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Article: 6 Types of Rest & Why They're Essential

6 Types of Rest & Why They're Essential

6 Types of Rest & Why They're Essential

Yes, humans need sleep. But is that really all the rest your body should get?

Absolutely not!

Now, don’t get us wrong. Sleep is oh-so-good for the body. Yet, many types of rest allow the human body to recharge and reset, and some that you might not have even considered “rest.”

So, if you’ve been feeling super run-down lately where even those good night periods of sleep aren’t doing too much, you need to read this. Your body is likely craving a different type of rest, and it’s about time you pay attention to it and give it what it needs.

No need to panic.

We’re going to break down the different types of rest, why they’re so essential, and what you can do to master them.

6 Different Types of Rest Your Body Needs

How many types of rest do you need? While the exact number is debatable, we’ve got six types of rest that we feel cover most of the basics when it comes to rest and relaxation.

1. Solitude

Socializing is exhausting. Even always being in the same room as someone can drain you. You might not be talking or interacting, but their energy is there. You know what I mean: when someone isn’t doing anything in particular to annoy you, but you’re annoyed.

This is a sign that you need to be alone to reset.

Finding time for solitude is all about taking a little social rest and just being with yourself. Oprah refers to solitude as the “soul’s holiday.” What’s not to love about that?

Like your body and mind, your soul needs some serious love and care.

Plus, solitude offers that time you need to really tune into what you want. Sometimes, our mind and energy are so intertwined with others that we forget to address our own wants and needs. We may even ignore them.

This leaves very little time to free yourself from any demands that may arise. You don’t have time to replenish those energy stores. You’re always running on empty.

You need time to connect with yourself and nurture that inner relationship. And this relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have. You can’t up and leave yourself when things get tough. Thus, like any good relationship, you’ve got to put some serious time and effort into it. Solitude rest gives you just that.

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2. Stillness

The world is constantly busy with the hustle and bustle. It rarely stops. But you have a choice here.

You can take on a whole new type of rest.

We call this “stillness.” This time helps your senses relax. With technology in the picture today, the stimulus is constant. It’s hard to escape, but you can.

Find stillness and quiet. Sit in it for a while, and while you’re at it, consider meditating or just being in that stillness. It can really help you sort out the important things in life, as well as give your senses that much-needed break.

This is truly an essential type of rest.

3. Sleep

You didn’t think we were going to talk about rest without talking about sleep, did you?

Sleep debt is a real thing. And unfortunately, it’s tough to make up without consistency in your sleep routine and without some time to allow your body to get into a proper sleep rhythm.

While society prides itself on working 60+ hour work weeks, this isn’t doing your body or mind any good. If anything, you might actually be putting a wrench in your performance when you could be much more efficient and effective with better periods of sleep.

Assess your sleep schedule. If you don’t have one, make one! There’s no better time than now to start. Sleep is just as essential as eating healthy or exercising. Prioritize it. Trust us.

You’ll be so happy you did.

4. Self-Care

You’ve probably heard a ton about this type of rest. This falls right up there with sleep as one of the essential types of rest. And yes, you can mix this in with your solitude style-rest, if you prefer.

Basically, self-care involves doing what you want to do and what your body and mind need. For some, this might mean getting creative, such as painting or writing. For others, this might mean taking a bubble bath and throwing on a facemask.

You do you. That, my friends, is the definition of self-care.

Again, this one is all about nurturing that relationship with yourself and just being you. It’s about looking after yourself and understanding what you need and when. Self-care isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay.

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5. Spiritual

Humans crave meaning and purpose. We all want to feel important. This is often what every argument and conflict comes down to (real talk), and spiritual rest offers time to dive into your deeper meaning and purpose.

Plus, spiritual rest doesn’t have to mean religion. It can be something as simple as finding a mantra you love and reciting it each day.

Or it can mean finding a phrase that gives you purpose and meaning in your life. One of my favorites is that “life is meant to be experienced.” This is the purpose I’ve carved out for myself. I’m not particularly religious, but I needed a point to encompass the chaotic experience that life is. My friends and I quickly concluded that it’s just to experience it in all its glory.

But I’m not here to force my beliefs on you. If it resonates with you, use it. If it doesn’t, don’t, and find your own. There are so many options here!

6. Slow Movement

You might be thinking: Wait a second - movement? Nah, this article is about rest!

Yes, yes, I hear you!

But movement can be a form of rest. Think about yoga, gentle stretching, or restorative flows. Sometimes, resting means moving a little and working out all the kinks in your muscles and joints.

You know, when someone says a movement felt “yummy.” This is what they are referring to. Try it out. It might be the rest your body and mind truly crave.

Now, Get Some Rest!

I’m serious. Find that balance in your life.

It’s a bit of a juggling act, but you’ll get there. Incorporate slow movement, spiritual rest, solitude, self-care, sleep, and stillness into your regular rotation. It might seem like a setback to some, but it can actually propel you forward, making you a better friend or partner to others that you truly care about.

And don’t focus on perfection here! It’s all about doing what feels right. Rest isn’t meant to be work. It’s meant to reset your body and mind so you can get through any hurdle that life throws your way.

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