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Article: How to Create a Spa Day in Your Own Home

How to Create a Spa Day in Your Own Home

How to Create a Spa Day in Your Own Home

There’s something so relaxing and luxurious about stepping into a spa and allowing yourself the be pampered: the aroma of essential oils roaming the air, the comfort of dewy moisture and soothing music surround you.

Treating yourself to a spa day truly feels like self-care at it’s finest, but it often comes with a hefty price tag.

Fortunately, you can create an amazing, healing spa day for yourself from the comfort of your own home and for far less money! While you will need to gather a few supplies, many of them can be found at your local dollar store or supermarket, and most are very affordable.

Creating Your Own At-Home Spa

Self-care includes pampering and spoiling yourself from time to time, but pampering and spoiling yourself does not have to break the bank. If you want to treat yourself to a luxuriously healing, wonderfully relaxing day at the spa without having to put pants on and leave the house, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Coming Up Roses

One of the most delightful fragrances on this lovely planet belongs to the rose; it is renowned for its beautiful scent and healing properties, as well as for the rose’s ability to attract love.

While you’re gathering supplies for your at-home spa day, stop by the floral department of your local supermarket or your local florist, and ask them if they have any rose petals for sale. Many florists will sell or practically give you day-old petals from older flowers, there’s nothing wrong with them, and they still smell just as wonderful. If you are unable to get real rose petals, consider grabbing a bath bomb that has rose in them.

Cool as a Cucumber

While you’re out, stop by the produce section of your grocery store and pick up a cucumber or two. They will, of course, feel wonderful with chilled, sliced, and placed over your eyes, but they also go splendidly in a hydrating spa staple. I mean, what’s fancier than chilled cucumber water?

Seeing the Light

Make sure you have plenty of candles for your special spa day, as they set the mood and cleanse the energy of the room. Look for candles containing the essential oils of herbs like lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus to calm the nerves and clear the air.

Not a fan of candles? You can also use a defuser or add a few essential oils to your bath as a replacement. This is a great way to create the relaxing spa surroundings that you deserve.

Clean Up Your Act

You’ll need the mood of your home to resemble the soothing energy of a spa, which includes cleaning and organizing. Before you even think about setting up your at-home spa, make sure your home is clean and peaceful enough that you will be able to truly relax - soaking in the tub isn’t very relaxing if you’re thinking about the dishes in the sink.

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Fluff Those Towels

Make sure you have a nice fluffy robe and a luscious towel to wrap around yourself throughout the day. If you have more than one, you can even toss them in the dryer for a minute or two throughout the day for a warm treat.

Fancy Facials

One of the best parts of the true spa treatment is the decadent facials that leave your skin glowing and silky smooth. Try this simple yet delightful honey oat face mask, made from ingredients that you may already have in your home. It exfoliates and cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and fresh.

For more exfoliation, try this honey-almond face scrub.

Getting Steamy

Spas are pretty well-known for their steamy activities, which work to open the pores, preparing them for healing treatments. You can recreate these benefits in your own home in two ways. The first is to close your bathroom door and run the shower on a very hot temperature for a couple of minute before you begin to fill your relaxing bath, filling the room with soothing steam.

You can also fill a bowl with boiling water, set it somewhere safe, and position your face over the bowl with a towel carefully placed over your head to prevent the steam from escaping. Try adding a drop of tea tree or lavender essential oil for even more skin-healing benefits!

Silky Hands

You can get those paraffin-wax-soft hands without the expensive gloves and waxy residue. Simply take your favorite hand cream, slather a generous portion on your hands, cover your hands with disposable vinyl or latex gloves, and grab your favorite magazine. Wait for about 20 minutes, removes the gloves, and rinse of any residue that doesn’t rub into your skin. Your hands will feel like they’re 10 years younger.

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Make sure you have a fizzy bath bomb on hand to complete your relaxing spa bath. After filling your bathroom with steam, begin filling your tub with hot water and infuse a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Just as you’re about the enter the tub with your cucumber slices by your side, drop in a fizzy bath bomb and sprinkle your rose petals generously over the surface for the most luxurious bath of your life.

The Rest is Up To You

The rest is all up to what makes you relaxed. We would suggest that you make sure you’ve got relaxing music playing and a glass of champagne (or green tea) to sip on while you let your body and your mind relax. Remember not to overstimulate yourself with TV or social media, let your mind relax with your body and you will feel the true rejuvenating benefits of your spa day in.

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