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Article: 5 Clear-Cut Steps to Live Authentically

5 Clear-Cut Steps to Live Authentically

5 Clear-Cut Steps to Live Authentically

“Be Yourself” “You do You” – We bet you heard this advice countless times. And yet, do you find that you are kind of lost?

Is the question “Okay, let’s be authentic, but how” swirling in your head?

If you don’t know where to begin, look no further. Stop scrolling because we've put together 5 clear-cut steps to follow to develop authenticity.

Read along.

5 Ways to Step Into Your Authenticity

1. Stop People Pleasing 

People-pleasing is quite possibly the single most self-destructing behavior that pushes us away from authenticity. People pleasers subconsciously override their emotions to appear nice for self-serving reasons.

While this may seem harmless to others, chronic people-pleasers take a hit on their self-esteem and lose track of who they are within themselves. Being seen as "the nice one" subconsciously takes control over decisions that would otherwise be made in favor of authenticity.

If you have reason to believe you are a people pleaser, here’s how to stop: 7 Warning Signs You Are a People Pleaser & How to Stop

2. Speak Your Truth

A sure shot way to be authentic is always to speak your truth. Speaking the truth doesn't necessarily mean oversharing. But being extremely guarded is no good either.

And do we even need to state the obvious? Lying is a complete no-no.

If you are someone who hesitates openly expressing yourself, start by asking: 

  • What is it that is preventing me from openly communicating?
  • What are my core fears?
  • List all the ways you override your truth and allow this list to understand yourself better.

Your throat chakra is closely related to fears associated with expressing yourself.

There is a good chance that speaking your truth at first might make you feel disliked. But guess what? In the long run, being disliked can help you find your real people. So it is totally worth being disliked for who you truly are then being fake liked for who you aren't.

Try as you may, if you are having trouble speaking up even in circumstances when you should not remain quiet, it might indicate an underlying throat chakra energy block.

You might also like to read Throat chakra affirmations to understand better how to speak your truth.

3. Quit Seeking External Approval 

Have you ever pondered overall how you might be seeking external validation but aren't aware of it?

If you haven't, we say schedule a ponder-over session.

Seeking external approval, according to psychologists, begins at a very early age. It is part of societal conditioning that has made many of us forget that true self-worth is found within, and it should not be outsourced to an external person or achievement.

We are robbed of our authenticity when we allow our sense of self to be heavily influenced by the opinion of others.

Operating from a sense of strong self-worth makes you glow differently and show up as your truest version of yourself, unapologetically live an authentic life.

4. Honor Your Boundaries

Boundaries, boundaries, and more boundaries!

Isn't it all you hear lately on social media and personal growth circles?

Are you tired of it yet? Don't be! Because let's face it, for a large majority of people, learning how to set boundaries was never part of the education system. They did not grow up learning what boundaries are and why they are important.

When it comes to being your authentic self, enforcing boundaries becomes extra important. Boundaries are what allow us to understand ourselves in friendships and relationships. In its absence, who we truly are blends in with others.

Can you see how this blurs the lines of our distinct selves leading to confusion on the path to authenticity?

5. Utilize Introspection 

To be yourself and live with authenticity begins with knowing yourself at a deeper level.

Who are you at the core in the absence of your conditioned external world? What are your deepest feelings?

Allowing yourself to feel what you feel and want is a good place to begin the journey of becoming more authentic. If you are shaming yourself for your desires and rejecting negative emotions, we say stop it already. This is exactly what makes us feel disconnected from ourselves.

Did you know? A lack of a deeper inner connection makes it nearly impossible to develop authenticity.

Self-Love is the Secret to Authenticity 

It's true! No amount of looking within, introspection, and other personal growth strategies will take you to your authenticity in the absence of self-love.

Love yourself enough to take up this journey of authenticity.

Who is ready to amp up their self-love game?

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