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Article: An Energizing At-Home Beginner's Boxing Workout

An Energizing At-Home Beginner's Boxing Workout

An Energizing At-Home Beginner's Boxing Workout

So, you’ve decided to take up boxing. Not only is it an empowering workout, but you’ll also work up a major sweat.

The other good news? You can take up boxing at home.

There’s no need for any fancy gym membership or class. In fact, you don’t even need any equipment. So for those of us on a budget, boxing might be the best way to get back in shape or stay active, especially during this pandemic.

In this article, we’ll explore the best boxing workout for beginners (yes, we see you, and we’ve got you covered), the benefits of boxing, and more. Let’s dive in!

The Benefits of Boxing

Boxing - why bother?

While boxing might come off as a tough cardio workout, that’s not all it is. Boxing works on your strength, endurance, stamina, and balance.

No, you don’t need to be a serious athlete to obtain the benefits it offers. Surprisingly, these benefits aren’t all physical, either. Boxing challenges your thinking within a moment, forcing you to make quick decisions and focus on where your body is in space.

The main benefits of boxing further include:

  • Improved balance.
  • Upper body and core strengthening.
  • Improved posture.
  • Increased endurance.
  • Enhanced alertness.
  • Improved mood.
  • Improved hand-eye coordination.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get boxing!

Boxing At Home: A Simple Beginner Boxing Workout Routine

Whether you’re looking to try boxing without a box, or you’re interested in an incredible shadow boxing workout, we’ve got you covered.

As far as home cardio workouts go, boxing is one of the best you can do. You aren’t just jumping on the spot. You’re also testing your strength, balance, and power.

Here’s a quick boxing workout to get you started. Don’t forget to warm-up. Consider doing about 5-10 minutes of jump rope or jumping jacks - really anything to get your heart rate up and your body warm. It’s also a good idea to have water nearby to avoid dehydration.

Move #1: Jab, Cross, Jab

Start with your hands in a guard position. This means your elbows are bent, and your hands are in fists on either side of your chin. Throw your right arm forward (into a jab) by straightening your arm in front of you without locking your elbow and by rotating your wrist down.

Then, perform a quick left cross. This means punching your left arm forward and rotating your left hip while slightly lifting your left heel off the ground.

Bring your hands back to the guard position, and repeat but on opposite sides. Aim to perform about 10 repetitions.

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Move #2: Bob & Weave

Again, start with your arms in the guard position. Bob and weave by squatting down and moving left to right then back again. Think of making a letter U as you do this. Repeat for 10 repetitions.

Move #3: Boxer Push-Up


You thought this was all about just boxing? Think again!

This move helps strengthen your upper body even move, providing you with more power for those jabs and punches.

It’s basically like a regular push-up. Begin in plank with your hands directly under your shoulders. Slowly lower your body to the floor so that your chest almost touches. Push back up and repeat for 10 reps.

Move #4: Double Jab, Cross, & Cover

Begin with your arms in the guard position. Place your right foot one step forward. Perform a quick double jab with your right arm. Perform that quick cross punch with your left arm (similar to the first move).

Now, here’s the difference: Once you perform the double jab and across, you cover yourself by twisting your hips away and bringing your right elbow to cover your stomach. Then, quickly do the same cover to the left, and repeat. Again, aim for about 10 repetitions here.

Move #5: Jab, Cross, Hook, Bob, & Weave

We’re combining them all in this last one while also adding in the “hook.”

Throw your right arm into a jab, then cross with your left arm. Now, here comes the hook. Bend your right elbow at shoulder height and out to the side. Pivot using your right foot and throw your elbow out as if you were hitting an invisible figure with it. At the same time, also rotate your right hip.

Bring your arms back into the guard position once again, then perform a bob and weave, as described above. Do this for at least 10 repetitions.

Want a challenge? Add in boxing push-ups between each move. You can also eventually transition from shadow boxing to having someone hold boxing pads while you jab or punch them.

This does require a bit of a budget since many online tend to cost upwards of $40 or more, depending on the quality you want.

Start Your Boxing Journey Today!

Boxing at home has never been easier than now. The internet is full of different boxing workouts and moves.

Remember, the key to staying active is finding an activity you enjoy and sticking with it. Maybe your activity of choice is boxing. Try it out and find out!

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