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Article: A Root Chakra Meditation to Balance & Ground Yourself

A Root Chakra Meditation to Balance & Ground Yourself

A Root Chakra Meditation to Balance & Ground Yourself

Do you feel all over the place in your mind or have this unsettled feeling that you’re just not taking care of yourself properly because you can’t quite find the time?

Well, the Root chakra is all about finding a sense of groundedness so you can figure out what to do first. It also helps you prioritize your health, your daily tasks and helps you get energized. If this chakra isn’t flowing correctly, you’ll likely feel sluggish, forgetful, and even uneasy about the future.

Let’s give you a connection to the earth, to your body, and your vitality with this fun and easy guided meditation. This meditation will allow you to visualize a version of you that can take action, feel connected to the world around you, and attract abundance.

Meditation Prep

The Root chakra is associated with the feet, legs, tailbone, and hips.

You can stretch a little bit before this meditation to get some energy flowing to your legs, which will help the meditation. You can sit in a straddle position and lean forward and sit with your legs together and lean forward just to wake up your legs, hips, and lower back.

Find a location where you feel there is good energy and you won’t be disturbed.

We recommend playing some calming meditation music to help induce a relaxed state and lower the lights if possible. Then find a comfortable seated position, either sitting cross-legged on a mat or sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Bring your spine upright and straight to allow the energy to flow up to it between all of your chakras.

Begin to simply breathe deeply and slowly in and out of your nose for three minutes to allow your mind to become more still and to ease the tension in your body.

A Guided Meditation to Balance & Ground Yourself

We will start the meditation by posing a question. This simple question will allow your mind to open to a new stream of consciousness. The way to find your center is not to create one but to allow yourself to tap into what is already there. The question will help you see that you can access this state by simply opening to the possibility that it is right there within you.

Now hold this question in your mind’s eye.

What does my life look like when it’s guided by kindness? You don’t have to find the answer right now. Just hold the question and continue to relax.

Begin here…

You will begin to visualize three golden roads in front of you.

They are glistening in the warm sun, and all three looks equally inviting. The one to the left represents your physical health. This path holds ideas on how to live as your most vibrant self.

The second path represents your mind, and it leads you to ways of thinking that are good for your well-being. The third path represents your soul. It holds the secrets to your true contentment in life. We will now see the three paths converge into one wide path.

This golden path represents your most balanced state.


Now you’re ready to take slow, assured steps down this path. You feel one-foot lift and the bones moving in your ankle, knee, and hip. You think the bottom of your foot touches the path and connects to it. You feel the energy come up to your stomach and light up your spine.

This energy feels like it connects you to the center of the earth, which has steady energy that pushes everyone forward and connects everyone. This energy, the very core of it, is kindness. The connection to the earth’s energy and everyone on it, this golden path you’re on, is simply stepping forward in kindness.

One step leads to the next, and you feel this beautiful energy filling your stomach as your foot touches the path.

Breathe & Visualize…

In front of you now is a vision of yourself feeling connected to the people around you. You are considerate of them. You feel excited to help them. You are ready to step in to help when there is a need, and you’re open to seeing how you can improve your skills to better serve the group around you.

See the love in their faces as you simply give your energy without needing attention or applause.

The source of energy that you’re tapped into right now is and has always been there. Kindness is the key to feeling grounded and finding the choices that best serve your growth, success, and future.


Take one final breath to sense this living energy within you and all the people on this planet. Slowly wiggle your fingers to bring yourself back to the room.

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Take Time to Notice

Notice how you feel before you get up. Notice the energy which has shifted around you.

Notice how your own emotional energy starts to open your mind to be able to perceive a new reality. As you move into the new year, spend time in meditation each day to reconnect to your center, that energetic source that channels Universal life force energy.

Humans have always had the ability to connect to it and bring forth healing in their lives and the world when they allow it to come forward in their life.

To keep this practice and feeling, you need to work at keeping your vibration in a state of calmness and your health powered up with self-love through your daily rituals.

We have a vision that our team embodies, which is that you see how your decisions each day can amplify your energy and open your potential to live an empowered life that you’re genuinely excited about.

Go forward now with the visions you’ve been contemplating in your daydreams. Take action and do it all with a sense of lightheartedness because kindness is a force, and you’re harnessing it!

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