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Article: End Your Day With These 5 Journal Prompts

End Your Day With These 5 Journal Prompts

End Your Day With These 5 Journal Prompts

What is a journal prompt?

To put it simply, a journal prompt is a statement designed to inspire you.

Imagine you’re Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings, and you’ve just been trusted with the enormous task of throwing the one ring to rule them all into the fires of Mordor. If you were to write down a journal prompt, it would be something like:

I am going to destroy the ring and save the world because I am ...

After the initial prompt, you would then go on to write about why you’re going to destroy that ring, such as:

  • Strong
  • Brave
  • Determined to do the right thing
  • I want to save the lives of my loved ones.

It might be a bit of an extreme example, but you get the gist!

A journal prompt is all about inspiration for why you do what you do and why you want to do what will be done. It’s a form of motivating you and keeping you on track. Who would have thought that a simple pen and paper (or a laptop and screen if you’re more modern about it) could have such a profound effect on your motivational skills?

Journal Prompts That Inspire Positivity

It can be hard to stay positive. In fact, it can be a lot easier to wallow in misery and bask in being unproductive and miserable. Misery loves company; it’s one of those emotions that love you to stay with it and excel in being glum.

However, this is the great thing about the mind. It’s got a lot of power! One of its superpowers is helping to pull us out of a slump when we are in one.

Stress is a genuine threat to us.

In 2020, stress levels soared due to the worldwide pandemic, and in 2021 many of us remain in the same struggles we faced the previous year. More than ever, it is essential we find ways to cope and stay strong. Ending your day with journal prompts is especially helpful during this time, as taking care of our mental health and the mental health of others ought to be one of our number one priorities.

From the time we wake up until the time we settle down in the evening, we accumulate a lot of stress.

Stress from relationships, stress from work, stress from family, stress from not knowing how we will make ends meet, stress from the anxiety and worry plaguing our minds. This stress builds up and can result in mental imprisonment where it can be difficult to find a way out.

This is why journal prompts for positivity can be such a wonderful way to alleviate stress.

Some view it as a form of meditation; others fit it into their routine at the end of the day to release tension and anxiety swirling around in their minds. Releasing our thoughts through the power of the written word is a terrific way of stabilizing our internal energies, and it has been for a very long time.

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5 Evening Journal Prompts

woman smiling writing in her journal in bed

Fitting journal prompts into your evening at the end of the day is easy-peasy!

Get yourself a pen and notepad (or use your laptop and open a new Word document) and get writing. If you’re a social media buff, you could share your journal prompts with your friends and followers, inspiring others at the same time.

Below are five journal prompts to unwind at the end of the day.

1. What went well for me today?

This journal prompt can help you reflect and analyze your day, but most importantly, it helps you look on the bright side of things!

Yes, you spilled your tea, yes, your car broke down, yes, you had to deal with a screaming customer, but think about what went well. You got that paycheck. You laughed with your best friend about that screaming customer. You had four other cups of tea that were delicious!

2. What do I feel most grateful for today?

It could be anything - even hearing the birds singing or just seeing a beautiful flower as you walk by. There is always something to be grateful for - the more you find to be grateful about, the happier you will be.

3. What can I do better tomorrow?

Self-improvement provides the grounding for a brighter tomorrow.

What’s the one thing you can do better tomorrow? Maybe you’ll try and get up that little bit earlier, or maybe you’ll try to do your workout for just a bit longer. Whatever it is, write it down and let it be your motivational force.

4. My goal by the end of the week is…

The more you focus on your weekly goals, the more you will beat the stress and negative emotions, replacing them with positive, motivational energy. What is your goal by the end of the week?

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5. The thing I want to get off my chest before I end my day is…

This allows you to vent, and sometimes it’s important to vent so that you can start afresh without any emotional baggage on your shoulders. Think about what frustrated you today and get it all out on paper.

Will You Try Evening Journal Prompts?

Evening journal prompts to inspire more positivity can work wonders in relieving stress and helping you start each day anew.

Ignoring stress or letting it simmer within without taking action is the fastest way to spiral downwards. It’s important to always remember that we have the power to make a difference in our own lives. We have the power to take control of our minds and, subsequently, take control of our stress levels.

Stress can sometimes trick us into thinking we have no power over it, but that isn’t true.

Evening journal prompts are a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a hard day - accompanied by some soothing meditation music and some glorious scents like palo santo or lavender oil. You will naturally reduce your stress levels. You may not be able to protect yourself from stress forever because stress is a part of life, but what you can do is deal with it when it comes in such a way that it doesn’t take over your life.

Self-belief, determination, and these journal prompts can set you on your goal towards greater relaxation and emotional balance.

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