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Article: Your 2020 Summer Soul Check-In

Your 2020 Summer Soul Check-In

Your 2020 Summer Soul Check-In

Usually, summer is a welcoming breath of fresh air. The days are getting longer. The darkness has lifted. And generally, we are more social creatures when the weather gets good. This increase in social activity and sun soothes the mind, body, and soul!

But times are changing. And undeniably, summer is going to be harder for some of us than normal.

Summer is Changing…

We can’t socialize like we’re used to. Weddings have been postponed. Patio season and big backyard gatherings may be on hold for the unforeseeable future. It doesn’t paint the picture of the summer any of us were expecting.

Yet, the sun does welcome a refreshing change of pace. Flowers are in full bloom. The color green is everywhere. There are various reasons to be thankful for right here and right now!

So, it’s time to lighten up or at least look on the bright side of life (it’s there - even if it’s hard to see). A change in season means it’s time for a soul check-in! Start opening your heart to more of the good stuff and bring more sunshine into your life through our summer soul checklist below.

A summer sunset over some palm trees.

Your Summer Soul Check-In

Since connecting with others isn’t as accessible as usual, it’s time to reconnect with yourself and nature. Dive into your spiritual side. Look deep within your soul. What are you running from? What feelings are you suppressing? How can the summer sun help? Let’s take a look.

Grab that pen or pencil and a piece of paper. Set aside about 30-45 minutes and get ready to get deep. If it’s a nice day out, go outside - somewhere safe and quiet. Now, let’s take this time to reset for a new season.

Step 1: Take a Few Deep Breaths

The first stage of the game is to relax. While fear and anxiety grip us all as of late, it’s important to take time to reevaluate your emotions and reel ‘em in.

Take a deep inhale and exhale. Focus on the breath - nothing else. Doing so can actually help you relax since it’s reminding your body what that feels like.

Do this for at least five breaths. If you need to do more, go ahead. There should be no rush here. It’s all about finding a level ground and just being one with your breath.

A piece of watermelon held against the blue summer sky.

Step 2: Unravel Your Fears

Right now, fear is all too real. Yet, after the breathing exercise, you should feel relaxed. Calm should be sweeping over you. While those worries and thoughts may still be in the background, don’t let them overwhelm you.

Instead, write them down. What are your biggest fears? What is haunting you in the corners of your mind? What are you trying to escape?

Take each fear and associate with how it is impacting your actions, your mood, and your goals. What energy does each fear hold? Is it guiding you or are you guiding you?

Take notes on all of this.

Next, combat your fears. What is within your control? What is more healing than worrying? After this exercise, write out how you feel. Do you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders? Are you approaching your situation from a more logical standpoint? What has changed?

Step 3: Set Intention

Now, it’s your turn to get in the driver’s seat. Fear shouldn’t hold you back from reaching your goals. In fact, it should only serve as a friendly reminder of what is possible in the worst-case scenario. It should be a voice of reason - not terror.

With fear under control, decide what you want this season to be. It may not seem like a lot is within your control. Yet, you’d be surprised what is!

Look into your past and uncover what actions boost feelings of confidence and positivity within your soul. How can you surround yourself with that again?

A good way to do this is to set your intention toward feeling this way. Send out these intentions into the universe. There’s a law called the law of attraction. This law describes how you get back the energy you put out. Put out good vibes, then you get good vibes back.

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Sunflowers in a field.

Step 4: Meditate On Your Intentions

Meditation is a wonderful way to open your soul to sunshine and positivity. Focus on the intentions you set. Consider setting a timer to do so. Close your eyes and visualize what you want this summer to be. It might not be ideal but work with what is within your control.

If a thought comes to you, let it. Don’t try to resist it. It might be the guidance you need. Once you’ve allowed the thought to sit, simply put it to the side and come back to your intentions. Do this each and every time.

Allow healing into your heart. Let negativity go. Find grounding within nature and breathe in the fresh air.

Step 5: Reflect & Record

If you have time, write down your final thoughts. Do you feel more refreshed? Perhaps you feel more accepting that this summer won’t be the same and that’s okay. Maybe you are more hopeful for the future than you were at the start. Or maybe you feel more relaxed and less scared of the world right now.

This too will pass. Nothing is permanent. But sometimes, we do need to accept the current situation and acknowledge what is within our control and what is out of it. Letting this all into your soul can help you find some peace right now.

In Closing…

It’s a tough time - for all of us. But focus on the positive. Ensure your worries and fears don’t get the best of you. And most importantly, get outside.

Take in that sun. It’s likely your body, mind, and soul have been craving it.

Is your soul craving more? Try the 7-day soul reset.

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