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Article: Crystals That Help You Connect to Your Intuition

Crystals That Help You Connect to Your Intuition

Crystals That Help You Connect to Your Intuition

Working with crystals can help develop your subtle awareness as well as increase your frequency and stimulate the pineal gland which regulates the third eye and the upper chakras that need to be active for strong intuition.

Many people’s energy is concentrated in the lower three chakras so they are merely unable to focus on spiritual subjects that require the faster frequency of the upper chakras. These crystals have subtle frequencies that interact with your energy field for gentle openings and deeper insights into the spiritual realms.

Working with these crystals requires a healthy lifestyle for the best effect. To tune into their subtle energy, we need our bodies to be running optimally. We also need to use them in a space without distraction so we can notice the subtle shifts in our awareness and energy that occur.

Use them daily to get to know the new ways of perceiving they will open you to.


This crystal is a light blue hue which means it will resonate with your throat chakra, third eye and crown chakra. It is a high frequency crystal that is rare and found in Madagascar. It helps connect you to divine energy while relieving stress. It is said to be able to relieve tension that can lead to disease.

Known as the teacher crystal, it can aid in your spiritual development and connect you to angelic frequencies which are high frequencies. Think of it as an app that connects you to spiritual experts.


This crystal is white with a slight green hue. Because of its milky white color, it stimulates the crown chakra. It is another high vibration crystal known to stimulate the pineal gland. The pineal gland opens us to be able to experience other dimensions through our third eye which plays like a movie screen when we close our eyes if it’s activated.

They call it a conductor because of the water in it which interacts with the energy in our body. It is known to carry the frequency of the akashic records and be able to connect you to spiritual beings.

Smokey Quartz

Although this type of quartz isn’t specifically touted for intuition development it’s listed because it helps to remove past negative debris that clouds our mind. It also is known as the seed crystal because you can use it to set your intention which could very well be to develop intuition.

Finally, it made the list because it amplifies the energy of other crystals which means it would be great to use in conjunction with your intuition strengthening crystals. It is mostly translucent but has a smokey hue with black veins often as phantoms running through it.


This royal blue crystal is going to open communication to our higher self by activating the throat chakra. Interestingly it will give us both logic and intuition which are housed in opposite sides of the brain. It has a strong calming effect and possibly it’s most interesting property is its ability to help you trust your intuition.

It’s known to reduce negative effects of electromagnetic energy that can drain you and tax your immune system. It creates a peaceful environment so it’s good to wear. Interestingly, it’s the artists stone which helps induce creative insight which comes from high vibrations.

It’s known to bring clarity to the pictures you see in your third eye which is an invaluable aid in your intuitive abilities.


Primarily a blue crystal which can sometimes be translucent, this stimulates the upper three chakras, the throat, third eye and crown chakra. Similar to sodalite, this will help your reasoning and yet it also taps you into clear psychic insights as well.

It’s known to help with communication with your spirit guides as well as helps you heal addictive behaviors. For those who are extremely sensitive where it is a hindrance, this can help calm their nerves. If you need to find a solution this stone can help you see it in your third eye. It’s found in different places throughout the world.


This is a rare energy right here. It’s a bit of an alien stone because it helps us tap into other dimensions like apophyllite. Found in North Carolina and a few other places, its a white crystal that sometimes has a yellow hue. It’s a very high vibration crystal that has an energizing effect. It is known to awaken people and help them connect to guides.

Interestingly it is said to help raise the kundalini energy stored at the base of the spine which yoga works to awaken. This is a good crystal to work with if you feel blocked and don’t know why.


This is a high energy gift from the earth that is white but not translucent. It has many properties that increase intuition. It will help you tap into higher dimensions, connect to spirit guides and also get to know your higher self. It’s white color corresponds to the crown chakra where you are able to connect to the spiritual realms.

Finally, this mysterious scolecite will help you access the akashic records where you can see what needs to be cleared. It is found in India and sometimes in Iceland. Finally, it’s soothing and if you struggle keeping your mind positive, it will help you.

Herkimer Diamond

This clear crystal activates the crown chakra and naturally has two pointed ends referred to as double terminated. It helps you tap into spiritual frequencies and clears your chakras. Originally discovered in New York it can greatly increase clairvoyant abilities.

It is known to be the most powerful quartz crystal, all of which can aid in intuition development. It’s high frequency helps us handle stress, electromagnetic energy and because of its water content, it’s a strong energizing conductor that will help clear negative emotions and is reported to help heal the physical body.


It’s important to note that our own energy is constantly shifting based on our digestion, environmental factors, sleep food and even solar flares. There are many reasons why some days our intuition is stronger than others but building a consistent time to work on developing intuition with your crystals will stimulate your pineal glands opening and it will strengthen over time.

Not all crystals will affect everyone in the same way because we each hold different memories and psychic impressions that interact with our own ability to perceive. Clearing your energy field with sage, salt baths and breath work can help increase your sensitivity to these crystalline helpers.

Lots of pure alkaline water and a diet high in raw greens and superfoods without alcohol or animal products will also allow your energy to resonate at a high frequency more regularly. This is not a political stance on veganism but observations by sensitive people that have been unable to keep the same diet as their frequency shifts.

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