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Article: Color Psychology of Green: Growth & Harmony

Color Psychology of Green: Growth & Harmony

Color Psychology of Green: Growth & Harmony

Close your eyes and think of your favorite trees; imagine their olive leaves glistening in the sun. Think of the morning dew on emerald blades of grass shimmering and dancing in the wind. How do you feel on the inside when surrounded by the beautiful green shades of nature?

Color psychology suggests that each color of the rainbow vibrates on a different frequency, resulting in different emotions, feelings, and states of being. This energy dives deep within our auras, resonating with each of us in unique, surprising ways.

Is there are a certain color that you’ve been drawn to all your life? A hue that fills you with inspiration and confidence? Perhaps this color vibrates at exactly the frequency that your body desires to find comfort and peace.

Today, we’re going to look into the vibrations of the color green, the color of nature and abundance, and see what treasures await us.

The Meaning of the Color Green

Green falls under the spectrum of cool colors, like blue, grey, and teal. This is one of the most abundant colors in nature, representing fertility, growth, wealth, luck, and even envy. You may have heard the phrase, “They were green with envy.” But why does such a prominent color in nature represent greed or jealousy?

In Ancient Greece, this color was associated with an excess of bile in the stomach, illness, jealousy, and fear. It is thought that the continuation of this phrase was carried on by Shakespeare, who wrote in Othello, “Beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.”

However, there are many positive meanings associated with green, such as fertility and nature. Think about the first blooms of spring, when the color finally starts to reappear all around you. The beginning of a new cycle, the beginning of life. Green is associated with this birth of new life, which is why it represents fertility and life.


Because green is associated with fertility, it is also associated with sexuality. In fact, the green-colored M&M has long been associated with sexuality or sensuality. The green M&M has always been depicted by a feminine candy with long lashes and luscious lips. On their own website, M&M rebranded green as the “new color of love.” And since the 1970s, rumors have swirled that the green M&Ms act as an aphrodisiac.

It has been suggested that this rumor was started due to the connection between the color green and fertility. Does this mean you should ditch the red lipstick in favor of a shamrock-hued gloss? Maybe. Why not? Try setting the mood with green-lighting the next time you want to amplify sensual vibes. Wear a little seafoam dress on date night and see how you feel!

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A close up of green and yellow flowers being held by a woman wearing a green dress while on a date.

Connection to the Heart

One reason green might be associated with sensuality and love is that this color represents the Heart chakra. This is the 4th chakra in the body, located in the center of your chest and connected to love and emotions. In fact, surrounding yourself with or focusing on the color green can help you open and heal your Heart chakra.

Have you had a hard time relating emotionally to those you care about or expressing your love? You may need to spend a moment out in nature, surrounded by the lush, green leaves, and fields. Or try painting a picture using an excess of green shades, like chartreuse and pickle. Concentrating on this color will help the Heart chakra bloom.

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Green is also known to have some pretty calming vibes, and some people say that being surrounded by this color can help them concentrate on the task before them. This association could stem from the abundance of green found in Mother Nature.

While nature can be unpredictable and even violent, most strolls through the forested woods are quite relaxing. Mother Nature takes care of us, she watches over us and provides us the resources we need to live. It’s hard to feel tense when you’re surrounded by the color of all the most beautiful and scenic views in the world.

A green leaf growing against a green forest background.


Shades of green can also represent transformation and emotional growth. Just as the flowers bloom and the leaves grow after a cold, barren winter, we as individuals tend to do the most growing after a period of struggle or lack. 

If you’re mending a broken heart or getting over another kind of loss, green can help you transform this energy into personal growth. Surround yourself with shades of basil and moss when you need to be reminded that you are evolving as an individual.


We know now that green represents and is found plentifully in nature; and nature is all about balance and harmony. This color can help promote harmonious energy that will help you find emotional equilibrium. Just as nature includes light and dark, we will experience ups and downs in our lives.

Green reminds you that this balance is necessary to help you become who you’re meant to be.

Green is a peaceful color, and it is often used in decorating schemes to promote relaxing energy. Try adding some green to your home décor to infuse your space with balance, peace, and harmony.

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A person in nature next to a waterfall with her arms out. She is surrounded in lush green jungle.


Green is found in nature more than many other colors. It is prominent, it is everywhere. It is abundant. It also happens to be the color of American currency. This color is associated with wealth and generosity, and this is an excellent color to work with when you’re trying to manifest money. 

Burn a green candle and imagine riches entering your life as easily and as prominently as the color green dances in the corners and hallways of nature.

On the other hand, green is also associated with greed. Don’t let yourself become “green with envy,” of others or what they have. You may have also heard the phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

These two phrases represent the idea of being jealous of what others have – which never works in your favor. Instead, focus on the blessing and wealth that you enjoy in your life. When you practice gratitude, you open up a channel between yourself and the giving Universe.

Let Green Bring You Closer to Nature

There are many reasons to surround yourself with shamrock shades, especially if you can get outside and enjoy this hue under the healing sunlight. But sometimes it’s rainy, or you may be busy and can’t get away from the desk. Let green bring you the peaceful, relaxing vibrations of Mother Nature. Try carrying green stones, like malachite, jade, and green aventurine to ground yourself in the healing energy.

If you need to feel transformative, abundant, and harmonized, start surrounding yourself with emerald, seaweed, and mint shades today!

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