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Article: A Spring Cleaning Meditation For Your Chakras

A Spring Cleaning Meditation For Your Chakras

A Spring Cleaning Meditation For Your Chakras

It’s time for spring cleaning and while we all will start to dust off the shelves and donate our old clothes, we can also look to detox our energy fields.

We all know that awesome feeling of a freshly cleaned house. Well, the feeling of a freshly cleared energy field is even better! A great way to get the emotional gunk out of your body, mind, and soul is to do this meditation which will help clear each chakra.

Cleaning Your Energy?

Your chakras are energy centers that are located at seven main areas throughout your body and they each deal with specific types of emotions. If we have been pushing our emotions down in any area of life, that chakra will become blocked, and not allow energy to flow through it.

This can cause us to feel tired and sluggish and even cause us physical pain. Taking out the energetic trash will help you feel revived, creative, and inspired.

You probably have the not so fun deep cleaning jobs on your spring cleaning list such as cleaning the gutters and garage which we don’t feel like doing in the colder months. But we can assure you that this meditation is fun and instead of being a tiring activity, it will give you even more energy.

Each year you can add this meditation to your spring clean checklist and you will find that the new season offers you exponentially more positive growth. Now when you share your favorite spring cleaning tips with your friends, you will be excited to share this new idea with them to help boost their spirits.

Meditation Preparation

Instead of just jumping into your meditation, it will help to get into a relaxed state beforehand. Using some simple meditation tools can make your meditation much more effective the first time.

Your body responds to the environment around you so it can’t hurt to do some actual cleaning to have a nice space to sit in for your meditation. Here are some simple ways you can also prepare for your meditation which can help you feel more like you’re really making a change that will last through the spring season.

This preparation can be done intentionally to help you start to make this shift from low vibe to high vibration states of consciousness. Get excited!

Prepare Your Space

Whatever will help you feel relaxed in your space will help you reach a more meditative state. That means, fold the clothes in the corner, straighten the pile of papers on the desk, make the bed, and do things to make it feel like a welcoming space.

This helps bring positive energy into the room so you can feel better before you even begin. You can create a meditation space in a corner on a blanket with a pillow to sit on or on a comfortable chair. Dim the lights and play some meditation music so it feels like a place that someone would meditate in naturally.

Body Position

Many people sit in a cross-legged position to meditate. To make this position more comfortable, you can put a pillow under your sit bones so your feet are slightly lower than your hips and tailbone. This helps tilt the pelvis slightly forward so your spine can be straight when you meditate and reduces the risk of slouching which will cause pain and distract you.

Alternatively, you may choose to lay down or sit in a chair. If you’re sitting, maintain a straight spine. You will breathe in and out of your nose slowly and deeply to help relax your body and clear your aura during the meditation.

Candles & Incense

You may want to smudge your room with sage, palo santo, or incense before you meditate. If there are electronics in your room, this will help shift the energy in the room to be more relaxing for your nervous system. Additionally, it will help neutralize the ionic balance in the air to help you feel calm.

You can also use your intention to send positive energy to each corner of the room and visualize positive energy filling the room as you cleanse it.

Open the windows and let the stale air out as well.

Chakra Clearing Meditation

Breathe deeply and let’s begin.

Focus: The Root Chakra

We will start with the Root chakra at the base of your spine. In your mind’s eye, visualize a vibrant red energy clearing all habits that make you tired from your consciousness. The foods that make you sluggish and the cravings for them are gently dissolved by this energy. Fear that you cannot provide for yourself is dissolved as well.

You now start to feel vibrant and capable. You feel ready to work and rooted to the earth through your feet. You see this red energy spiral and it feels strong now.

Focus: The Sacral Chakra

We will now move on to the Sacral chakra at the lower abdomen and reproductive organs. Visualize a vibrant orange energy clearing all anger and shame from your consciousness. Anything that has blocked you from expressing your desires and sensuality is gently dissolved with this orange light.

The orange energy now dissolves any thoughts that you are not able to create or manifest. The orange energy is now strong in this chakra and you feel creative, passionate, and able to manifest what you focus on.

Focus: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Now we will focus on the Solar Plexus chakra at the upper stomach. You see a bright yellow light that starts to dissolve any pessimistic viewpoints you’ve picked up. It clears shy behaviors and lifts your energy to a positive state.

You see the yellow energy is now very strong and you feel like you can lead fearlessly with all the positive energy you are filled with. You sense that you can laugh and see good things in the future.

Focus: The Heart Chakra

Allow your focus to move to the Heart chakra at the chest, heart, lungs, and arms. You see a bright green energy clearing sadness, pain from loss, and all feelings of loneliness from your consciousness. Feel the energy start to open your desire to connect in loving ways to the people around you and to support them with kindness.

Feel the green energy bringing new growth into your life and future. See the energy is now strong and makes you feel hopeful and open to embracing new experiences.

Focus: The Throat Chakra

Start to bring your awareness to the Throat chakra at the neck and mouth. Visualize vibrant blue energy clearing any thoughts that you shouldn’t be truthful or share your ideas. The blue energy dissolves any thoughts that have held you back from clearly stating what you want and feel.

You now feel this area is full of this strong blue light and you feel capable of speaking eloquently and peacefully. You look forward to enjoying conversations and listening.

Focus: The Third Eye Chakra

Bring attention to your Third Eye chakra at the brow point. Visualize vibrant purple energy here. The purple energy gently dissolves any feelings of being disconnected from the Universe and you now sense you are a part of everything. You are able to tap into knowledge from the Universe as the purple energy removes the negative thoughts that are fear of not being supported by this unifying field.

You sense the field now on this purple plane of consciousness and know you can see a vision that you can move towards in your life that will bring love and happiness.

Focus: The Crown Chakra

Feel energy concentrating at your Crown chakra at the top of the head. You see a white pinkish light here that is connecting you to the spiritual realms. You sense the lines of communication open and that all words and transmissions come through this loving space. There is a sense of trust that you are guided and that this is where you can ask for help. You sense this expands into vast loving energy that is your true self.

You feel a buzzing at the top of your head and feel inspired to release all parts of your life that do not align with peace and love.

Cleanse Your Energy

You now feel all of your chakras bright and activated, moving in a clockwise direction. You feel the energy from above you and below you flowing through these chakras. You feel your aura is now bright and charged by your chakras and there is positive energy flowing around you.

You feel you are in touch with high vibration streams of consciousness, upheld by the creative force of the Universe which is now your frequency. You are pure potential and pure love. Take three deep breaths to slowly return to the place you are sitting and just reflect for a moment before you get up. Notice how you feel and how your thoughts are now focused on positive things.

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Congratulations on completing your spring cleaning chakra meditation.

Anytime you clear your chakras, you can expect the emotional clearing to continue over the next few days. It is essentially as if you’ve kick-started the engines and now the debris is going to be kicked up and spat out. This means that you may feel the emotions move through you and feel strong emotions that seem to just arrive. Knowing this may happen, you can deal with them gracefully, and allow them to pass.

You can rest if you feel the need to as sometimes the detox of our emotions can be a bit tiresome before we get that new boost of energy and inspiration. Drink lots of water and eat a clean diet to help this process.

Maintain a peaceful atmosphere and ambiance in your home to keep this intention to heal and activate your chakras strong. Energy is the most important component of our success, our happiness, and what we attract in our relationships. It is the way we experience our lives and spending time keeping your aura clean daily with some meditation and deep breathing will help you feel bright and optimistic throughout this spring season.

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