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Article: Feeling Spacey? A Down-To-Earth Grounding Meditation

Feeling Spacey? A Down-To-Earth Grounding Meditation

Feeling Spacey? A Down-To-Earth Grounding Meditation

Meditation can help us shift from an uncomfortable state of mind to a more content state. One state of mind that is really not fun to be in is feeling overwhelmed and ‘all-over-the-place.’ When we meditate, it helps center our energy and clear the frenetic energy that is bouncing around in our energy field.

Through an intentional focus, slowed breathing, and stillness, we are able to create a much more desirable experience and mental state.

Find Focus in Meditation

If you’re so used to feeling spacey that you’ve just accepted it as normal, just give this guided meditation a try. If you’re someone that always puts a lot on your plate, this grounding meditation will help you start to learn how to do less, feel more peaceful, and cultivate a state of mind that helps you enjoy life. It will help you be more present as you’re going about your day so that you can actually enjoy the experience of living moment to moment instead of worrying about many things at once.

This is not just a meditation for focus but one that can greatly impact all areas of your life including your health.

When our nerves are taxed by stress and feeling mentally dishevelled, we show up differently at work, home, and in each moment of our day. People can sense our baseline anxiety and it doesn’t help us create positive new bonds or growth in our life. However, when we cultivate a state of happiness through simple time tested techniques of meditation, people can sense that state and the Universe will deliver more of that same vibration to us.

Meditation Preparation

Before you meditate, take some time to set up a special place to do your meditation. Perhaps dim the lights, create a cozy seat with blankets and pillows, and play some soothing meditation music.

Gather your favorite incense and oils to help bring you into a relaxed state of mind and if you have crystals, don’t forget to hold them to help raise your vibration during meditation.

Listen to this guided meditation here!

A Meditation for Grounding

Sit with a straight spine and breathe slowly and deeply in and out of your nose to calm your body and prepare for the guided meditation. Relax your body on each exhale as you take a minute to breathe and slow your mind.


You will begin to see yourself walking barefoot on a dirt path. It is summertime and the sun is just rising. There is a perfect temperature in the air and the morning birds are singing. You see little drops of dew resting on the leaves of plants at the edge of the trail. With each inhale and exhale you take one more step, noticing how the dirt feels underneath your feet. You feel the little bumps in the ground and the coolness of the dirt.


You see a calm river ahead with a sturdy wooden dock at the end of the path. You walk towards it slowly without rushing, noticing the little details as you go. Little animals peek out from the trees and birds gently coast in the sky. As you step onto the dock, you feel a sense of coming home, a real familiar loving place. There is a beautiful ornate thick rug in the center of this wooden dock. It has a beautiful design with the colors of nature woven into it.


It feels right to sit on this rug and close your eyes in this place. You feel the air gently blow on your skin, the sun beginning to warm your face, and you hear the sound of water gently moving downstream. As you breathe you smell the rich mud at the river’s edge and sense the life which the water supports. Your focus becomes the flowing water, moving ever so gracefully without effort.

Find Stillness

You feel perfectly balanced, perfectly still, alert yet relaxed, a silent observer of the dance of life. Place your right hand over your heart and ask the Universe to place this feeling there. The stillness and grace enter your heart and permeates throughout your mind and body. You have become what you have seen here, the resonance of this place is now within you.

You are peace, you are grace.

Ground & Conclude

You can take one deep breath to slowly come back to waking consciousness and notice how you feel after this powerful grounding experience.

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If you found your mind wandering, asking questions, trying to figure things out, or just focusing on other things during the meditation, you don’t have to be discouraged. This is normal for someone who hasn’t trained the muscle of their mind with regular practice. You will find guided meditations help you feel more relaxed, the more you do them.

You will find that each time, you find yourself going a little deeper and feel a little more peaceful.

That being said, if you feel like you want to continue to work with this meditation, try doing it in the morning and evening for one week. Journal about your experience for a week and see how it starts to reflect in your day. You may find you meet more peaceful people or things just seem to flow easier.

You may simply feel yourself having less anxiety and more clarity. If you felt there is something in this meditation for you to explore, allow it to work for you without trying to force but just by sitting and letting your mind get used to stillness.

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