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Article: The 7-Day Soul Reset

The 7-Day Soul Reset

The 7-Day Soul Reset

Have you ever wondered why all great movies and stories contain conflict? Because perfect is boring, and that’s why life is complicated. It isn’t always easy, but those challenging moments are what help us to grow and evolve.

But sometimes, the challenging moments become overwhelming. We become exhausted, emotionally, physically, and mentally burnt out. It can feel like you’re wading through shoulder-deep mud with no end in sight.

During her 2013 Ted Talk, Alison Ledgerwood talked about how easy it is for us to get stuck in that space of negativity, unsure of how to move forward. When something bad happens, we can get caught in a trap of rumination, obsessing over the bad thing, unable to let it go.

So instead of focussing on the negative, it might be time for a reset. Keep reading to learn all about the seven-day soul reset.

Why “Reset” Your Soul?

It’s so important to take time to reset yourself, revitalize your soul, and try to work through these moments of confusion and desperation. While it’s not always easy to work through our moments of despair towards the other side, the side of light and joy, it’s important to do the work nonetheless.

It’s time to take control and set yourself back on the right course of action, and this seven-day soul reset can help. Set your intention to create time for yourself throughout the next week for each of these daily activities.

When the week is through, you’ll feel rejuvenated and reset! Get a pen and your day planner. It’s time to get resetting.

On Monday, Meditate & Contemplate

First, start by placing a notebook and a pen next to your bedside. The second step is to set your alarm to wake yourself at least 30 minutes early—you’ll need that extra time to practice this next step.

Wake up slowly and allow yourself to adjust to the day, focusing on how your body and mind feel in that moment. Then set a timer for the amount of time that you’d like to meditate, whether five minutes or twenty.

Close your eyes and try to find stillness. This can be difficult at first, as the brain seems to react to meditation by swarming your mind with thoughts. Don’t try to force them out, and don’t cling to them—let them exist and flow outward. Observe them, but don’t interact with them.

Breathe deeply, with a slow inhale and a languid exhale. Try counting to four for each breath, in and out. Repeat this process until the timer goes off, and then bring your focus back to the present moment.

Woman writing in a bullet journal day planner on a white table.

Now, grab the notebook and the pen that you set out the night before and set your intentions for the coming week:

  • How do you want to grow this week?
  • What do you want to move on from, heal from, or let go of?
  • What do you want your week to look like?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What do you want to accomplish this week?

Use positive words, avoiding phrases like “I can’t” or “I don’t want ____.” Focus on the things that make you happy, that you do want to attract. Remember, what you think about, you bring about.

And perhaps the most important step is to write at least five things that you’re grateful for. Don’t overthink it; you can be grateful for chocolate if it brings you joy. An attitude of gratitude will always bring about positivity and more abundance.

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On Tuesday, Disconnect from Tech & Reconnect With Nature

The technological advances that we see each day are wonderful; however, there is something to be said about the beautiful connection with Mother Nature that our obsession with technology can sometimes prevent.

Even activities such as attending a concert are often overshadowed by the desire to capture footage rather than experience the moment.

So, your challenge for Tuesday is to unplug from technology and get grounded in nature.

Try to spend at least an hour in a natural setting, whether soaking up the sunlight in your backyard or reading a book on the front porch. Try to find time in the sunshine, too. Did you know that vitamin D, which is best absorbed through sunlight, is a natural immune booster?

Even if you can only poke your feet out of a window to catch some rays, do it! Open your window and breathe in the fresh air. Don’t let our current circumstances stand between you and your connection to Gaia.

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Woman on her laptop in a very nicely designed living room. She is laughing.

On Wednesday, Have a Social Date Night

Plan a date night with your closest friends. If restrictions allow, gather in person! If not, a Zoom date or a conference call with a few of your closest friends will do. It’s important to stay connected through social distancing, and communicating with your loved ones helps you feel more aligned and connected to the Universe.

Even calling a co-worker or a family member to ask them about their day is a great way to stay connected. Reaching out will not only touch their heart, but it will also help you feel more positive and supported.

If no one is available, swap this one with Thursday’s activity. This is your reset. Make it work for you.

On Thursday, Do Something for Yourself

This is the day to treat yourself to something that brings you joy. Here are some ideas to try!

  • Indulge in a bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake.
  • Draw yourself a bubble bath with essential oils and rose petals.
  • Make something delicious and sit in front of the TV for a binge session of your favorite show.
  • Take the day to indulge in your love of art or your favorite hobby.

Taking the time to treat yourself will help you feel more joy and appreciation for your life. Treating yourself provides a balance against stress from work, from relationships, from life in general.

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On Friday, Observe Thought Patterns & Focus on Positivity

Today, your challenge is to notice your thoughts and combat the negative thoughts with positive alternatives. Let’s face it. It’s nearly impossible to force yourself not to have any negative thoughts throughout the day. But you can make an active effort to counter those negative thoughts with their positive opposite.

It also helps to go out of our way to think positive thoughts through activities like positive affirmations and reciting mantras.

Create a mantra for the day like: “I am talented, loved, and supported.” Repeat that mantra for five minutes in the mirror or while seated comfortably. Or make a list of positive affirmations to repeat throughout the day. Here are some ideas:

  • I surround myself with happy, positive people.
  • I attract love and light into my life.
  • Today will be a good day.
  • I choose to follow my own path.
  • I am beautiful on the inside and the outside.

You can get creative here and create any number of positive affirmations or mantras to work with. It’s all about your intention.

On Saturday, Organize & Declutter

Organizing has been shown to have both mental and physical health benefits. When the space around us is cluttered and messy, it can make our own thoughts feel cluttered and messy.

Take this day to go through your home and toss the things that you haven’t used in years; do that pile of laundry that’s been stressing you out; organize your closet and donate the items you no longer wear.

You don’t have to get rid of things you love or forget about sentimentality altogether, but try to think practically. And remember to organize the things you do want to keep. Making space and clearing the energy will raise the vibrations of your home and help you feel more relaxed.

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Woman carries sweaters that she is donating.

On Sunday, Plan & Manifest

This is the day to plan for the week ahead. Plan your meals for the week or make your to-do list for each day. This is also the time for manifestationWhat do you want to get out of the coming week?

When you take the time to plan, you’re setting your intentions and helping the Universe put things into motion for you. You’ll also feel less stressed and more in control when you make a plan for your week.

End your Soul Reset week with a list of gratitude. Make a list of everything that went right over the past seven days, everything you accomplished. Have gratitude for yourself and be proud of the work that you’ve done.

Moving Forward After Your Reset

Reset your soul in just seven days. Do this just once or every month – it’s up to you. Life gets busy.

At the end of these seven days, you’ll feel more refreshed, revitalized, and grateful. These simple steps will help you let go of stress and negativity, allowing you to make room for all of the wonderful experiences and feelings that life has to offer.

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