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Article: How to Create Your Own Book of Affirmations

How to Create Your Own Book of Affirmations

How to Create Your Own Book of Affirmations

We’re headed into a new year full of exciting possibilities, and we’re sure you want to do everything you can to enter it with as much positivity as possible.

That’s why we’re here today to talk about the power of positive affirmations and how you can make your very own book of affirmations to carry into the new year – helping you feel more inspired and enthusiastic than ever.

2020 was hard for all of us, and this is just one way we can keep some positivity by our sides.

So, if you want to walk into 2021 with a fresh new outlook and a boost in your confidence and self-love, keep reading to find out how to make your own book of affirmations, complete with your unique energy and spirit!

But first, what exactly is a book of affirmations?

What is a Book of Affirmations?

A book of affirmations is typically bought, and it’s simply a book that contains positive words that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day to help you think in more optimistic terms.

Negative thoughts can lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression – and practicing positive affirmations helps you supplement any negative thoughts with equal and opposite positive thoughts. This is a practice linked to cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is backed by science.

You can try on your own to practice these affirmations throughout the day, but it’s easier when you have a tangible, portable book that you can throw in your bag and pick up anytime you feel the stress of negativity coming on.

And while it might be easier to run to your local bookshop and pick up a book of affirmations that’s already been created, putting your own energy into it can make the experience that much more healing and uplifting.

How to Create Your Own Book of Affirmations

Don’t worry. You won’t have to contact a publisher or spend a ton of money to create your own book of affirmations!

In fact, to start, all you’ll need is a blank notebook or journal. This notebook can be as simple as a composition pad or as ornate as the most beautifully bound journal you’ve ever seen. We suggest something like the pocket-sized Moleskin Classic Notebook, which is small enough to fit in your coat pocket and easily customizable.

1. Gather Supplies

Once you’ve got a notebook you enjoy, it’s time to think about how creative you want to get.

One of my personal favorite things in the world is having a fresh new journal to decorate with pictures, stickers, magazine cut-outs, and even glitter – you can really make it your own with just a few supplies.

Some suggested supplies for this project – should you choose to go all out – are:

  • Mod Podge: This is a classic craft glue often used for collaging. If you choose to decorate the cover of your notebook, you can seal it with this glue that dries quickly and perfectly clear.
  • Stickers: Go to your nearest art supply store and pick out just a few stickers that make you feel happy and optimistic.
  • Magazines: Magazines are excellent for cutting out words, phrases, and images that bring you joy and remind you to love yourself.
  • Photographs: If you have any copies of some of your favorite photographs that bring a smile to your face, these would be wonderful to incorporate.
  • Markers, Pens, & Colored Pencils: You may feel like adding a splash of color to your pages. But one suggestion is to use the back page of a notebook as a pen and marker testing area to make sure they don’t bleed through to other pages.

You can use just about any art supply that you have to bring your own spirit into your book of affirmations. Don’t hold yourself back! This is all about positivity and what makes you happy, so don’t worry about what materials you use here. Just have fun with it.

2. Make Time & Space to Create

Now that you’ve got your supplies and ideas, you’ll need to set aside some time to sit peacefully and be creative without distraction. Make your surroundings as comfortable as possible by lighting candles, smudging sage, and laying out your favorite healing crystals.

Fit a place to sit comfortably with all of your craft supplies, making sure everything you’d like to use is within reach. You can put on your favorite happy album or even a movie that makes you laugh while you work!

3. Get Inspired

It might help you to look over some lists of affirmations to help you get an idea of which you’d like to include in your own book. Here are just a few ideas of positive affirmations that will lift your spirit:

  • I am confident in my abilities.
  • I communicate with compassion and kindness.
  • I am beautiful inside and out.
  • I allow myself to embrace my unique personality without judgment or criticism.
  • I am abundant and generous.

Your affirmations can be about any aspect of life that you’d like to feel more optimistic about – spirituality, financial abundance, confidence, body positivity, and everything in between.

Read this article next for even more inspiration: Override Negative Thoughts With These Positive Affirmations

4. Let Your Creativity Flow

Now you’ve got your supplies, your sacred space, and your inspiration – it’s time to get to work!

This is where you can really let your creativity flow freely. You can make lists of affirmations on each page in a neat, orderly fashion if you choose. You can decorate each page with a different set of themes if you’d like.

One suggestion is to use one page for one affirmation, filling in the blank spaces with stickers, doodles, or photos that connect to the words on the page somehow. The choice is yours.

The beauty of creating your own book of affirmations is that it can be so much more. You can take a break from affirmations to create a vision board using your magazine cut-outs or make manifestation lists describing everything you want to attract in life.

Once you’re finished, you’ll not only have a portable book of positivity to utilize anytime you start to feel down, but it will be infused with your spirit, your creativity, and your own optimistic energy!

DIY Affirmations for the Soul

While it’s beautiful that we can simply walk into a store and buy a book of affirmations – something that was far less popular even 20 years ago – sometimes it’s better to make an effort and really pour your soul into something.

Making your own book of affirmations will help you get your creative juices flowing for the year, it will show you that you’re more inspired and capable than you thought, and it will allow you to fully customize your book to suit your needs.

What affirmations will you include in your creation?

If starting with an entire book feels intimidating, you may feel more comfortable starting with your own DIY Affirmation Cards!

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