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Article: Override Negative Thoughts With a Ridiculously Positive Affirmation

Override Negative Thoughts With a Ridiculously Positive Affirmation

Override Negative Thoughts With a Ridiculously Positive Affirmation

There are moments in our lives where our emotions get the best of us. When you feel afraid, angry, frustrated, insecure, confused, sad or a similar way, try saying an affirmation to change your state. Your thoughts will guide you to start to feel better.

Words carry vibration and saying them out loud can have a profound effect on our mind, body and spirit. You can come up with an affirmation that works for you, or use one that we have created below. Then you’ll always have this in your memory to pull out when you find that you are becoming negative!

In the higher laws of the universe that are a part of the esoteric teachings of hermeticism which was written in an Egyptian book and later translated into English, there is a law called transmutation. It means that when you have a negative emotion, you can focus on its opposite, or its positive expression in order to change your state.

For example, the opposite of despair is hope and the opposite of fear is courage. We can use this law to craft our own ridiculously positive affirmation.

The mind is where we experience life, it guides our emotions and perceptions, and we can train our minds with our higher consciousness by observing it and directing it. Crafting your own ridiculously positive affirmation is a great way to use your mind as a super power in your life instead of be pushed around by it.

Here are some tips at developing your own.

How to Craft Your Affirmation

Craft your affirmation with the most positive language you can think of. Words that really make you feel excited and hopeful will best change your state.

Words like supportive, trustworthy, authentic, integrity, meaningful, honest, consistent, abundant, heartfelt and magical are examples of words with a positive charge that you can include in your affirmation.

You also want your affirmation to be in the present tense and not about something that will happen in the future, because you’re affirming the way it is right now.

You can even use a sense of humor in your affirmation or words that really make you smile like “I’m a jazzy, classy, stylish lady with a streak of independence that shines brighter than Bill Gate’s IQ.” After all, comedy cures.

Notice what you usually get negative about. Is it money, feeling hurt or unlucky, feeling bad about yourself or about the future? When you pinpoint what gets you down, you can more closely choose the opposite so you can retrain your belief systems, creating positive habits of thinking in ways that will help and not hinder you.

For example, if I feel like I’m not smart enough to pursue what I really want and I’m scared to change careers even though I don’t like my job I would say, “I easily learn new things and man, I really enjoy it.”

If I am struggling with my relationship to food I can craft an affirmation that says, “I am always finding delicious ways to combine healthy foods and my body asks for these high vibrational power foods because I’m worth full grade fuel.”

Examples of Affirmations

Here are some good affirmations for self love:

“I fully accept and embrace my imperfections because I am a soul that came here to learn and I love myself.”

“I am a diamond and people treat me with respect at all times.”

“I am gentle with myself because I am my best friend and my body is a temple for my spirit.”

“People treat me really well.”

Here are some good affirmations for courage:

“I always follow the path of my own soul and it rocks my world.”

“I have the power to change and I exercise it knowing that my heart guides my life with pure intentions and I’m supported by the universe.”

“I am capable and I have the support of the universe right now.”

“I accept my feelings, I embrace everything.”

“I am not my body. I am an eternal spirit.”

Here are some good affirmations for mood:

“Amazing things are happening right now and good things are here.”

“Today is the best day of my life.”

“I am extremely happy right now.”

“I bring loving kindness and smiles wherever I go.”

“I am so grateful to be able to share love right now.”

“I have everything I need, I know nothing, I am everything.”

Here are some good affirmations for healing and health:

“I am pain free right now.”

“Every cell in my body is healthy and full of light.”

“I am healing as we speak and I feel amazing.”

“I am grateful for my health and I have endless positive energy, who wants some?”

“I am strong, willing and able and I enjoy doing it because at the core of it, I am pure love.”


Don’t rely on other people to make you happy because then they can make you sad as well. Once you craft or choose an affirmation you love, say it over and over as if you really believe it. Listen to the tone of your voice and say it with enthusiasm as if you’re stating something that’s obviously true and exciting.

To make a habit of this affirmation tool, practice it the next time you feel icky and see how it works. Keep practicing and see how it builds momentum the more you use it. You don’t have to stick with one affirmation either, maybe create two or three to use to overcome fear, anxiety and anger.

You could write one that could help overcome multiple things, for example, to overcome fear, anxiety and anger you could say, “I trust things are exactly as they should be. I’m excited and calm. I send love to those who challenge me and want them to be happy.”

This is a type of self-hypnosis that doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t require a lot of effort. The mind is the most powerful part of our lives whether we are using it or not and it’s good to train it to work for us instead of against us. The universe responds to our words and thoughts and brings good things.

I remember the first time I started using affirmations and how powerful it was. Things really did start shifting and getting better and using affirmations became a big part of my life. I always had my affirmation where I could see it when I was at work and had them written next to my bed to transmute negativity.

The law of attraction is another higher law of the universe that starts to really work in our favor when we shift our state from negative to positive. Your day isn’t over, don’t give up on it, you can be positive RIGHT NOW.

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