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Article: The Perfect Valentine's Date for Your Enneagram Personality Type

The Perfect Valentine's Date for Your Enneagram Personality Type

The Perfect Valentine's Date for Your Enneagram Personality Type

Have you ever wondered what your perfect date would be based on your Enneagram type?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air more than usual! It’s time to whip out those love notes, indulge in those fantasies, crack open the champagne, sprinkle the rose petals, gaze longingly from afar - you know, that sort of thing.

Of course, more people than usual will probably be gazing from afar this year due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have the perfect Valentine’s date!

Your Enneagram personality type can help determine date ideas.

A Valentine’s Day based on the Enneagram will definitely be one worth remembering because you are tapping into the deepest core of your personality and discovering what makes you tick and what doesn’t.

The Enneagram test is a clever test that asks you a series of questions and places you into one of nine different personality types. Of course, you may share attributes from more than one type, but the Enneagram test places you in the dominant type within your entire personality.

So what Valentine Enneagram date ideas have we got for you today?

Read on to find the perfect Valentine’s idea for your Enneagram type, and you’ll be ready for February 14th in no time!

The Perfect Valentine’s Date for Your Enneagram Personality Type

Type 1: The Reformer

As a Reformer, you are someone who values logic and reason.

You are not someone who requires fine wining and dining. No, your ideal Valentine’s date this year would be something that challenges the mind! Ideally, it will be with someone who can match your sharp mind; unless the conversation is intelligent and thought-provoking, then it is best to say nothing in your book!

A game of Risk or Monopoly (including online versions) is not only mentally challenging for you but is sure to get you hot around the collar too.

Type 2: The Helper

As a Helper, your kind and compassionate nature shine through. You’re also a bit of an old-fashioned romantic, so romance is a big one when it comes to your ideal date.

A candlelit meal is more than welcome, and you absolutely love surprises! If you’re doing things the virtual way, setting the tone on either end to match an ordinary physical date works just as well.

Light some candles, play some romantic music and then get ready for that Zoom call with your date! They’ll love the romance just as much as you do.

Type 3: The Achiever

As an Achiever, you are someone who is driven to succeed, as your name suggests. There can be no boring or dull dates with you.

The fire of competition runs through your veins, and nothing turns you on more than some competitive sport!

A game of tennis or perhaps an obstacle course is sure to get that passion burning. Escape rooms are another great enneagram date idea for you. An online sport such as chess is also a great idea, or try engaging in a healthy debate about your chosen topic.

Type 4: The Individualist

As an Individualist, you cannot stand anything normal or ordinary. The way to your passion is with anything different. You are very artistic, so anything involving the arts, such as wandering around an art museum, is sure to get the butterflies fluttering.

For online dates this year, watching a romantic movie together with the lights off can be very romantic indeed, even if you can’t physically cuddle while you’re doing it!

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Type 5: The Investigator

As an Investigator, you have incredible skills of perception. A murder mystery weekend is ideal for a romantic date as nothing gets you more pumped up than a good crime to solve.

Otherwise, an interesting date that focuses on your strong cerebral aspect could be to read riddles out to one another online and see who can score the most points.

Challenge the brain, and you’re theirs!

Type 6: The Loyalist

As a Loyalist, you are responsible and level-headed. You’re not really into the fancy stuff, but the way to win your heart is to show you that they are as responsible as you are and that you can rely on them.

The perfect Enneagram date involves deep soul conversations where you explore one another’s nooks and crannies and get to know each other on an intense level.

Connecting with the soul is of the utmost importance to you.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

As an Enthusiast, you are the party-goer and fun-lover of the Enneagram!

You cannot bear a dull Valentine’s, so for you, it’s all about hitting the bars and clubs and dancing away until the early hours with your date. In these strange times, you may instead enjoy a music fest online with your date, sharing your favorite songs and talking about the concerts you’ve been to and where you’d like to visit next.

Type 8: The Challenger

As a Challenger, you are assertive and don’t stand for any nonsense. Therefore, your Enneagram date has to be one where you are sussing the other person out.

You need to know they can be trusted, and you may enjoy a game of Sussed together or maybe even Charades where you can get keener insight into their character. The best part is, these can be done online too!

Type 9: The Peacemaker

As a Peacemaker, you are gentle and easygoing. Your ideal date would be walking out among nature or spending time in the remote mountains.

How romantic!

However, if you’re confined to your home, then talking with your date about the philosophies of life always gets your heart in a flutter.

Where Will Your Perfect Date Take You?

These Valentine’s Day might look different, but hopefully, the ideas in this article give you some good insight into how you can spend your Valentine’s in a joyful and meaningful way with your loved one.

If you are single this Valentine’s then it’s all about loving yourself. After all, there is no greater romance than with oneself. Pamper yourself, run a hot bath, enjoy the scent of essential oils and put your feet up.

Valentine’s Day is for everyone and it is a day to express love to others and yourself. These Enneagram date ideas should help you get started, not just for Valentine’s, but for any time that Cupid’s bow strikes at your heart!

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