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Article: 8 Things Only an Introvert Would Understand

8 Things Only an Introvert Would Understand

8 Things Only an Introvert Would Understand

Do you find it difficult to concentrate in loud or busy settings? Are you self-aware, reflective, and often more comfortable working on your own than in groups? Do you ever feel exhausted after socializing or spending time in crowds, like you need to go be alone for a while to recharge?

If you said yes to any combination of these questions, you might be an introvert. And you’re not alone.

In fact, one survey sample showed that just about 50% of adults identify as introverts – that’s half the population! And if you’re part of the introvert club, there are a few things that you know only introverts understand.

We’re here today to talk about eight things that your extrovert friends just seem to have a hard time grasping. So, if you’re an introvert looking for a good chuckle or just a place where you feel you belong, keep reading and know that you’re in good company!

8 Things Only Introverts Can Understand

When it comes to personalities, the introvert personality is particular and very different from the extrovert personality – and there are certain things that only those of us who want to escape from the world and curl up with a good book at the end of a long week will identify with.

Let’s take a look at eight things only introverts will understand.

1. The Intense & Instant Gratification of Cancelled Plans

Introverts like to make plans just like anyone else, but as the event in question approaches, feelings can change drastically depending on the events of the day or your current state of mind.

Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding out that your plans have been canceled, leaving you free to throw on your pajamas and dive head-first into your favorite movie or series.

2. The Seriously Surprising Love of Your Own Company

One thing introverted people have going for them is knowing how to keep themselves entertained. While an extrovert may desire frequent interactions with others, an introvert can spend hours, even days at a time in their own company and still feel content – even elated.

Time spent alone is not a punishment for an introvert but a reward. Having that free time to do whatever you want is one of the most delightful pastimes an introvert can think of!

3. The Desire to Wrap Up Conversations Quickly

Introverts do love people, and they don’t shy away from communication – but conversations, no matter how pleasantly they begin, can quickly become overstimulating or even overwhelming.

While, as an introvert, you might even start the conversation yourself, you may find yourself needing to take a break rather quickly, if only just for a breather.

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4. The Joy of Eating Out Alone

Many people cringe at the thought of going out to eat at a restaurant by themselves – and those people are usually not introverts. We aren’t scared to be seen alone, enjoying heavenly food and an enthralling novel.

Give an introvert a good book and a delicious meal, and they’re happy as a steamed clam.

5. The Comfort of Having a Few Close Friends

Some people feel that a small friend group equates to mundane social life, but an introvert lives for their modest but magical group of friends. You don’t need a crowd to convince you that you’re special.

You’re happy with the few hand-picked and carefully selected people that you choose to spend your precious time with.

6. The Pleasure of Not Being Invited

Few things in life can bother an introvert more than impromptu plans. Introverts prefer to have plenty of time to mentally prepare for an event, especially one that requires socialization.

If the choices are trying to hurry to get ready for an experience that we feel unprepared for, an introvert would prefer to go without an invite every time.

7. The Beauty of Moving Slowly

We live in a fast-paced society that is often focused more on getting things done quickly than thinking them through. Introverts, however, enjoy a slower pace, preferring to spend time marinating in their ideas rather than acting rashly.

The beauty of turning to that rich, internal world and letting a thought or idea play out like a scene from a movie is something to bask in, to enjoy slowly and thoroughly.

If you want something done with thoughtful consideration and care, ask an introvert.

8. The Wonder of Boundaries

Some people out there go through life at a rolling boil – they don’t need any time to warm up to others before diving deeper. But introverts appreciate the delicacy, the deliciousness of enforced boundaries. It takes time for introverts to open up and let others in, but that only makes those connections even deeper and more beautiful.

They take their time getting to know you, and once you’ve earned their trust, they feel more comfortable letting you in.

While some people may feel like boundaries are unnecessary, an introvert realizes just how important they are for healthy, loving relationships.

Are You an Introvert?

We’re not here to say that being either an introvert or an extrovert is better than the other – we’re all born into this world with unique personality traits and individual gifts. That being said, there is reason to celebrate both introverts and extroverts and the things only each group can understand. But the fact is that extroverts are seen as fun and outgoing, while introverts often get labeled as quiet or even humdrum.

We’re here today to show that introverts are awesome too!

And if you’re an introvert trying to help you’re more socially oriented friends understand what’s going on in your heart and your head, try sending them this article to illuminate some of the things you feel strongly about.

What’s your favorite thing about being an introvert?

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