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Article: 6 Apps For Social Distancing That Can Bring Your Friends Together

6 Apps For Social Distancing That Can Bring Your Friends Together

6 Apps For Social Distancing That Can Bring Your Friends Together

Many people have been wondering what apps can help you socialize while social distancing and our relationship to technology is quickly changing.

June 8th is best friend’s day. So to make sure you are all prepared during social distancing, we wanted to show you some fun apps for friends to connect with!

This way, you and your friends can have the best day ever, no matter if it’s June 8th or October 27th. While there are new social distancing apps coming out to help you track where you go, there are also apps to help connect at a distance in fun ways with the people you love most. This is something that can really boost your overall happiness and theirs!

Some of these apps have online games and great things to do while social distancing for you and the younger energetic ones that might be in the house.

6 Apps For Friends to Stay Social During Social Distancing

Here are our top picks for apps that will keep you from feeling lonely and bored. Many of these apps will help you survive social distancing and can bring you even closer with your buddies, your crush, and meet new people!

Most of these apps can be downloaded to your computer so you can see everyone’s faces on a bigger screen or see things easier.

1. Houseparty

Houseparty is an app that brings the true essence of a party to social distancing because like being at a party, you never know who is going to show up. You can just hang on your couch and see who pops by. This can keep your social skills tuned up allowing you to start up conversations and really communicate unexpectedly like you’re actually at a house party.

This app is a casual way to drop into conversations when friends are online and do group video chats. There are also games you can play as well as quizzes to give you something to talk about and stimulate that brain of yours. It’s available on Apple, Android, and as a Google Chrome extension. It’s free to use and join with a few add-ons if you want to pay extra. You can roll the dice for games, chat with up to 8 people, and choose to make your chat private if you want exclusivity on your conversation.

2. Mario Cart Tour

Mario Cart Tour is free to download with in-app purchases. You can tour the world and there is a multiplayer option! While you’re not seeing your friend’s faces, it can be that fun fix that gets you out of your head and able to unwind with a healthy sense of competition.

If you want to get out of the house, this virtual tour is a fun way to step into another reality while still giving you the chance to earn bragging rights with your besties. You can compete with friends or people in your vicinity with up to 7 players. It even allows you to set your own rules. This nostalgic game can help you pass the time with lots of laughs on your phone or computer.

3. Marco Polo

While the Marco Polo app doesn’t give you the ability to talk in real-time, it is exciting to send video messages back and forth. The cool thing is, you can go back and watch messages you like as much as you want! Even if you’re in different time zones, this digital love letter will reach the ones you cherish and that keep you going. It’s easy to use and free.

This app is great for sending a birthday message, telling someone something you think about in the middle of the night when they are asleep, or keeping in touch with friends who aren’t great at setting a time to chat. This walkie-talkie type app is easy to use on your phone and a bit more complicated to get on a computer.

4. Netflix Party

While Nextflix Party isn’t a typical “app,” it is an ingenious addition to your social distancing evenings with friends. If you like to just keep close with your circle of friends, this app will allow you to invite your friends to watch a movie and allow you to chat about it with messages on the side to share your opinions.

For those who would have been at the movies anyway, this is a great way to connect that doesn’t actually cost a thing. You can use your Google Chrome browser to download the extension right onto your computer (Not available for phones.).

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5. Rave

Rave allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows together with the added bonus of being able to chat live and respond to what you’re watching with your friends with voice or text messages.

If you’re a movie buff and usually a social butterfly, this app lets you meet people all around the world and vote on what to watch. It’s amazing how ingenuity like this is helping find new ways to meet people during this time. You can use this app on your computer or phone.

6. Bunch

One of the great things about playing games with our friends is seeing their reactions when they win and when they are really focused. Bunch allows you to play games with friends and see their faces.

You can get up to 8 players at a time and really lose track of time with your favorite games or find new ones you can learn together. You can play something simple or find more challenging games. This is currently available for your phone.


All of these apps provide what we are all needing right now - connection. Whether it’s keeping connected with old friends or making new ones, the world is evolving to make the digital social sphere more accessible and exciting.

What apps will come next? It’s hard to say. We expect gaming and streaming applications to rule the app store for the next couple of years as accessible and free entertainment is what people are searching for the most during times of isolation.Have fun and let us know about your favorite apps to keep you connected! 

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