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Article: 10 Energizing Affirmations for the Third Eye Chakra

10 Energizing Affirmations for the Third Eye Chakra

10 Energizing Affirmations for the Third Eye Chakra

The chakra system’s history goes back thousands of years, and studies have validated that this ancient energy system deeply relates to human psychology.

Your Third Eye chakra, which is the sixth chakra in this system, is one of the seven main chakras and is associated with your ability to know, remember, have intuition, and mental clarity.

When this energy center is blocked (think a traffic jam during rush hour), you’re not able to get the benefits of this chakra and can experience both confusion and headaches.

Having a functioning and flowing Third Eye chakra can help you order the tasks you have to do during the day, see what is most important, and understand people’s true motivations in your life.

Even if you feel like you have mental clarity but are unsure if you have intuition, activating the Third Eye chakra with these affirmations can help you heighten your sixth sense.

Healing Your Third Eye Chakra

When we speak of healing a chakra, we think of the body’s energy and its overall connectedness to the world. Sometimes we need to address multiple chakras to get the energy to flow to the Third Eye chakra.

The fascinating thing about chakras is that they are affected by your own thoughts.

Your thoughts have the ability to shift your emotions and to direct energy to certain parts of your body.

Some of these Third Eye chakra affirmations will help bring energy to the brow point where this chakra is located. In contrast, others will amplify the positive emotions associated with an active Third Eye chakra.

How Affirmations Help Your Third Eye Chakra

Your Third Eye chakra, also known as Ajna in Sanskrit, resonates with the color purple, and this color can help activate the Third Eye.

As you say the below affirmations, visualize purple energy at your brow point.

Closing your eyes and focussing on the brow as you say the affirmations will automatically send your energy there and help charge the chakra. The affirmations will also help create new thought patterns that counter negative thinking that blocks the Third Eye.

Healing often takes time, and you will notice the effects if you consistently use the affirmation each day.

The more you use it, the more effective it will be. Here are some ways you can use the Third Eye Chakra affirmations you choose:

  • Write the affirmation 20 times each morning and night, and really feel excited about it as you write to infuse emotional energy into your thoughts.
  • Put the affirmation on sticky notes around your house, car, and office to remind you of your intention to heal your Third Eye chakra. This will help create a solid new thought pattern, and the affirmation will pop into your mind on its own eventually.
  • Record yourself saying the mantra for 5 minutes in a calm and soothing voice, and then listen to it once or twice per day as you lay in savasana.
  • Set a daily reminder in your phone that pops up with the affirmation. This can help you reset your energy and create a new way of thinking.

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10 Affirmations for Your Third Eye Chakra

These affirmations for the Third Eye chakra can bring you great inspiration, deepen your spiritual connection, and help you open your clairvoyance abilities.

1. “I sense energy flowing at my brow point.”

This affirmation is a great one for beginners. This will allow you to start to sense energy while opening this chakra.

2. “I visualize clearly in my mind’s eye.”

This will remind you to use your imagination and the power of visualization more. As you activate this skill, it will help open your Third Eye chakra.

3. “I am focused on the future I want to create.”

This simple yet powerful affirmation will help you manifest what you truly desire as it helps you stimulate the Third Eye chakra.

You don’t have to know everything but focus on what feels uplifting, and more will be revealed over time as your vibration raises and you see all that you can do.

4. “I pay attention to the subtle knowing I get about people.”

You already have intuition, but paying attention to it regularly can help you heighten your sixth sense.

5. “I can easily see a great solution.”

Instead of thinking there is just one solution (which is black and white thinking), this affirmation will allow you to see more possibilities through the imaginative power you can tap into. This will help ideas just come to you as it activates the Third Eye chakra.

6. “Intuition is a part of my nature.”

If you struggle with the idea that you, too, can be intuitive, this will help you know that everyone has natural intuition and allow you to start to use it.

7. “My mind is clear and bright.”

The feeling that this affirmation tunes you into will help you get used to sensing energy healthily flowing through this chakra.

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8. “I call upon the healing energy of the Universe to remove all blocks from my Third Eye chakra.”

You can also use this affirmation for each of your chakras because the more all of your energy centers are flowing, the easier it is to have an active Third Eye chakra.

9. “My Third Eye chakra is active and flowing.”

This is straight to the point and easy to remember so that you can use it often. It will develop the belief that you have a sixth sense and trust your intuition more and more.

10. “I can see and know the energy that connects all things.”

This will help you use the Third Eye chakra to see source energy. This is a great affirmation to use in meditation.

Continue Your Third Eye Chakra Healing

As you read through the affirmations, notice if one or two jumps out at you and use them for the next week or month. In addition to these powerful Third Eye chakra mantras, try using Third Eye chakra crystals such as amethyst, labradorite, or moonstone.

Yoga inversions that get your head below your heart are a great way to bring energy to the Third Eye. Specific meals can help activate the Third Eye, and eating lots of superfoods can really help all of your chakras get that intuition flowing!

Use these Third Eye chakra affirmations, and you will really enjoy using your intuition to sense how people are truly feeling and perhaps get a glimpse of what is to come.

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