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Article: 5 Journal Prompts for Deep Self-Discovery

5 Journal Prompts for Deep Self-Discovery

5 Journal Prompts for Deep Self-Discovery

What is self-discovery?

It is an ongoing process that doesn’t end throughout life. It is the opportunity to achieve greatness within ourselves and become the very best we can be.

It is a journey that enriches life in ways we could never have imagined.

It is the chance to attract relationships into our lives that make us feel truly whole and happy.

It is also one of the most frightening things we could ever undertake, and if you are one of those on the journey of self-discovery, you should be commended for your courage and determination.

Personal Growth: The Challenge

As scary as the journey of self-discovery can be, it brings the greatest reward. As they say, nothing worth having ever came easy.

Self-discovery is all about unraveling layers within yourself to discover who you truly are. When you discover who you truly are, you then begin to manifest your true self into reality. This always enrichens your life in one way or another because a Self that can express itself freely and in its true form experiences a depth and joy to life that others do not.

That is not to say life comes without its challenges, but there is an inner strength and confidence that exudes from personal growth. As it is an ongoing process, the opportunities are endless, and the reward is different for everyone.

But self-discovery means being bold enough to face aspects of ourselves we would rather keep hidden.

From the moment we set foot on this planet, we are subjected to everything within it, including the negative parts. To survive, the purest (and strongest) part of ourselves (our soul) must be protected at all costs.

This is when we begin to form an ego.

The Dangers of an Unruly Ego

Ego isn’t always evil, but it is the only thing about us that commits evil or contributes to it.

Its function is to protect the soul, which represents everything good about us. A soul can’t survive on this planet alone with all its dark and dangerous aspects. Otherwise, it will be incapable of living life. So ego is forged to serve as a barrier around it.

However, sometimes our ego gets out of control and starts to think it is the source of our true power. It becomes all about “me.”

“Who hurt or offended me? They will suffer.”

“What makes me look good? What makes me look better than everyone else? People should worship and admire me.”

“I’m a good person. No one has the right to criticize me.”

And so on.

It thinks it is strong, but it is not. Its strength is limited. The soul is our true source of power, but as we grow older and our experiences in life harden us, we begin to lose contact with our soul, and our ego grows.

If the ego is allowed to fester and grow for too long, people genuinely start to think their ego is who they are. Then they reach the point of no return. Ego can also do an excellent job of mimicking a soul, stealing some of its qualities to pull off a convincing act.

An unruly ego can be seriously inhibiting.

We lose contact with our true purpose, and our ego becomes an outlet for darkness within us. An ego’s job is to protect us from the darkness of the world, but when it spirals out of control, it becomes a conduit for the darkness itself, often without people realizing it.

This is why self-discovery truly is a mission of the brave and bold. It can only be undertaken if ego is humbled enough and made to say, “I accept I am not the true source of power.”

It is the ego that blocks our progress during self-discovery. Common things it will tell itself are:

  • I’m fine as I am. I don’t need self-improvement.
  • I found a way to survive, and this is as good as it’s going to get for me.
  • I am too scared to do this. I don’t want to face myself.
  • Everyone says I’m a good person. What’s the point?
  • I have achieved a lot in my life. I don’t need to take a deeper look at myself.

However, the ego fails to realize what the soul already knows. We all have negative qualities. We all experience negative emotions. We all have bad experiences. We all experience conflict. These aspects of life hold up a mirror to the darkness within us, which we are often keen to bury or deny.

Only through a journey of self-discovery can we explore this darkness within us and become the best version of ourselves.

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Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

When you begin a journey of self-discovery, you will inevitably unravel aspects of yourself. The deeper you go into this journey, the more you will learn, and the results may surprise even you.

This is where personal growth journal prompts are so helpful. A self-discovery journey prompt can be a way to keep you organized on your journey and help you reflect at a deeper level.

A self-discovery journal prompt is a gentle nudge in the right direction, a guiding light as you embark on what can be a difficult and perilous journey.

In short, they’re pretty wonderful!

5 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

If you are ready to enrichen your life and ready to face what lies within, then read on to find five journal prompts for self-discovery that can help you.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way of doing things when it comes to this. Do what feels right for you, and use these daily journal prompts as a guide.

1. What qualities about me might be causing problems?

The journey of self-discovery demands complete open honesty with yourself. It involves looking at aspects of your character which are negative and cause problems for you in your life.

For example, let’s say you feel jealous when an attractive woman walks past and is with your partner. The jealous feelings may intensify and put a dampener on your time with your partner, as well as your own mood.

This journal prompt enables you to see the symptom of an underlying issue. Jealousy usually relates to insecurity and past experiences. The self-discovery journal prompt helps you to acknowledge this side of yourself, and from there, you can dig deeper, find the root of your insecurities, and work on it.

2. What does happiness mean to me?

Happiness is different for everyone but what does it mean to you? Why? When you explore what makes you happy, you come closer to understanding yourself.

3. How did the challenges in my life shape me?

This journal prompt helps you to understand how your experiences shaped you. This predominantly focuses on the negative experiences. We focus mainly on the negative during the self-discovery journey, simply because people tend to be far more unwilling to face the negative than the positive.

Let’s say you were bullied in school. You had to find a way to survive, so you became strong. You learned how to stick up for yourself. You learned how to deal with bullies and you even started to stick up for others.

But as you grew older, you started to pick fights and arguments with other people, sometimes for no reason at all. You began to seek conflict, no matter what form it took.

This is likely a result of your experiences with the bullies.

The strength you acquired to survive is now spiraling out of control and everyone has become an enemy. However, during your journey of self-discovery, you come to realize that you no longer have to be on your guard all the time. Life is no longer a battleground, at least not in the same sense.

You don’t have to pick fights with your loved ones or people who have done you no harm.

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4. What are my deepest fears?

Exploring your fears is crucial in the journey of self-discovery because it is our fears that often block us from moving forward.

What is it you are most afraid of? Why? The more you unravel, the more you will discover.

5. What self-care practices will I try this week?

Nurturing yourself during the journey of self-discovery is essential! This can be challenging work and looking after yourself is part and parcel of it.

What self-care practices will you try? Writing down what makes you feel nurtured and comfortable helps you to reconnect with your mind, body, and soul and you come to discover more about yourself from these moments of self-care.

Will You Try Self-Discovery?

As challenging as the journey of self-discovery can be, the doors that open to you on your journey are endless and you will find life richer and more rewarding.

Knowing ourselves has become a challenge at this point of history more than at any other time. We are so focused on what is going on “out there” that we neglect what is going on inside. Our lives are often stressful and hectic and we are so concerned with making ends meet or ensuring our external world is balanced and functioning that we fail to realize the damage being caused to us on an internal level.

These self-discovery journal prompts can be a way to help you balance both your outer world and your inner world.

Through self-discovery, you learn more about yourself and come to realize what a complex and brilliant person you are, filled with hopes, dreams, fears, and an array of emotions. There is no journey more exciting, nor one more rewarding.

Are you ready to begin yours?

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