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Article: Self-Care Sunday: Flex Your Creativity Muscles

Self-Care Sunday: Flex Your Creativity Muscles

Self-Care Sunday: Flex Your Creativity Muscles

Do you ever just end up wanting to lay around on Sunday? If you flex your creative muscles, you’ll find new ways to enjoy life that will help make every day feel more like a weekend. The benefits of creativity can’t be understated. Instead of living a limited and calculated life, creativity allows us to dream, to feel like we can make a difference and make life more positive not just for ourselves but for others too.

Creativity is the flavor to the food of life, no doubt so ,we have come up with some really fun ideas that you can peruse for your Self-Care Sunday ritual this week.Because many parts of our lives activate the analytical side of our brains, we can be most balanced and achieve success by keeping our passion alive by keeping that creative flow open.

Try Adult Coloring Books

Did you know that adult coloring books became so popular they caused a global pencil crayon shortage for a while? Using coloring books in adulthood is scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects, and, since colors activate particular emotions, the brighter the better. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or over-work yourself when it comes to opening your creativity. Awaken your inner child - color outside the lines if you want to!

Watch A Film in an Unfamiliar Genre

If you’re guilty of re-watching the same movie again and again, simply watching a film from a genre you’re less familiar with is a great way to spark creativity. Maybe check out a documentary, a foreign flick, or an abstract art film. You can do this alone at home, or take a friend to the nearest theatre and get tickets to a movie at random you’ve never heard of.

Make Your Own Short Film

One really fun way to stimulate your creativity is to storyboard, write a script, or even get outside with your phone camera and start making a film of your own! Amateur filmmaking is not hard with all the free apps now available. Think of a cause you’re passionate about or an idea you’d like to express and upload a vlog to YouTube. Head out for a walk in a nearby park and hit record. You never know what ideas may be sparked by this fun exercise.

Create a Vision Board

Create a vision board of the goals you’re working towards and everything else you want to bring into your life. You can do this solo or get together with friends and let your creativity run wild. Don’t be afraid to be honest with what you really want in your life. Vision boards can help you finally get clear on what is in your heart. Fill it with inspiring pictures, words, and invigorating colors that give you a good feeling when you look at it. Place it in a space you’ll see every day like next to your bed and you will stay inspired by it. We have a great article about how to make a vision board for you as well!

Try Out a New Recipe

There’s something inspiring about combining different ingredients and flavors together to make a masterpiece. Trying a new recipe can be a lot of fun and it builds confidence in the kitchen. When you start exploring the vast world of food, you’ll find there’s no shortage of interesting recipes to stimulate different feelings - both emotional and physical. For example, fondue is a fun and sensual experience while ceviche is sophisticated and good for conversation because it’s refreshing.

Not sure what to make? Check out our many Feed Your Body Friday recipes!

Learn the Lyrics to a Catchy Song

It doesn’t matter if you’re a good singer or not. Pick a song that stirs your soul or gets you amped and learn all the lyrics. Then, get in the shower and belt! Music is a powerful creative medium that helps us feel alive and even helps us release trapped emotions. The act of singing on its own allows your throat chakra to open up so you can express yourself with more confidence, too. If you need someone to encourage you, learn a duet with a friend. Any of the songs from Lady Gaga’s new movie A Star is Born are really inspiring if you need an idea to get you started.

Concluding Thoughts…

Many successful people value their creativity above anything because they are able to think independently and come up with new ideas about how to move people to action. Jennifer Aniston attributes her success to her regular meditation, which can also greatly increase your creativity. Maybe just setting aside time to meditate with some soul-stirring music, a journal, some candles and incense will be just what your soul needs this Sunday. Unstructured time can be great for your creativity!

Just like we feed the brain with nutrients, we need to feed our souls with emotionally uplifting creative activities so we can stay balanced. Do what calls to you even if it’s not something other people feel is cool. This is your Self-Care Sunday, after all.

Be sure to join us for next week’s Self-Care Sunday tips, and don’t forget to let us know how you practiced self-care this week on our Instagram or on Facebook!

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