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Article: 8 Grounding Affirmations for the Root Chakra

8 Grounding Affirmations for the Root Chakra

8 Grounding Affirmations for the Root Chakra

Are you having trouble focusing? Are you feeling stressed about everything you need to do but aren’t exactly sure where to get started?

Good news! This is the perfect time to take a break and use some simple Root chakra grounding affirmations to help you feel unstuck.

In the ancient chakra system, performing specific Root chakra affirmations are thought to intercept chaotic feelings, replacing them with a sense of calm and connectedness.

If you feel scattered daily or even more forgetful than usual, your Root chakra may also need more attention, but not to worry, there are always ways to reverse these blockages! Your Root chakra is the first of your seven chakras – this is an energy center that affects your thoughts and emotions, located at the base of the spine.

While using other methods to ground your Root chakra, we recommend that you also use affirmations. Why? They help you get to the “root” of your feelings by noticing patterns and actively changing them with positive intentions.

It can really benefit you to have the Root chakra activated. It gives you energy and helps you order your day to be sure to provide for your basic needs. It helps you feel safe and gives you a sense of belonging. 

It tethers you to the real world while still allowing you to be creative and intuitive when the other chakras are also functioning.

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How to Use Affirmations for Your Chakras

An affirmation is a mental training tool that uses a short statement to repattern the subconscious mind allowing us to perceive more positive outcomes and have more positive behaviors. 

Essentially, it helps redirect the mind to create a desired thought pattern.

Using a short statement repetitively while healing your chakras allows you to create new thinking habits to replace fear-based subconscious thoughts that create anxiety and run in the back of your mind.

What Are the Benefits of Using Affirmations for Your Root Chakra?

Using these affirmations can help you:

  • help you face your day with less insecurity.
  • help you enjoy yourself while you do daily tasks instead of facing these tasks with anger.
  • help combat restlessness and stop you from worrying about all the things that might happen.
  • allow you to have more energy to focus on what you’re doing and enjoy life as it unfolds.
  • allow you to refocus your mind to create more positive emotions.
  • activate the law of attraction to help you with your relationship with food.
  • alleviate fatigue and back pain.

the symbol for the root chakra.

8 Grounding Affirmations For Your Root Chakra

Is your Root chakra in need of healing? Notice if you say or think things about yourself that are blocking your Root chakra and have essentially become an affirmation such as, “I’m exhausted,” or “I’m all over the place.”

If you find yourself using these negative affirmations, here are eight grounding affirmations to use instead to find optimal chakra balance!

  1. “I focus on what I’m doing and do it accurately.”
  2. “I feel calm and grounded right now.”
  3. “I am moving slowly and taking deep breaths.”
  4. “I focus my energy at the bottoms of my feet to center my thoughts.”
  5. “I feel rooted and stable like a tree.”
  6. “I am right where I need to be, and things are going really well.”
  7. “I trust that the universe supports me.”
  8. “I am energized, focused, and at peace.”

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How to Use These Affirmations Daily

Choose an affirmation by finding one that resonates with you and the frustrations you are feeling. Any of them can help you, so don’t overthink it.

1. Use the Power of Crystals to Magnify Your Affirmations

Grab your chakra pendulum and your crystals and start your healing process. We suggest finding some Root chakra healing music. The frequency will help you focus and meditate through this process.

You might even want to get some Root chakra crystals to wear, such as garnet or black obsidian. You can further your groundedness by applying or diffusing some essential oils or incense that stimulate the Root chakra as well, such as cedar or sandalwood.

Once you choose the grounded affirmation you’d like to use, say it mentally or out loud five times, holding your crystal, meditating with your chosen essential oil or incense, and then notice how you feel.

2. Try this Exercise for Your Root Chakra

What you’ll need: a piece of paper and a pen.

First, write your intention out at the top of the page (example: grounding my Root chakra). 

After this, write your affirmation of choice five times in the future tense (I will…) underneath. Lastly, change the affirmation to the present tense (I am…) and write it 10 times below that.

This technique of writing out your affirmations gets your brain thinking about the difference between saying something and doing something. It also takes your intentions into action, as you are taking the first step by writing them down. Do this once a day for one week and see how much better you feel and how your energy has changed by the end of the week.

You can also use this affirmation in other ways, such as putting it by your desk or onto your mirror. There’s no wrong way to use it, and remember that the best way to get affirmations to work for you is to use them frequently.

3. Expand Your Use of Affirmations

Once you find an affirmation that works for you, you will find yourself using it automatically. You can create affirmations for different things you want to work on in your life or use ones that other people make.

Language is a powerful tool that helps us access greater levels of happiness. It is such a big part of our life that even when we are children in school, we often don’t realize how much words can affect us and direct our minds.

The ancient yogis of Tibet and India have been using language to calm the mind and bring a state of peace for thousands of years. The use of meditation beads often called mala, is something that you can add to your affirmation practice to count your repetitions without thinking. This tool is used by modern yogis and meditators around the world.

Simply run the beads through your fingers for each repetition and then stop when you get to the stopper bead. This can help you reach a calm state in a simple and structured way.

Finally, a Reiki session can help your Root chakra and allow you to feel more clear-headed after just one session. During this time of social distancing, you may want to consider a distance Reiki session, which is quite remarkable.

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Heal Your Root Chakra Today!

While you may not be able to see the law of attraction as clearly as a science experiment shows chemical reactions, it still points to the idea that when we are positive, we start to experience more positive things.

It’s safe to say we enjoy being around positive people, and it certainly brings more opportunities, friends, and people on the same wavelength. In this case, we are going to use this powerful mental training tool to help you feel stable, clear-headed, and calm.

If you want to work deeper on this chakra to activate its properties, we have Root chakra meditations, and check out our other resources for Root chakra healing, such as how to use essential oils and yoga poses you can do at home.

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