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Article: How to Heal Energetic Wounds

How to Heal Energetic Wounds

How to Heal Energetic Wounds

If we are totally honest with each other, we are still in the infant stages as a society regarding understanding energy and energetic wounds.

Everything is made up of energy, even us. We can feel it, intuit it and sense it, but we cannot see it. We cannot see it that not enough emphasis is placed on the importance of energy, yet it is one of the most powerful forces for both destruction and healing.

We all have energetic wounds. The question is not whether we have them, but what caused them and how we can heal them.

The lack of understanding or acceptance of energetic wounds contributes to most problems we experience today, on an emotional, mental and physical level.

Determining Your Energetic Wounds

How do we get energetic wounds?

We all have an Ego, and the purpose of our Ego is to protect our Soul as it conducts its life lessons during its time on earth.

When we go through a traumatic experience (such as abuse, bullying, betrayal, or bereavement, to name a few), we are often inflicted with an energetic wound because we experience pain and suffering.

This wounds our Soul but feeds our Ego, and not for the better.

You cannot guarantee not to have an energetic wound by ensuring you do not go through any pain or suffering. But then, your life would be extremely restricted on every possible level, and you would hardly be living at all.

Pain is a fundamental part of life, and there is no escaping it. Rather than hide from pain, we should face it and transform it into something positive.

For example, those who go through the pain and meet it head-on are often stronger and wiser from their experiences. On the other hand, those who refuse to face it, who fall into substance abuse as a way to escape or deliberately run from potentially challenging situations, can never experience this specific pain.

They suffer differently because the Soul is being stifled and restricted from learning lessons. It needs to evolve.

Pain is inescapable, but it is up to us whether we choose to face it or not.

This is where energetic wounds come in. If you are willing to explore both the dark and light sides of yourself, you will be able to transform your pain into progress.

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How to Tell if You Have an Energetic Wound

An experienced energy healer can locate energetic wounds in your body, but there are also ways you can discover them for yourself.

Some of the symptoms of energetic wounds include:

  • Serious trust issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Substance abuse
  • Nasty or judgemental thoughts in your mind about others or yourself
  • Engaging in risky behavior that you feel helpless to stop
  • Lethargy or fatigue with no known cause

These are just some of the symptoms of energetic wounds, and they are part of what makes up our shadow side.

Our goal is to understand our shadow side (or dark side) to such a degree that we transform it into something positive and merge it with our light side.

Energetic wounds are often located in different parts of the body and among the different chakras.

For example, if your heart has been broken, the wound will reside in your heart chakra. If the wound is not addressed, acknowledged, or healed, it can result in emotional issues such as an inability to open your heart to others, trust issues, and intense jealousy in relationships.

On a physical level, it can result in heart conditions or problems.

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Locating Your Energetic Wound

To locate your own energetic wounds, lie down with a crystal such as rose quartz or clear quartz in your hand.

A pointed wand version of the crystal is helpful. Close your eyes and slowly run the crystal about an inch from your skin or clothing down your body from head to foot.

Pay close attention to how you feel as the crystal runs down your body.

Energetic wounds will usually make themselves known, as you will feel a heavy feeling in your hand as the crystal passes over it, or you will experience lurches within the body, or you will experience emotional symptoms, such as tears and sadness.

How to Heal Your Energetic Wound

Healing energetic wounds take time and patience. It is not an overnight healing session.

Acquiring the help of an experienced energy healer or shaman is helpful, but below are a few methods you can use to heal your energetic wound:

1. Visualization Techniques

Visualize that a bright white light surrounds you and trickles down from the top of your head, and surrounds itself the wound. Now imagine that grey or murky energy from the wound is slowly coming out of the wound.

Keep visualizing this, as this is the negative energy that is poisoning the wound. Once the murky energy is gone, visualize the white light filling up the wound. Repeat this every day for one week and then several times a week afterward.

2. Positive Affirmations

At the same time, it is important to train your subconscious mind into healing the wound too. Repeating positive affirmations throughout the day will eventually convince your mind that you are healed from the wound.

For example, if your energetic wound resulted in low self-esteem, repeat the affirmation, “I am bold and beautiful, and nothing can convince me otherwise” (or something along those lines). Be sure to repeat this 20-50 times a day, scattered throughout the day, and you will inevitably start to see a difference.

3. Ground Your Energy & Practice Forgiveness

Visualize a cord running from your root chakra into the Earth. Now imagine golden energy running from the Earth into your root chakra. This is forgiveness energy, and it enables you to fill your body with forgiveness and love, which helps to transmute negative energy into positive energy and heal energetic wounds.

It is up to you how many times you practice this and for how long - listen to your intuition and go with what you feel. It is your feelings that guide you when it comes to energy healing.

Let’s Heal

Releasing negative energy is not always easy, and it is often a painful process. But it is always important for us to remember that no matter what suffering, struggle, conflict, or trauma we go through, ultimately, we are in charge of what we choose to do with the pain we accumulate from our experiences.

We can choose to let it consume us or choose to take charge of it and transform our pain into something positive. This is not a special superpower granted to only a select few. It is something we are each capable of as human beings.

The question is not whether we can, but whether we will.

First, we must accept that suffering is a part of life. Likewise, pain and pleasure are a part of this world. When we choose only to accept pleasure, we become ill-equipped to deal with pain; when we choose not to acknowledge it, we lose connection with our soul, and the pain consumes us.

But we truly are the master of ourselves. It is just a case of whether we choose to claim this power within us or not.

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