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Article: 10 Fresh Self-Love Ideas for Springtime

10 Fresh Self-Love Ideas for Springtime

10 Fresh Self-Love Ideas for Springtime

It’s time to refresh our lives as we enter into spring and that means we can start new habits that will give us more energy and heal the lethargic state we can be left in after winter. Whether you feel burned out, want to boost your energy, or want to practice more self-love, we have some simple and springtime-fresh ideas for you. These ten tips will help you find balance in your mind, your physical health, and of course your spiritual side as well.

Did you know that type-A personalities are often the worst at self-care? Whatever your personality type, most of us are conditioned and encouraged from an early age to become little machines. We are not taught how to slow down to conserve and recharge our energy. If your emotional bank account is looking a little low, we can help you learn to invest in your relationship with yourself. The people who skyrocket to mega success are often those who take time to care for themselves first so they have the emotional energy to be valuable to others.

10 Springtime Fresh Self-Love Ideas:

1. Try Reiki

Start the season off by clearing your chakras and energy field with a Reiki session. There are also lots of Reiki circles that are usually low cost if you don’t want to spend the money for a private session. Reiki is a great starting point for self-love because the energy itself helps you see what is best for you so you can start making decisions that will be in your best interest.

Not sure if Reiki is for you? Here are 5 signs you need to give Reiki healing a try.

2. Introduce the Salads & Smoothies Routine

If you found herself eating heavier foods in the winter, you’ll feel your energy start to return if you introduce more smoothies and salads into your daily routine. Stock your refrigerator with scrumptious ingredients and try different combinations as you flush your insides of the heavier foods and toxins that may be affecting your energy.

3. Relax Regularly with a Feel-Good Show

Give yourself at least one night a week to chill and have unstructured time where you physically lay back and let your imagination wander by watching a new show or flick. This type of activity is a great way to shut off your active mind so you can recharge and find some inspiration through the creative projects others have made. Just try to avoid slipping into a full-out Netflix binge.

4. Take a Walk - Daily!

Getting outside for a healthy helping of vitamin D from natural sunlight as well as improving your circulation can boost your overall energy just after one day. You’ll find your confidence, optimism, and motivation all increase as you move your physical body and the energy inside it. A simple stroll allows you mental space to relax, and being in nature is essential to balancing your energy field if you work around electronics.

5. Try Morning Meditation

Introduce a morning meditation ritual, even if it’s just 2-5 minutes of deep breathing. Setting your intention, connecting to your soul, and getting intuitive insights can help you stay on a good path and find inner strength. Get a new journal and give this gift to yourself.

6. Get a Massage

Both your body and mind will benefit from receiving this healing form of therapy. If you’re reluctant to spend the money, look at that reluctance and kiss it goodbye. If you’d do it for someone else and not yourself, ask yourself why. Massage is a way to lower stress and release the pain that can be caused by the emotional residue that buildups over time. Regular self-love routines like this can help you feel like your cup is full.

7. Attend Fun Events

Whether it’s a play, a vibey indie basement band, a painting class you found on Groupon, a late-night rave, or a weekend festival, you will feel better when you do fun things at least once or twice per week. This can bring balance into your life if you tend to always be thinking about work. It can also be fun to sign up for a yoga studio membership where you don’t have to do any thinking and can let the teacher guide you to bliss.

8. Try a New Recipe

Getting in touch with your palate can help you acknowledge your own desires and even inspire confidence that you can both try and learn new things. Giving yourself what you want is a self-love ritual that can be cultivated through the kitchen. Also nourishing yourself creates a lot of inner emotional strength.

9. Go Thrift Shopping to Revive Your Wardrobe

Allow yourself to feel fabulous and have fun exchanging your old wardrobe for some fun new accent pieces. What you wear can be just for you and can help you feel excited about life. Express your uniqueness and be willing to change your image as much as you want if your soul wants to.

10. Attend a Sound Bath

Relaxing and doing nothing while letting the soothing vibrations of a singing bowl, chimes, or a gong uplift your vibes is a self-love ritual we highly recommend. If you’ve never been to a sound bath, you haven’t lived. This can quickly become a regular self-love ritual because you will notice the immediate shift in your emotional state.

Spring Forward!

What do you stand to gain from our spring self-love ideas? If you feel like you’re lethargic, overworking, having trouble sleeping, not regularly having fun, getting sick often, or giving to others constantly, you can overcome these imbalances by making time to practice self-love. Your levels of calmness can go up and your health will improve. When you get to know yourself better by spending time shaping your emotional landscape, you can also find a spiritual connection that builds tremendous inner strength and courage to pursue the life of your wildest dreams.

All of these ideas will help build your confidence and help you see how great you can actually feel. When your relationship with yourself is your priority, you don’t feel dependent on affection from others in the same way. You may start to see that people you’ve been addicted to are actually not really that good for your own confidence when you implement self-love rituals. If you are willing to get real with what you want and need, your job, relationships, and your use of time will all start to harmonize with one another.

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