movie night! Because, why not!?

Oh! And go get your popcorn already!

Try these recipes for your movie night: 3 Sweet & Savory Popcorn Recipes

Some fall squash soup in a bowl next to some pumpkins and squashes.

4. Cook Something Warm

Doesn’t a bowl of warm soup just feel like a hug in a bowl? Few things feel more glorious than a hearty flavorful soup for your body and soul on a cold evening.

Hygge is about intentional living. So intentionally connect with the produce. Be mindful during kitchen prep, cooking, and while savoring the soup.

Intuitive cooking and mindful eating since ancient times have been known to possess healing abilities. They can do wonders for your soul.

Learn more about mindfulness & how to effectively practice being mindful in your every day.

5. Give Fall Wellness Hygge Gifts

Essential oils for tranquil feels, weighted blankets, reflection cards to spark meaningful conversations, hot stones for at-home spa, tea tasting kits, indoor plants - it’s an endless list of mind, body, and soul holistic wellness.

This screams self-care doesn’t it? But if you think about it, Hygge merely is a fancier way to encourage self-care.

This fall, give the gift of Hygge to your near and dear ones. It’s a sure-shot way of spreading infectious joy!

For more terrific tips on how to get into a Hygge state of mind, try: Top 5 Absolutely Cozy Tips That Will Make You Feel More Comfy

6. Take Up a New Hobby

So… you didn’t learn a new skill during this quarantine (like everybody else on social media). Do you know what that makes you?

A complete and total Human! Shocker, right?

There’s no better time than now to take up a new hobby. We aren’t yet completely rid of COVID-19; which makes solo hobbies amazing and safe options to indulge in.

Maybe photography is on your mind? Or adult coloring books or baking sourdough bread. Whichever it is, just go for it. It’ll be well worth your time and will leave you more fulfilled.

Want new ideas on some old hobbies? Read this next: Not Just for Grandma: Seniors’ Hobbies That are Making a Comeback

Live Slowly & Danishly

Today, you’ve seen how to nourish your soul with 6 Hygge ideas. It really comes down to choosing intimacy and happiness while forgetting life’s worries.

How will you Hygge your fall this year? What are some Hygge moments you want to create?

Looking for ways to embrace this season? Learn some meaningful ways to reset for fall 2020.

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