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Article: A Spring Equinox Meditation

A Spring Equinox Meditation

A Spring Equinox Meditation

March 20th marks the spring equinox of 2021, which starts the season of growth, beautiful flowers, and spiritual awakening.

Many people find the warmer days allow them to start to do gardening, feel more energized to spruce up the house and do a deep clean, or get in a new fitness routine.

This new season’s energy can also help us set our intention for our spiritual development as it helps us feel awakened and enlivened to infuse our daily practices of self-care and emotional well-being with new energy.

This specially crafted spring equinox meditation will help you feel rejuvenated and help you feel the wind beneath your wings, lifting you towards those goals you set at the beginning of the year and opening a stronger connection to your spiritual side.

It can also help you clarify where there is stagnant or stale energy in your daily routine or thoughts so you can make room for new growth and exciting new positive experiences this spring!

A Brief History of the Spring Equinox

The theme of spring equinox has been entwined in many cultural stories dating back to ancient Sumeria and Egypt, revealing the longstanding tradition of segmenting the year based on planetary movements.

Some of the mysterious Stonehenge structures are positioned exactly where the sun rises and sets on this day, directly at the equator in the East and West.

The ancient Pagan holiday of this day honors the goddess Eostre which became the modern Easter and still has similar practices regarding bunnies and eggs.

The symbolic rising of the Son of God in Christian traditions represents the concept of rebirth and awakening that is the theme of this special day throughout so many cultures around the world.

Instead of looking at how different we may be, it is a day to celebrate the light within us that makes us the same.

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Your Meditation for the 2021 Spring Equinox

Listen to the below meditation, narrated by Shannon Yrizzary:

This spring equinox meditation will help you harness the energy within you and channel it into your personal growth to expand your happiness. Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for about 10 minutes.

Begin to breathe slowly and deeply in and out of your nose. Feel your body relax as you come into a state of stillness, centering into the body, feeling the perfect symmetry of your physical self.

Follow these next few steps.

1. Sense Your Connection to All Life

Sensing this symmetry that naturally occurs in your own body allows you to think of the symmetry within nature, the patterns that reveal all-pervading energy of perfect calculation.

Some call this the golden ratio, which shows there is an energy that helps things grow.

You, too, are connected to this energy that helps you grow. It has always been in you, just as it’s in the seed that turns into an oak tree.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to let go of all thoughts to be fully present to the magical rebirth that you will witness in your spirit in just a moment. Relax, let go, surrender to the light that wants to come forth from within you.

2. Activate Your Spiritual Rebirth

To activate your spiritual rebirth, you will use the power of your intention to call on the universe to help you create daily routines that support your growth. You will be in touch with your true nature by living a healthy lifestyle, caring for your emotions, and listening to your heart.

Mentally state this affirmation three times to ignite your spring equinox rebirth: “I welcome the light to shine brightly within me and be the guiding beacon for my day, every day.”

Feel this light brightening. Notice how it makes you feel, how things start to shimmer within your mind, body, and spirit. Notice how it makes you feel at home in yourself.

Notice how the white heat burns away your negative viewpoints and pushes negative thought patterns far into the distance.

Let nature help you continue to hold onto this enlightened state of being this spring by keeping plants and flowers near you often. Let yourself be close to the soil, water, birds, animals, and sky. Let yourself feel that connection to the unifying forcefield of oneness that is love.

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3. Integrate the Energy

Take a deep breath and start to sense your body in physical space. You have just undergone an energetic alchemizing of the spirit. It may be important to rest as you integrate the energy today.

Take your time getting up and be sure to revisit this meditation anytime you want to remind yourself of the magic within you.

Keep the Rebirth Momentum Going

Bring flowers into your home or office as a sacred reminder of your connection to the natural growth of this time and to remind you that your light is growing this spring. Spend time watching new life whether it is the buds on a tree sprouting, a baby bird in a nest, or a baby learning about life.

If you’re not around these things, imagining them in your head can help you sense that you are just at the beginning of the growth you are about to experience and it can help you feel excited for what is yet to come.

This day marks a time of new experiences and revival of the feelings that were dormant during the winter that help us connect to each other and feel the joy of being human once again!

Let yourself enjoy the smells, colors, and events of the spring that may bring something or someone magical to you that will enrich your season!

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