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Article: 10 Restorative Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

10 Restorative Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

10 Restorative Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

Most of us are always open to a new life hack that can help us be more creative and successful, and we are almost always searching for something that can truly bring us happiness.

Some of us have been taught to be overly polite and not express ourselves, which can shut our Throat chakra down. The Throat chakra is indeed a channel of communication, but it’s also much more than that as well.

The Throat chakra helps you communicate effectively and clearly, making you a more powerful version of yourself. When it’s balanced, you can use the power of your words to create a healthier and happier life. We don’t know about you, but we are open to all the happiness we can get after a year like 2020!

Throat chakra affirmations can help you get that promotion, feel brave enough to announce that you’re crushing it, or even help you quit hanging out with people who don’t make you feel good about yourself.

Are you getting excited?


Let’s take a deeper look at the Throat chakra and how affirmations interact with energy, our body, and our mind.

What is the Throat Chakra?

The Throat chakra is one of seven main energy centers in the body.

It comes from the traditional chakra system taught in the ancient system of yoga. In Sanskrit, it is called Vishuddha, which means purification.

When energy is strong and flowing through this area, people take our words seriously, and we can use words to create healthy boundaries. We can express our ideas openly and use our words to create new amazing things.

When it’s blocked, we may experience health issues in our throat or mouth, such as gum inflammation, jaw tightness, or sore throats. Our mouth and throat’s health is a direct reflection of our energy concerning communication and expression.

How Affirmations Help Your Throat Chakra

  • It can help you feel free to speak your truth by reminding you that it’s important.
  • They can help send life force energy to the throat to help heal the area and restore harmony.
  • They can help remove blocks that may come from habitual thought patterns conditioned in us by society.
  • They can help the muscles relax in the neck and jaw to help us feel freer to express our ideas.

Choose an affirmation that resonates with you, and try writing it down 20 times a day for a month. You can also write it on a sticky note and post it somewhere you will see each day, like on the bathroom mirror.

Using meditation beads with your affirmation is also a great way to activate the power of an affirmation.

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10 Restorative Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

1. “I speak only when I have a loving intention.”

This Throat chakra affirmation can help you conserve your energy and charge your Throat chakra with positive energy.

The more we speak consciously, the more harmonious the energy linked to our communication center can flow. This can help you reframe ideas in your mind to build positively with your words even in difficult or tense moments.

2. “I do not speak with anger because I hurt myself when I speak negatively.”

When we allow negative, hurtful words or gossip to come from our mouths, we are also damaging our Throat chakra. This helps you redirect the pattern of speaking impulsively to establish a moment to think things through or calm down.

3. “I build myself up with my words.”

Another way to restore the Throat chakra is to make it a point to only speak positively about yourself and to do so often. That is what this Throat chakra affirmation will help you do!

When we craft our identity consciously with our words, it can restore our Throat chakra’s flow that may have been imbalanced because of negative self-talk. Building this habit can help create positive momentum in your self-expression.

4. “I say what I want when I want.”

This Throat chakra affirmation will help you reclaim the true power of your Throat chakra.

Perhaps you’ve never been used to saying what you want, but that is where this affirmation can help. For example, saying what restaurant you want to go to or that you want to stay in is all a part of feeling your opinion is valid.

5. “I can establish my identity by speaking it into existence.”

Starting to use sound vibration to manifest and create a vision for your future is extremely fun and rewarding.

This is a metaphysical approach to your goals that has the ability to restore your Throat chakra to its true role of creation in your life. Try making a list of the person you want to be and use the Throat chakra affirmation to believe that this list will make a difference.

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6. “I tell people to give me space when I need it.”

People-pleasing often leads us to let people talk down to us, talk over us, or try to control us.

Over time this can really deplete our Throat chakra. One simple way to address this type of behavior is to create a new one. Speaking neutrally and saying you’ve had enough is a non-aggressive way to reboot your Throat chakra. This direct affirmation can help you realize more places you can actually do that.

7. “I establish healthy boundaries at work & home.”

This Throat chakra affirmation encompasses many facets of life and helps us identify where we need to create boundaries.

Boundaries help restore the Throat chakra’s energy because we speak our truth instead of pushing it down. When we bring more attention to the need for boundaries, we will discover what healthy boundaries need to be established.

8. “I speak my ideas with enthusiasm.”

If you are used to sitting quietly in meetings wishing you had the guts to speak up, this can help you break that pattern. The habit of sharing ideas becomes easier with time, and picturing yourself enjoying sharing your ideas will unblock the Throat chakra so that you can do that.

9. “I listen when others share their truth.”

There’s a saying that energy flows where attention goes.

When your Throat chakra is imbalanced, you may speak over people or have trouble listening to them intently. This Throat chakra affirmation can help create balance in your Throat chakra by creating an equal energy exchange during your communication.

10. “I speak directly without hesitation.”

When we are afraid to speak directly, we waste our energy and feel powerless or confused about our relationships and intentions. The Throat chakra will start to be restored when you hone your intention to say how you feel without dodging the truth.

Continue Your Throat Chakra Healing

Along with these Throat chakra affirmations, there is a multitude of other ways to engage in Throat chakra healing.

Wearing blue or visualizing blue at the throat can help energy flow to your Throat chakra. Throat chakra crystals like lapis lazuli or turquoise are great to hold while you use your Throat chakra affirmations, or by wearing them on your body in some way (like a necklace).

Throat chakra meals and engaging in Reiki or singing can also be fantastic ways to heal your Throat chakra. Try doing some restorative yoga to help balance and heal all of your chakras!

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