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Article: Smile Bright: Finding Big Joy in Small Places

Smile Bright: Finding Big Joy in Small Places

Smile Bright: Finding Big Joy in Small Places

How often do you smile?

It may seem like a bit of an odd question and probably not something the average person thinks about. But smiling more often can help us in more ways than one.

For example, smiling results in reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, reduced pain, and a release of serotonin and dopamine into your system which helps you feel more relaxed. When you smile, you appear more confident and attractive to others.

Remember The Phrase: Smile & The World Smiles With You

Well, it’s true!

We live in uncertain times and smiling can be more beneficial now more than ever. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re an Eeyore or Tigger – there’s always something to smile about, even in the smallest things!

So what are some ways you can find to make you smile?

Make Others Laugh

When others laugh, we laugh. What’s more, if others laugh at something we said, this makes us feel good about ourselves and really brightens up our day. What are some ways you can make others laugh?

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian. Even sharing a funny Youtube video or humorous article can be a good way to get the giggles going.

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Plan & Make a Yummy Meal

Oh, the joys of cooking a slap-up meal. There’s something about puttering around the kitchen chopping up vegetables while listening to your favorite playlist that puts a beam on the face. Spend time following a recipe or goofing around with your housemates, this is a time you can use to learn, grow, and make memories that will help you feel more fulfilled as a person and friend.

Sometimes it’s so pleasurable that you don’t actually want the meal to be ready – the process of just preparing it can be very pleasurable.

Want some ideas? Try this: Sun-Dried Tomato and Feta Couscous

Watch Something That Makes Your Heart Glow

If you’re sitting there feeling gloomy and miserable, don’t let yourself sink into it! Remember, those feelings of gloom do not control you. You are in charge. Turn on your favorite comedy film or show and find joy in the ability to spend time in this comfy feeling.

Chat With a Good Friend

Sometimes, a good chat is all that’s needed. Take a trip down memory lane with a friend by delving into funny scenarios from the past. Think about what makes you both laugh. Talk about memories that may have left you mortified at the time but which leave you in giggles now.

An hour of chatting and laughing can do wonders for your mood and put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.


If you’re able to cuddle with someone, all the better! Whether it’s cuddles from a loved one or your furry friend, cuddles are an exchange of energy and automatically bring a smile to our face as they make us feel warm and secure. Sometimes, we just need a hug to brighten up our day!

Sit in the Sun

If you’re able to sit in the sunshine for a while (with plenty of sunscreen!) this is a great way to boost your mood. People don’t say “You look sunny,” for nothing when describing a person who seems happy. The sun’s rays have a naturally cheery effect on us. If you’re looking for a quick-boosting smile, let the sun beam down on you.

Studies about the positive effects of sunlight on humans generally focus on the brain chemical that’s most directly linked to mood, serotonin: higher levels of serotonin correlate with better mood and feelings of satisfaction and calmness.

Do a Charitable Act

Volunteering to do someone’s shopping, sending someone a message of kindness, giving away your old stuff – acts of charity help those in need and as a result gives us purpose and joy. It makes us happy to know that we are able to help others. Donating to charity during this time of social distancing can be a way of supporting others while staying at home.

Pamper Yourself & Relax

Pampering yourself is a great way to bring a smile to your face. A DIY facial massage, creating your own homemade facemasks, having a relaxing bubble bath – these can naturally make you feel good and you’ll be able to drift into your own little world for a while with a blissful smile on your face as you forget your worries and enjoy the physical sensations on your body.

Find one thing that makes your mind, body, and soul feel relaxed and smile for those moments you get to find peace on your own time.

Start a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a wonderful way to feel better. Write down everything in your journal that you feel grateful for. Not only will this bring a smile to your face, but it will also make you feel more positive in general.

Doing this every day can have a powerful long-term effect on you and you will become more optimistic and upbeat in general. it will help you find the good things in your day and be able to reflect on them. This can be useful if you, like many of us, tend to look back and only remember the bad things that overshadow the good.

Building up this sort of happiness encyclopedia will remind you when a coworker bought you coffee or about playing in the pool with your dog.


We all need a reason to smile. When there is sadness or distress, one of the best ways to tackle this is with positive energy. Smiling is one of the best ways to manifest this energy. So let the beams fill your face! Smiling is contagious so remember that when you smile, you are spreading positive energy into the world.

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