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Article: How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Career

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Career

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Career

There’s a good chance you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction–a law once considered secret whose concepts are now spreading throughout more and more communities.

In the simplest terms, this once ancient and protected wisdom states: that which you think about, you bring about. And this is one law in the Universe that’s essential for you to learn and accept into your heart, especially if you want to make all of your wildest fantasies come true.

Have you ever met someone who just seemed to have the worst luck–and they actually acknowledged it? They’re convinced that life is out to get them, and they’re constantly being proven right by their external circumstances. 

That’s because they believe that only bad and negative things will come to them, and they, in turn, make that into an authentic reality.

On the other hand, you may know a few people who just seem like a magnet for success and abundance, and their attitude reflects this state. They believe that life is lovely, lucky, and looking to shower them with blessings. And they’re constantly proved right by the universe, who sends good fortune and abundance their way at every turn.

The only difference between these people is their beliefs and how they view the universe. If you believe that the Universe is going to take care of you and protect you, that’s exactly what will happen because everything on this earth vibrates on a certain frequency.

When you’re able to tap into that frequency of abundance–yes, frequency as in sound–you’ll find yourself amazed at the wonderful experiences and opportunities that fall into your lap.

And this Law of Attraction can be applied to any area of life–including your career.

So, if you’ve been dying to get your career moving in a more positive, forward direction, this article is for you! We’re here today to show you how to apply the Law of Attraction to your career and help you attract the job you’ve always wanted.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Career

If you’re reading this article, there’s a very good chance that you might not be in your “dream position” currently–and that’s perfectly fine. You know that you want to move towards something bigger and better, but maybe you’re not sure how to get started.

1. What Do You Want?

The first step to using the Law of Attraction for your career is deciding what you truly want out of your work life. Maybe you know certain things, like you want to work for yourself or remotely, or perhaps you have an idea of what you’d like your salary to be.

But the only way to attract your dream job is to know what your dream job is. So, take the time now to figure that out. The more specific you can be, the better this will work. If there’s a specific position at a particular company that you’ve been eyeing for years, this is the time to really focus on that position.

Think about:

  • What direction do you want your career to go in?
  • What salary do you want?
  • What conditions would make you happy, even excited, to go to work?
  • Where do you see yourself in one year? Five years? Ten years?

Remember, this is not the time to be vague. 

Get as specific as possible and begin to focus your attention on that ideal position or career move you desire. Maybe even write it down or tell your best friend or spouse. The more you talk about it, the more you might find you already have a good sense of what you’re looking for.

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2. Believe That You Already Have It

This step also falls into the category of the Law of Assumption, which is similar to the Law of Attraction in many ways but works a bit differently. According to the Law of Assumption, what you assume is true, or will be true, becomes cemented in this reality as truth.

That’s why those who assume that things will never work out for them will probably struggle until they change those beliefs. But if you assume that your dream job is already yours, you encourage the Universe to set a path and make it happen.

Further, believing in yourself and your capabilities is the only way to draw these things into your life. You must consider yourself just as talented, unique, and special as you really are.

So, decide what your dream position is, and then practice believing that you already have it, that the Universe has already started clearing the way for these circumstances to enter your sphere.

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3. Picture Yourself Doing the Job You Most Desire

The art of visualization is a major, crucial component to making the Law of Attraction work for you. It’s so powerful, in fact, that athletes are often tasked with visualizing their success before a race or a game – and it works to stimulate the same region of the brain that actually running the race would stimulate.

Once you’ve decided what your dream job is and practiced believing that it already belongs to you, it’s time to visualize yourself performing that job. Imagine what it will feel like once you finally have it, what your first day will feel like, how you’ll enjoy the tasks given to you.

Imagine opening your first paycheck and feeling the gratitude of that moment. Imagine telling your friends and family about your new position, what it’s like, and how much you love it.

The importance of visualization cannot be overstated here.

4. Practice Gratitude for Your New, Dream Job

The last step here is to practice gratitude like you would when you finally snag that dream job. Thank the heavens above, thank the spirits or Source you follow, thank yourself and the universe for making it happen.

Really try to root yourself in those feelings of gratitude and appreciation, as though the position is already yours. Cry tears of relief, scream a song of joy. Imagine how you’ll feel once your dream career becomes a reality and let that feeling take you over.

Each day, give thanks for the position until it’s yours. Gratitude is a vibration that the universe readily responds to, and showing your gratitude for that which has yet to happen will only make it happen sooner.

Find Career Success With the Law of Attraction

Everything you want can be yours–and it will be yours once you’ve mastered the art of the Law of Attraction.

These suggestions are only jumping-off points, and you can feel free to sprinkle them with your own ideas, like creating a vision board, making New Moon wishes, or writing in your journal about what you want.

How will you celebrate once you’ve created the life of your dreams?

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