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Article: Vision Boarding 101: Manifest Your Future

Vision Boarding 101: Manifest Your Future

Vision Boarding 101: Manifest Your Future

A vision board is a manifestation game-changer that lets you experience the power of your own focused creative vision like no other tool out there!

Creating a vision board is one of the most productive things you can do in your process of manifesting. Vision boards allow you to target and hone in on specific goals or desires. They’re meant to help you use your time and energy productively and remind you what you truly want so you don’t get caught up in other people’s goals. Besides giving you the opportunity to use your time better, vision boarding creates positive emotions that help override negative ones that could block you from truly following your dreams.

Keeping a consistent focus on a positive goal and really being excited about it will help open the possibility of it manifesting in your reality. All things are possible when the mind is actively curated in the direction you desire and not down the road of fear, low self-esteem, or self-sabotage. 

In other words, you can get out of your own way easier. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and get the life you truly desire just by the power of intention and positive emotional charges that will send out to the universe every time you see it.

How Do You Make A Vision Board?

  • First, Choose Clear Goals

Before you get your materials to make your vision board, we recommend you sit in a quiet place and meditate, asking your heart what is in your highest good to manifest or what would be best to focus your energy on. If you’re not into meditating, sit down and brainstorm - a journal or make a bullet-point list. You could also do a Tarot reading to get you started with some ideas.

Write down 1-5 goals that you want the universe to help you manifest. Extra bonus points if you begin your vision board on the new moon because the energy will be extra ripe for planting those seeds for your new beginnings. Keep up with the lunar cycles by checking out an astrological calendar like this one.

  • Collect Your Materials

Get yourself a piece of poster board, a corkboard, a piece of wood, or something flat (I think you get the idea). You’ll also likely need scissors, glue or tape, and writing utensils. You can get as creative and crafty as you want here or go with a more minimalistic design. If you have them around, grab a stack of old magazines that you like the topics of and search through for pictures and words that grab you. You can also draw or find things to print on the internet.

  • Don’t Overcrowd: Less May Be More

Resist the urge to stick literally everything you like on your vision board because you won’t know what to focus on if it’s too cluttered! Only put the things you want to manifest the most, at this time in your life, on your vision board. Your vision board isn’t a wedding registry or your childhood letter to Santa! You can always add or remove things from it later.

We recommend picking 3-5 goals maximum per vision board. If it helps, organize your goals into categories or themes so you can rule out anything that doesn’t quite fit.

  • Get Creative With Images & Words

Now, get your scissors, glue, tape, markers, and other crafting paraphernalia and start cutting out words and pictures that represent your goal. If they don’t work together to create a clear picture of your goal, don’t put it on your board!

Words can be very helpful on your vision board because they can work like affirmations - your brain repeats them every time you see your vision board (which should be once a day, at least). Your vision board may be full of color, pictures, and words. Perhaps it’s just one picture and one word. However, you’re inspired to make your vision board is great. It’s just for you, after all!

Put your heart into it and make it something you love to look at that inspires you. You want to feel like your vision board is a window looking into the life you want to live. Don’t be afraid to dream big! Once you’ve cut out the pictures and words, you may want to draw or write anything you didn’t find to make sure everything you want is on that vision board. I like to put a date on all my vision boards for extra clarity.

  • Place Your Vision Board Where You’ll See It Daily

Think of your vision board as something important and sacred because your life is only as special as you make it in your own mind. It’s a great idea to frame your vision board and give it a place of honor in your home. That might mean you hang it in your living room for everyone to see, or right beside your bed for only your eyes.

What Can You Put On Your Vision Board?

Besides your specific goals, you can put emotional qualities on your vision board, such as developing confidence, being more social, making more time for yourself, or practicing self-love. You can add goals for spiritual growth too, such as meditating or clearing your chakras.

Whatever you choose, make sure you only put positive goals on your vision board - don’t use negative words or perspectives to frame your goals. That only focuses energy on the things you don’t want. Try dividing the board into sections so you have a clear idea of what your goals are for your health, love, career, and spiritual life. Or make a vision board for each of those areas if you want to get really detailed!

How Long Will It Take to Manifest Using a Vision Board?

The short answer is, it depends. Manifestation will work at different speeds for everyone.

Manifesting can happen quickly! Within days, you may see tiny sprouts of the things you’ve put on your vision board poking their heads into your reality. If you start your vision board on a new moon, diligently focus on it daily, do the work and take action, you’ll likely find that the 2 days before and after the full moon that follows will bring some major changes that surprise you.

If what you want to manifest is a very large thing that requires time, lots of work, or just something you have trouble believing you can actually manifest, you may need to go through some internal changes to be able to accept it into your life first. This can take a while, but do not give up hope. Try to break down your goals and desires into small, actionable steps that you can work little by little every day.

Don’t be shocked if your manifestations seem to come out of nowhere, it’s some seriously powerful stuff!

Concluding Thoughts

Vision boarding is a deeply personal, creative, and fun process if you have the right mindset. If everyone in the world made a vision board each new moon, they would find they can create positive energy that manifests in their reality in transformative ways.

The universe will respond to your vision - your actions and the work you put in is the other 50 percent necessary to complete what you’re trying to manifest. Enjoy and trust the process of creating your vision board and get excited! Keep your vision boards so you can look back in a few month’s time so you can see all the things you yourself have manifested.

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