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Article: A Summer Solstice Meditation to Bring Growth

A Summer Solstice Meditation to Bring Growth

A Summer Solstice Meditation to Bring Growth

The summer solstice is upon us, bringing with it the glow of life, growth, and warmth – and what better way to celebrate the refreshing, friendly energy of this season than with a summer-loving solstice-soaking meditation?

Meditation is a favorite here at Daily Life, appreciated for its calming, healing, and connecting abilities. But the secret magic of meditation is that it’s even more powerful when you set your intentions before diving into that world of peace and calm.

That’s why setting your intentions and practicing a shimmering summer solstice meditation can help you feel energized, grateful for life, and ready to have the best summer yet. (And we all deserve a scintillating, sizzling summer after the year we experienced so recently!)

When you feel optimistic and lighthearted, you’re optimizing your potential for growth and evolution this summer, allowing you to make the most of each new experience headed your way.

But to truly get the most out of this meditation, it’s best to cleanse and prepare your surroundings and the energy within your own spirit. Let’s dive in to see how you can use this meditation to raise your vibrations and bring enthusiasm to the soul.

A Summer Solstice Meditation to Bring Growth

This meditation will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful, ready to take on the summer and celebrate your personal growth. Sure, you can simply sit down and get to meditating, but it’s so much cozier and more effective when you take a moment to prepare your surroundings.

If you’re meditating indoors, it’s a good idea to set the scene. 

But you can also perform this meditation outside, under the sunlight – whether at sunrise, sunset, or the middle of the day. Simply bring your favorite tools or crystals and settle into the ground beneath.

1. Set the Scene

Because it’s summertime, try lighting a citrus-scented candle or lighting a stick of refreshing sandalwood incense. Make sure you’re wearing something comfortable and lightweight, like your favorite oversized t-shirt and a pair of bike shorts for optimum relaxation.

Put your favorite uplifting album on to boost your energy and set a foundation of good feelings. Grab a chunk of citrine or selenite to clear any negativity from the room and bring bright, positive energy. If you’re meditating outdoors, you can place your crystal in the palm of your left hand or even your left pocket for safekeeping.

When the energy feels uplifted and light, it’s time to sink into an inspiring meditative state.

2. Start With Grounding

Start by sitting comfortably and taking several deep, cleansing breaths – imagine light flowing into your body and spirit with each inhale and negativity flowing out with each exhale. Press your forefingers to your thumbs and rest your hands on each leg.

Close your eyes and let the sunlight (physical or metaphorical) sink into your skin.

Try to notice the ground beneath you, how it cools your body and helps you feel grounded. Notice the smells around you, whether the blades of warm grass or the scent of your glowing candles.

Notice any sensations within your body and try to relax each muscle, starting from the crown of your head down to your toes.

3. Focus on Your Breath

Sit in stillness for a moment, allowing your breath to slow down and your body to continue relaxing, muscle by muscle.

Breathing deeply and evenly, notice any thoughts that pop up – do not cling to them, but don’t try to ignore them. Let them exist and pass.

Now, with each breath, imagine sunlight flowing into your body and sharing its glow with every cell, every organ, every bone within. Imagine the sunlight healing any physical or emotional pain, sending those rays to the parts of your body that need its healing light.

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4. Let the Sunshine In

Begin to gather the sunlight in your belly, imagining a glowing orb of sunshine circling your navel and growing bigger and brighter with each breath. Continue allowing your orb of sunlight to grow within until it reaches the crown of your head.

Cradle that light within your aura for a moment while continuing to breathe deeply. Let the sunlight gather around you and cleanse your spirit of any impurities or negativity.

Enjoy the sensation of warmth and light – try to gather and experience as much optimism and joy as you can at this moment.

Now, press your forefingers firmly into your thumbs to seal this memory for later recall.

When you feel thoroughly cleansed and connected to the universe, begin to come back to a waking state, opening your eyes when you feel ready. Smile, stand up, and get ready to take on the summer.

Recall Your Meditative State

If you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed this summer, and you don’t have the time to practice a full meditation, simply press your forefingers firmly to your thumbs – just as you did during your summer solstice meditation. 

This will trigger the body and the mind to recall those feelings of warmth and love once more, helping your spirit relax and appreciate the moment.

Celebrate the Summer

Whether this year has been fantastic or frazzled, it’s time to let it go and soak up the sunshine. There’s always time to turn your mood around and start living in the moment – which is all we’re guaranteed.

Let yourself celebrate the magic, the friendship, and the adventures that summer can bring. This can be your summer of growth, of gratitude, and of a major glow-up – as long as you let the universe do its thing.

What are you celebrating this summer? How do you wish to grow?

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