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Article: How to Follow & Trust Your Heart

How to Follow & Trust Your Heart

How to Follow & Trust Your Heart

Remember that movie with Julia Roberts called Eat.Pray.Love? Following your heart doesn’t necessarily mean going to stay in an ashram in India, but it can mean exploring new systems of thought, examining your own beliefs, and why you have chosen to live the way you do.

Primarily, following your heart means actually tapping into your intuition which speaks to you through your gut feelings and even in meditation in more clear ways if you work on developing that connection.

Can a healer help you find your purpose? They may be able to help guide you based on what they can read in your heart that you may be scared to see or in denial about because it requires….TRUST.

The main ingredient in following your heart is trusting your feelings, the ones that feel safe and independent of what other people think you should do. This is your soul’s voice and it’s something that happy people follow relentlessly.

Want to know how to do this? It’s like taking the lid off of your mind to see the greater good you are a part of and fitting into that greater good with your unique personality and the skills you’d like to offer. Let’s make this as simple as possible which right now will be asking yourself three questions…

What Does Your Heart Draw You Towards?

Is it music? Food? Other cultures? Theatre? Writing? Farming? Starting a business? Creating art? Make a list of the top things you get really excited about when you scan your mind. Don’t filter it and don’t judge it. Did you come up with some? Can you rank them in order of favorites?

Now let’s deal with say the top three. We want to filter out any that are coming from your ego. Do any of them only serve your ego and not have the greater good in mind? That’s a clear indicator it’s coming from your false identity and not your soul.

When I was drawn to the healing arts I didn’t know it would be a combination of writing, teaching, and counseling but that’s what it became. I also believe we are capable of doing multiple things. Look at many of the very successful people on this planet, most of them did not do just one thing.

We are capable of developing multiple interests, so that is why I say it’s good to keep the top three. Now let go of thinking you can’t do them and we will move on to the next part.

What Would it Take for You to do the Thing That Calls You Most?

It’s just a visualization exercise. No need to get nervous or panic. Do you feel uplifted thinking about yourself following this path? Does it feel like something you really have always been drawn to? We are able to see the possibilities when we create small steps towards a bigger goal.

If we want to move to Hawaii and start a retreat center, we probably need to save money, visit the island to see where we want to be, think of who we may know there, find a job there to get settled into the community or come up with the money, selling our car or seriously downsizing in order to rent or purchase the center.

We would need to figure out what type of program the center would offer, whether it’s week-long stays with yoga and food or volunteer opportunities and optional longer stays.

This is just an example, of course. For each of us, we will need to look at how we are using our time and money, what training we need, what the costs may be, who can help us, and what we will start doing today.

We will create a 6-month plan that makes sense, then use our manifesting skills by making a few new goals with each new moon. We visualize the desired outcome and we write a manifesto that says, ‘This is what I am and this is what I do.”

What if you don’t know? Look up your astrology chart and it will usually clearly lay out a map that leads to the same feelings you have in your heart. Meditate and listen to your heart speak to you. Consider seeing a trusted and gifted healer with a good reputation to help you sort it out.

Even healers go see others in their field to help gain clarity once in a while. Make a vision board and put it on the wall where it will excite you about following your heart.

What Perceived Obstacle can be Removed?

When your intention is pure, your motivation will be strong. If you’re doing something only for yourself, it can’t be your heart that is guiding you. All good intentions have a bigger purpose.

It’s time to ask yourself if it’s fear, your family, feeling like you can’t afford something, distractions, a relationship, or low self-esteem that needs to be addressed. You’re never too old, you’re never too broke, too flawed or too obligated. You can always follow your intuition if you just TRUST.

When I made the leap, I put myself in a bubble of trust where I kept my doubt out. I wrote out my manifesto and read it like it was real. It became real and then evolved to much more than I could see at the beginning.

My good intentions gave me the positive energy to push through and to have many blessings along the way because positive energy attracts positive energy.


There are a lot of things in this world designed to keep us from listening to that voice in our heart. The priorities we make in our lives often come from our environment, whether it’s our parents, our social group, or the media, but nothing can replace the happiness that comes when you fulfill your soul’s purpose.

Mother Nature will back you, the universe will back you, and your life will be blessed because you’ll truly be free, aligned, and energized by a source of happiness no one can take from you. The soul does have a purpose and it did choose to be here right now on the planet for a reason.

Still your mind and listen and see what shows up. See what’s blocking that voice from being the true best friend in your life. Is it fear? Is it pressure? Is it a lack of confidence? Well, you can use positive affirmations and a solid plan to break through that.

Plus, you can train yourself to be so positive you will not listen to the voice of fear. The universe conspires to support you because when you’re living by the voice of your soul, you are in a higher frequency that attracts good things. That’s the higher law of the universe, beyond the veil, in the other dimensions.

You create the vision based on what you feel is best, and you follow it without apologizing and without looking back. It is the path less traveled, and when you find those people who are also doing it, they are your soul family, your mentors, the lights that will help you stay focused and not convinced to live complacently.

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