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Article: 5 Healing Journal Prompts: Fall Soul Check-In

5 Healing Journal Prompts: Fall Soul Check-In

5 Healing Journal Prompts: Fall Soul Check-In

The transition from summer to fall is one of relief for some and disappointment for others. Under normal circumstances, those eager to get back to work and fixed into their daily routine will welcome the change, while those who wish to enjoy the freedom summer brings most likely will not.

However, this year we have all on a collective scale experienced a series of events that have rendered the seasons almost paralyzed. The unusual situations we have found ourselves in have interfered with our routines on a grand scale and, perhaps more than any other year, it is important for us to check in with ourselves at a soul level and see how we’re doing.

These check-ins are important for a number of reasons. Just like you need to check in with your doctor every now and then to ensure your physical body is doing okay, your soul is no different. This is especially true if your soul has undergone a major battle recently – and this doesn’t just apply to this year, but to any year where you experience challenges that threaten to overwhelm you.

Checking-in with your soul is not only therapeutic and healing for you, but it lets your soul know that you care. It’s easy to get so swept up in the perils of life that we lose ourselves spiritually. Taking time to reflect and spend time with yourself is a wonderful way to reconnect.

If possible, retreating for a couple of days in the countryside or somewhere among nature is another phenomenal way of stabilizing yourself spiritually. Sometimes a break is all you need – and your soul will thank you for it! Souls love nature.

If you cannot get away just yet, spending some quiet time with yourself and your journal can also do the trick. Light some incense, play some therapeutic meditation music, and ensure you’ll be alone for a little while.

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5 Journal Prompts for Fall 2020

Grab a pen and your journal - here are 5 healing prompts that you can use in your journal as you begin your conversation with your soul.

1. My fear is helping me by…

If fear has been a prevailing theme of the year for you, then this is a good prompt to start with.

Fear is a curious thing. If allowed to run riot within us, it can cause us to self-destruct on a number of levels. It can paralyze us from becoming who we were truly meant to be and it can trap us in a web we find difficult to free ourselves from.

By recognizing fear, not as an enemy, but a friend can – in its own odd way – help us. When we do this, we are taking back power from the fear that has been hanging over our heads.

With this prompt, think about what has been frightening you and how it has actually been helping you. Perhaps it has helped you learn more about yourself and others? Perhaps it is forcing you to become stronger? Maybe it is heightening your sense of awareness and helping you realize what needs removing from your life?

Someone has written

2. My dream is…

Holding onto our dreams is important for the soul. It can be easy to forget them, either life gets in the way or we just… forget.

Your dream can be anything you want it to be. It can be theoretical, physical, or task-oriented - anything that makes your heart jump at the concept of being or having someday.

When we reconnect with our soul, we reconnect with our dreams. We must take time to focus on them, as these dreams are essential to our existence. We may be functioning on Earth by modern standards but if we abandon the dreams of our soul, a part of us is missing.

So what are your dreams? Had you forgotten them recently? How can you reconnect with them?

3. My soul wants me to know that…

What does your soul want to know? How can you find out?

Part of this is being among the silence. When you are in a place of peace and quiet, it is easier to listen to the words of your soul.

The soul often communicates through feelings – this is why feelings are so important and why we must try not to bury them or ignore them. Emotions are messages from your soul, letting you know what your higher self is trying to tell you.

Take some time among nature if possible, or spend time in a quiet space where you can be alone with yourself. Meditate and really listen to what your feelings are trying to tell you. Your soul always has a message for you – use your journal to discover what is it telling you at this time.

4. My body is asking me to…

Listening to our soul is very important and so is listening to our physical body. When the soul is unhappy or the mind is distressed, the physical body can also be affected.

Is your physical body trying to tell you something? Are there aches or pains you have been ignoring? Do you find yourself snapping more easily or feeling irritable, but not sure why?

Digging deep can help you identify the cause of these issues. Again, a conversation with your soul can help you dig deep – the soul is at the core of who we are and it knows an awful lot about us and what ails us!

5. I am grateful for…

Gratitude is such an important practice for a healthy mind, body, and soul. When we take time to focus on the things we feel grateful for, it helps dissolve the negative thoughts that threaten to overwhelm us.

Practicing gratitude is wonderful food for the soul! The soul likes it when you concentrate on the positives because it strengthens it and, in turn, makes you a more well-rounded person.

Start by really considering, what do you feel grateful for? Despite the chaos or difficulty, you have experienced, what are you most grateful and glad for in your life? Write a list of them – you will feel better afterward and, what’s more, the effects linger!

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Turn The Page

Checking-in with ourselves at a soul level is vital to our well-being and when we take time to have conversations with our soul, we may find ourselves becoming enlightened in some way or realizations popping up like lightbulbs in our heads.

Remember, your soul is always eager to talk with you. The more we listen to it, the more we learn. The more we talk to it, the stronger we become – in many ways.

What is your soul trying to tell you now? Try the 5 prompts above and give your soul the much-needed time that you – and it – deserve!

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