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Article: Breathwork for Releasing Negativity From Your Life

Breathwork for Releasing Negativity From Your Life

Breathwork for Releasing Negativity From Your Life

Sometimes even when we are trying to be positive, life happens, or we are around people with some funky vibes. Sometimes thinking positive just doesn’t seem to do the trick. That’s where breathwork can help raise your vibrations so that you don’t have to get stuck in negative vibes.

This ancient breathing technique helps to clear the energy channels in your body and restore balance to the mind. If you are feeling like your mind is anxious or that you just feel off, this will help you reset your energy. It is a quick technique that you can do during the workday to release negativity and get back to a positive frame of mind.

Breathwork benefits really show up when the breathwork is done on a regular basis. This will help you create more positive ways of thinking naturally instead of always having to redirect your mind. The other reason for doing it consistently helps is that it helps clear our energy field and release negativity we may pick up from others throughout the day.

Why Start Breathwork Training?

The term breathwork may be new to you, so here are some things you should know to help you get started. First of all, what is breathwork? It is a variety of practices that involve regulating the breath. This can include different ways of holding the breath in or out, breathing through the mouth or nose in different ways, and expanding the amount of air and changing the speed at which it is brought in.

There’s actually a tremendous amount of variety within breathwork therapy as many systems exist that are based on or include breathwork healing.

Today’s Technique: Nostril Breathing

Breathwork training is a regular part of martial arts and yoga. It also has some great benefits that are achieved instantly making it one of the greatest tools you can have to regulate your mind and emotions throughout the day.

Breathwork benefits are completely free, safe, and easy. This technique, called alternate nostril breathing, for releasing negativity, can be done in just a few minutes.

The Benefits of Alternate Nostril Breathing

  • Will help you stop worrying about the future or obsessing over the past
  • Helps calm the nerves and relieve stress
  • Allows you to feel centered instead of feeling like your thoughts are racing
  • Balances the hemispheres of the brain bringing clarity and calmness
  • Helps oxygenate the blood for detox and improved organ function
  • It gives you energy and a sense of being restored
  • It improves your lung health and strengthens the immune response
  • Gives a healthy glow to the skin

How To Do Alternate Nostril Breathing


Sit in a cross-legged position with a straight spine or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and a straight spine. Use your right hand and block the right nostril with your thumb. Breathe in through the left nostril slowly. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then close the left nostril with your pinkie and release the right nostril.

Breathe out through the right nostril and hold the breath out momentarily. Breathe in through the right nostril and hold the breath for a few seconds. This is one round.

Continue this breathing technique for ten rounds and then sit quietly to notice the shift in your energy.

Breathe Deeply

Each time you breathe, make sure you breathe deeply and not shallowly. The depth of your breath will greatly affect the shift that you experience. As you bring more life force energy into your body, you are clearing the energy that has gathered from your own negative thoughts.

You are also clearing the energy channels that regulate your body to bring a sense of balance. Breathing through both nostrils is essential to help you feel calm yet energized. There are other techniques that involve breathing through only one nostril that have different effects.

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Start a Weekly Practice

You can work up to doing breathwork for longer periods of time to increase the healing benefits. You can do three minutes to start for a week. Try increasing the amount of time to ten minutes the following week and then fifteen minutes the week after that.

In a month’s time, you can work all the way up to thirty minutes at a time. You’ll notice that sitting with a straight spine requires a strong core so as you increase your breathwork time, also do some core stabilization and strengthening exercises to ensure you can sit without pain or exhaustion in your back muscles. After doing the breathwork, do a simple seated forward fold or standing forward fold to help decompress the lower back.

When you start doing breathwork every day, it begins to detox your body. You may feel slightly nauseated for the first week or two as your body cleanses. It will help to drink lots of water to aid in detoxification.

Additionally, it helps you cleanse on a deep energetic level as it clears the emotional energy stored in your cellular memory. You may find you need to sleep more at first as you go through this energetic cleanse and process the old energy. You will likely feel more optimistic, energized, creative, and light. Breathwork also helps you become more intuitive as it raises your vibration. You can experience some tingling in your face, chest, and arms after longer periods of deep breathwork.

You will notice that the more you do this, the easier it is. You will build up the ability to breathe deeper and experience greater levels of peace from your breathwork. There are more intense types of breathwork that can induce creativity, help you heal old traumatic memories, and more calming techniques help you prepare for sleep.

The energy of the body moves in channels. The more we do breathwork, the better these channels are able to function which will give us long-term well being.


A great thing to pair with breathwork is sound healing. There are different modalities of sound healing that can also help clear negative energy. Listening to soothing meditation music such as wooden flute music, crystal singing bowls, or Tibetan bells is a great way to help clear your energy field of negativity. The sound wavelengths interact with our energy to help harmonize it.

Luckily, both breathwork and meditation music are readily available for free and you can feel great without having to spend money. Listen to our free Daily Meditation Music now! 

You can also check out some of our resources for meditation that can help you develop positive thinking habits such as affirmations, apps you can use on your phone, and guided meditations. Finally, pairing your breathwork with some at-home yoga can also get those positive vibes flowing.

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