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Article: Which Tea is Best for You Based on Your Personality Type?

Which Tea is Best for You Based on Your Personality Type?

Which Tea is Best for You Based on Your Personality Type?

Before we discuss which tea is best for you based on your personality type, it’s important to determine what your personality type actually is!

There are many personality tests out there and many descriptions of individual personality types that can be stunningly accurate. However, this article will focus on the 16 personality types which were built on the work of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, and bracket everyone into one core fundamental personality type.

16 Personalities Test to Determine Personality Type

Of course, with all personality types, no one is ever ‘completely’ one type of personality; it is common for people to be a mix of several. However, there is always one which people can relate a bit more than others.

Discovering your personality type is fun and often rewarding as it provides the opportunity to learn more about yourself. The 16 personality types are particularly intriguing because it goes into great detail about the different traits and characteristics that people are inherently born with.

For example, one of the personality types is the INFJ, an introverted personality type which is considered one of the rarest among the different personalities. These people, while introverted, tend to have rich inner worlds and a strong sense of conviction. They are also known as Advocates and often have original, inspiring ideas. What makes the INFJ unique is their ability to merge idealism with realism and put their ideas into practice.

Another personality type is ENTJ. This is an extroverted personality type also known as a Commander. These people are often fearless leaders and will find a way to reach their goals, no matter what they must do to achieve them. They are doers and visionaries, often bold and strong-willed in their approach to anything they do in life.

The 16 personalities are also divided up into four separate groups: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers. Take the test and discover what your own unique type of personality is here.

So Which Tea Suits Your Personality Type?

Below is a breakdown of the which tea fits best with each personality so whether you love high caffeine matcha or chill jasmine, there will be a perfect tea for you!


Analysts are made up of the Architect (INTJ), Logician (INTP), Commander (ENTJ) and Debater (ENTP). These people are intellectuals, known for their rational approach to life.

The best tea for thoughtful Analysts is a nice cup of Sencha Green Tea. Sencha Green Tea is known for its brain-boosting properties, high antioxidant content and enhancing the cognitive functions, such as improving memory. This type can be very helpful to the Analyst, who relies on the power of their mind on a daily basis.


Diplomats are made up of the Advocate (INFJ), Mediator (INFP), Protagonist (ENFJ) and Campaigner (ENFP). These people often have strong abilities in regard to empathy and seeing things from other people’s points of view. They are often passionate about improving the lives of others and making the world a better place.

The best tea for Diplomats is Rose Tea. Rose tea has a variety of calming properties and can help balance the senses and emotions. Diplomats often take a lot on their shoulders and can become overwhelmed with stress, so a stress-busting tea such as Rose tea is perfect for them.

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Sentinels are made up of the Logistician (ISTJ), Defender (ISFJ), Executive (ESTJ) and Consul (ESFJ). These are practical and resilient people who place a lot of value on order and structure. They are extremely hard-working and will take on more than their fair share of the load to get a job done.

The best tea for Sentinels is Silver Needle White Tea. Silver Needle White Tea is excellent for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol; Sentinels can struggle with high blood pressure and they can also age before their time due to pushing themselves incredibly hard and sometimes neglecting to take care of themselves. Silver Needle is also good for its anti-ageing properties.


Explorers are made up of the Virtuoso (ISTP), Adventurer (ISFP), Entrepreneur (ESTP) and Entertainer (ESFP). These people are known for being spontaneous and living in the moment. As their main title suggests, they are explorers and love to explore new territories and come up with creative new ideas to bring greater colour and excitement to their lives and the world around them.

The best tea for our daring Explorers is Chamomile, which is known for its mild sedative qualities, helping to calm the individuals when it is consumed. Explorers often have so much high energy that it is common for them to burn out and Chamomile can help them stay calm, relaxed and focused so they do not reach this stage.


Understanding your own unique personality type can help bring you a greater understanding of yourself. It is especially fun finding out the different personalities of those around you so you can see who you bond with and who you may clash with. Exploring this type of introspection can lead to happier, more fulfilled lives and consuming the recommended teas for your personality type can help you enhance or nurture your innate special qualities.

So whether you are an Advocate or an Adventurer, an Executive or a Commander, grab yourself a pack of your own special tea and enjoy a cuppa!

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