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Article: Stick To It: The Benefits of Positive Self-Affirmation

Stick To It: The Benefits of Positive Self-Affirmation

Stick To It: The Benefits of Positive Self-Affirmation

It may feel cliche to look in the mirror and stick a little pink sticky note that says “You Are Worth It” on it because words have no effect on us.

… Right?

If you agree with this sentiment, this is probably the article for you. For those who didn’t, before you click off this article - hold up - I’m about to say something outrageous!

Positivity Takes Practice

I’ll say it again, Positivity takes practice.

It truly does. Like every skill we possess, we do not gain it overnight. Learning and practicing self-love and positive energy can feel like an uphill battle, but it’s important because it teaches us patience and persistence.

We’re all on the path to wellness in one way or another whether it’s physically, mentally or spiritually. It’s as simple as resetting our mindset – by looking at positivity as a muscle that we need to strengthen, not a way we have to feel immediately.

Positivity is a long-term practice that changes the relationship with yourself and the way you view your surroundings, your mornings, and your late nights. It’s proven that daily positive self-affirmations reduce stress, increase physical activity, toughen our skin and strengthen our relationships.

Wait, What Are Positive Self-Affirmations?

Put simply, they are positive phrases or statements used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts. Positive self-affirmations help yourself unlearn the negative habits that we gain through the constant barrage of negative outputs, such as social media. We all look for ways to combat these negative habits in generally convenient and inexpensive ways.

This is why I suggest you write yourself a sticky note. Write something positive about yourself or write a word that inspires you. If it feels silly, that’s okay, laugh at yourself and lean into the silliness. Consider perspective – you can start with one or write a whole bunch.

Once you’re done, put it somewhere where you can see it every morning. My suggestions are a bathroom mirror, closet wall or car visor. Feel goofy putting it in a public place? Write it in a journal and leave it next to your bed.

Getting Over the Weird

Keep at it

The first time I did this, I wrote simply, “You are enough,” and I stuck it on my vanity mirror. I giggled to myself thinking that I had truly entered the world of odd but then I noticed something. When I felt low, I thought back to the person who wrote that note and who she wanted me to be. I began to see myself through others’ eyes, through the eyes of someone who wanted me to succeed.

Who would love me so much that they would take the time to write me a note? It was me.

Soon I found myself writing another one: “You are strong.”

It took time, but I started running again. I was meal prepping. I felt renewed. Like how squats improve your glutes, my positivity, resilience, and outlook were getting stronger by the day.

Allow Yourself Room to Fail

Turning off the negative self-talk in my brain wasn’t an easy process. I didn’t read the words on my mirror and spin around until I was wonder woman. It was working on the skills that were hard to control and the quick reactions I had when I caught my face in the mirror.

The important thing to keep in mind while learning this new-found self-efficacy is that you cannot punish yourself for having these thoughts, you can only correct yourself until you slowly wean yourself off of those toxic inclinations.

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Avoid Getting in Your Head

Now are self-affirmations scientific? Not exactly.

Affirmations aren’t a cure-all. They aren’t a little pill you can take in the morning to get your body to function, but it is a widely accepted, well-established psychological theory that is recommended along with other more scientific treatment options.

So, I challenge you to write yourself a positive sticky note or self-affirmation in the notes on your phone. It doesn’t have to be a billboard proclaiming your self-love, though it definitely could be, no judgments here.

Essentially, start small and change the world: “You Are Worth It.”

Want help crafting your personal affirmations? Read Override Negative Thoughts With a Ridiculously Positive Affirmation next!

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