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Article: Self-Reflection Cards: Why You Need Use Them

Self-Reflection Cards: Why You Need Use Them

Self-Reflection Cards: Why You Need Use Them

These are busy times. We always seem to be on the go, and there appears to be no chance to slow down.

This has been a chaotic and unusual year so far. The worldwide pandemic has hit many people hard in a multitude of ways. We may not be on the go in the usual way, but undoubtedly our minds have been racing a mile a minute with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

It’s times like this that stepping back and reflecting is more crucial than ever. We could spend some time alone and meditate, or take a walk among nature, if possible.

Or we could try out self-reflection cards.

What Are Self-Reflection Cards?

They are just as the name suggests!

Self-reflection cards are a set of cards that are often used in therapy classes, but they can be used for individuals or groups too. These are cards that can be played with your friends and family, or even just with yourself.

Some self-reflection cards can be purchased, but you can also make your own (and this can be a wonderful creative exercise, too!).

Why Should You Use Them?

Self-reflection cards help us gain greater insight into ourselves and help us get back on track if we find ourselves lost. The cards usually come in a set (such as a deck of cards), and there are questions on the cards that we ask of ourselves, such as:

How can faith in a higher power be helpful to you right now?


What destructive tendencies are stopping you from reaching your full potential?

You can see how these types of questions really make you stop and think.

If you are doing this in a group setting, it can be a wonderful way to brainstorm with others, getting to know yourself as well as those around you better. Otherwise, doing it as an individual is just as effective and sometimes even more so. Sometimes, a deep conversation with yourself is all you need to get back on track and help you become the best version of yourself!

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Are They Like Affirmation Cards?

There are some primary differences between the two.

Affirmation cards consist of affirmations or phrases we repeat to ourselves to become who we want to be or attract the life we want. Affirmation cards are also an art of manifestation, where repeating the phrase enough times might eventually create the reality you want.

Self-reflection cards require deeper thinking and analysis.

We ask questions of ourselves, and then we answer them as honestly as possible. We could answer them by speaking them aloud or writing them down. These cards are designed to help us know each other at a deeper level.

Essentially, both affirmation cards and self-reflection cards are there to help and guide us. It is a wonderful idea to combine the two. First, you can start with the self-reflection cards, which help you to know yourself better. You can then continue with affirmation cards to improve on or fix issues you discovered during your self-reflecting.

For example, let’s say you pull a self-reflection card with the following question:

Which fears are dominating my life right now?

There may be several of them. Fear of losing your job. Fear of where the next paycheck will come from. Fear that your relationship is on the rocks. All kinds of fears may be generating anxiety or keeping you awake at night.

After you have established the fears holding you back, you can then use an affirmation to help you conquer it. An affirmation such as:

I will not allow fear to rule my life.

This is a wonderful affirmation to repeat to yourself. It injects strength and positivity into you, and it helps combat the fears you identified during your self-reflection session.

How to Create Your Own Self-Reflection Cards

You know yourself better than anyone else.

Creating your own set of self-reflection cards is not only a wonderful creative exercise, but it provides the opportunity to know yourself at a deeper level. You don’t have to splash out on fancy cards to do this – pieces of paper will work just as well!

A good way to get started on creating your own cards is by dividing yourself into sections – mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. You could write these downs as headers and underneath think of questions that relate to each aspect.

For example, under “mental,” you could write questions such as:

  • What is creating fear and anxiety in my life right now?
  • Career-wise, where would I like to be in five years?

Under “physical,” you could write:

  • What am I going to do to make my body feel good this week?
  • What is one thing my body has allowed me to do today that I am grateful for?

Under “spiritual,” you could write:

  • What are five things that are very important to me?
  • What is one thing that I want out of my life?

Under “emotional,” you could write:

  • When do I feel the happiest?
  • If I could talk to my teenage self, what would I say?

Where You Can Buy Self-Reflection Cards

If making your own cards is a bit too challenging, here are some handy places you can buy self-reflection cards that we have found:

You can also make your own affirmation cards! Learn how with DIY Your Own Affirmation Cards.

The School of Life

The School of Life cards are simple and yet profound. There are 60 self-reflection cards included spanning a wide range of topics. They assist in the journey of self-knowledge, and each question can provide hours of self-reflection.

Creative Therapy Store

These lovely-looking cards from the Creative Therapy Store provide an array of questions with 72 cards designed to help you know yourself and others at a deeper level. These cards will cause you to question and possibly rethink the path you are on.

Ameya’s Realm

Ameya’s Realm Cosmic Cards are beautifully made for anyone who has a more ethereal inclination towards this exercise. These cards contain self-reflection questions and positive reminders so that you can combine inner reflection with positive affirmations.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This set from Teachers Pay Teachers of 60 cards is a very affordable option and is only $4 and downloadable. It includes some simple and effective self-reflection cards for all users with lovely drawings attached.

Are You Ready for Some Self-Reflection?

Getting to know ourselves at a deeper level can be daunting at times. Still, in order to become the best of ourselves and experience the life we truly deserve, it is necessary to explore ourselves further.

Using self-reflection cards, we can do this either individually or in a group setting – it depends on what you are most comfortable with. The point of self-reflection is not to make you feel uncomfortable or anxious by throwing you into a situation you don’t want to be in. But you may find yourself stepping a little out of your comfort zone as you explore the depths of your mind and soul, swimming waters you may not have previously swum in.

Try self-reflection cards and see what they can do for you. Sometimes, you are the very best counselor for yourself.

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