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Article: Spring 2020 Soul Activation: Affirmations To Start a New Chapter

Spring 2020 Soul Activation: Affirmations To Start a New Chapter

Spring 2020 Soul Activation: Affirmations To Start a New Chapter

Now that Spring is upon us, it’s time to activate our connection to our soul in order to infuse this time of growth and new beginnings with a path of true fulfilment. The soul activation that you do can help you see a vision to move towards that excites you and makes you feel as if you’re truly coming alive just like the new life that happens during this season.

Now is the perfect time to choose which Spring affirmations will help you move in a positive and expansive direction. We have a list of affirmations for new beginnings you can use to help you stay in a high vibration state and align with your heart. When we move beyond the goals of the ego and find the bigger vision of our soul, we also tap into the support of the Universe.

Say Hello to Spring

When you experience this vibrational state of support day after day with the use of these affirmations, your fear will melt away and it will become a habit to live intuitively and positively. It kind of sounds like an epic movie right?

Well, that epic movie can be your life starting with these positive affirmations that are specifically crafted to be soul affirmations that will give you a spiritual boost. Let’s give you a real energetic oil change so you can run optimally.

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Ways to Use These Affirmations

A great way to use an affirmation is to write it twenty times in the morning and twenty times in the evening. This will bookend your day with an intention at two key moments in your day. When you first wake up and right before you go to sleep, you have greater access to your imagination because you’re in a different brainwave state. It’s as if the doorway to your subconscious mind is open and you can move the furniture around.

You can also write or type this affirmation and put it in places you’ll see throughout the day such as on a mirror, at the kitchen sink, on your computer, or on your phone. You can even set reminders in your phone to alert you to read the affirmation.

When you have an affirmation you like, you can also just say it mentally when you’re going through your day standing in line, walking up the stairs, or sitting in traffic.

Of course, you can make your own affirmations as well. Perhaps you’ll find one in our list or they will inspire you to craft one that helps you feel extra creative.

How Your Soul Can Help You Start a New Chapter

This Spring the world has been going through massive changes. We have all gone through a new experience. As we are given this chance to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, you can tap into a vision for your life that will be more enriching than ever before.

When we truly tap into whatever that energy is that connects us and binds us together, that loving energy, we can find a way to live that supports the good in this world. Sometimes it takes something challenging to help us find clarity. You now have the opportunity to take a moment to stop and talk to your soul, allow the Universe to move you with love, and allow a vision of kindness fill you.

Activate Your Soul

Your soul helps you find what will truly make you happy. It helps you see with clarity what can uplift your spirit. It helps you feel inspired and hopeful and it helps you direct your life in a direction that is both for your highest good and the highest good for all.

Even if you’re new to the idea of activating your soul, you can sense that there is something waiting to become more alive within you. That love that you are able to stream helps heal the world and when you’re focused on this deeper truth of who you are, each moment of each day becomes something magical.

These soul activating affirmations will help you live in a state of happiness and sustain a vision that has meaning and purpose. It will help you through hard times, help you release low vibration thoughts and habits, and help you find that you are the artist of your destiny.

Affirmations to Start a New Chapter & Activate Your Soul

  1. I am walking in a new direction, living with high vibrations, and helping the world.
  2. I am ready to follow my dreams and today I will take the next step.
  3. I am full of positive energy and making positive connections all the time.
  4. I ignite my soul’s passion to live my highest potential.
  5. I replace fear with love in each moment.
  6. When I start believing I can, then I can.
  7. I start each day by visualizing a path that allows me to help the world.
  8. I release negative stories and write positive outcomes for my life.


Affirmations work to create new patterns of thinking which will trigger emotional states. Those emotions create electromagnetic energy in your aura that attracts similar vibrations. These vibrations follow the law of the Universe, that like attracts like, which is written about and documented in countless ancient and modern spiritual texts and media.

When you experience the law of attraction working positively in your life, you’ll want more of it because it is incredibly powerful and helpful.

It allows you to manifest and step into your power in a way that is truly magical and helps you fulfil the ultimate goal in your soul.

Use these affirmations to inspire you and spiral that energy in your chakra systems up to the top chakras where your intuition is activated and your spiritual connection is available. To further understand your chakras, check out our many articles and meditations that will help you unlock the energy in your own body and tap into your spiritual awakening.

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