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Article: These Crystals Will Amplify Your Self-Confidence

These Crystals Will Amplify Your Self-Confidence

These Crystals Will Amplify Your Self-Confidence

Did you know that a healthy dose of confidence can boost your self-worth, help you feel happier, reduce fear and anxiety, and improve motivation–among many other wonderful benefits?

Confidence, however, can feel difficult to maintain, especially in a fast-paced society that values high achievements, social media, and photoshop. And while positive affirmations, self-love mantras, and heart-healing meditations are important parts of your journey towards self-confidence, there is one simple remedy that you can use just about anywhere.

Crystal healing.

That’s right, those shiny, beautiful little gems that come straight from the healing crusts of our planet can help boost self-love and self-confidence with ease.

Today, we’ll talk about the best crystals to use when amplifying confidence and how to easily incorporate healing with these very crystals into your daily life.

Crystals That Will Amplify Your Self-Confidence

Below you will find a list of crystals that resonate with confidence-boosting energy, as well as suggestions for how to easily and effortlessly work with these crystals.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an obvious choice regarding self-confidence because this crystal is practically oozing with the energy of unconditional love. This is a gentle, pinkish stone that brings a sense of peace and understanding to your heart, opening and healing the Heart chakra.

One of the best ways to work with this crystal is to wear it on a pendant around your neck. Because it will be so close to your heart, it will more easily infuse your heart with feelings of self-love and acceptance.


If you’re looking for a quick boost of optimistic, buoyant confidence, it’s time to turn to sunstone

This yellow-orange crystal lights up the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, two chakras deeply connected to emotion and confidence, respectively. This stone can amplify your belief and trust in yourself while raising your vibrations.

Carry a piece of sunstone in your left pocket–as the left side of your body is the portion that receives energy–to benefit from its warm, healing energy throughout the day.


Carnelian is a blood-red stone, overflowing with chi energy and warmth.

This stone connects to the Root chakra, the chakra that connects to feelings of security and stability. Carnelian brings out those feelings of security, both in the world around you and within. It also amplifies your sense of courage, an essential ingredient in the recipe of confidence.

Place a piece of carnelian on your work desk or altar to help its energy infuse the space around you, helping you finally write that nerve-racking email or ask for the raise you know you deserve.


One of the most popular crystals, amethyst, has its stellar reputation for a reason. This stone is a master of dispelling negative energy, promoting enlightenment, and sending healing energy to both the Third Eye and Crown chakras

Removing that layer of negativity and adding a layer of spirituality can really work wonders for self-confidence.

One way to really benefit from the energy that amethyst has to offer is to hold it in your left hand while practicing a self-love or guided meditation. Utilizing this stone while meditating helps you clear your mind of chatter or distractions.


Selenite is a stone known for clearing energy rather than providing it but cleansing your home, or your sacred space of any negativity is crucial for infusing that space with the positivity needed for self-confidence and self-love. 

This stone also improves clarity, helping you see through any negative self-talk.

This is the perfect stone to place throughout your home, in your workspace, or in any sacred space that you spend time in. Selenite will naturally dispel any negative energy, thoughts, or feelings that could be holding you back from confident bliss.

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If you want a stone that deeply connects to your emotional state, moonstone is the crystal for you.

This crystal, as the name implies, also connects to lunar energies and intuition. When you work with moonstone, you feel a deeper connection to your path and purpose, as well as your spirit, allowing you to see through any facades or incorrect images you hold of yourself.

For a healing, intuitive mist you can use any time, place a piece of moonstone, along with a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil, into a spray bottle and top with filtered or mineral water. 

Shake and mist either over your own body or around the room to imbue your space with wisdom and a sense of guidance.

More Confidence Boosting Crystals

While the aforementioned crystals work wonders when it comes to instilling confidence, you may not feel personally drawn to the crystals above. In that case, consider one of the following crystals and see if any jump out at you:

The most important part of crystal healing is making sure that your crystals call out to you, that your energy melds with that of the crystal – the only way to do that is to follow your intuition. 

Let that internal wisdom guide you when choosing your crystals for confidence.

Crystalize Your Feelings of Self-Worth

You work hard, you do your best to grow, and you deserve to feel confident in your daily life. Choose practices, like affirmations or meditation that feel right to you – and when you need a quick boost of self-love, grab your confidence-boosting crystals and let them do their magic.

What will you do with all the confidence you’ll soon find?

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