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Article: Celebrating Women on International Women's Day

Celebrating Women on International Women's Day

Celebrating Women on International Women's Day

It’s early on in the 1900s. And while women are beginning to experience more freedom than ever before - they are still unequal to men.

As a woman in 1918 - in the UK - you couldn’t apply for a credit card or loan. You couldn’t go after the same pay grade as a man.

In Canada in 1909, kidnapping a woman over the age of 16 was made illegal (yeah, what? I didn’t know about this one either until now). In 1928, Canada allowed the first woman to be part of the Olympic team.

Canada and the U.S.A. granted women the right to vote during the first few decades of the 20th century.

The world has come a long way in the past couple of centuries. Yet, there’s still more to be done. There are still many countries where women are suppressed - where they are thought to be less than men.

It’s safe to say that being a girl is tough. You grow up in a society full of outrageous expectations (and men do too - but possibly less so and with a history full of more opportunity).

Young girls are hit from every which way with messages about how they should look and how they should act. Women are sexualized and objectified - something you don’t see nearly as often in men. And, on the skirt tails of the #metoo movement, the future’s starting to look a little more bright for girls and women around the world.

Times are Changing

We are encouraged to speak out. We are pushed to go after what we want. We are now told we can do and become who we want to be. The internet has connected us across various channels. We know what it’s like in other places, and women are taking charge. It’s inspiring.

It’s important we pass on this message to the next generation. It’s crucial that we encourage them to take pride in who they are and to make their own opportunities in this world.

So, let’s start celebrating women.

International Women’s Day is Celebrated on March 8th

There are many 2019 iconic women to celebrate. But these women don’t just hail from the present day. Many of them paved the way toward the lives women are able to have today. In our minds, they’re heroes.

Marie Curie lived from 1867-1934. And she was responsible for founding the science known as radioactivity. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She showed the world that women have intellect - and the capability to change the world.

Rosa Parks is known as the woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person. She was a minority in terms of being a woman and in terms of having African heritage. But she didn’t let that stop her. She became an activist. And she set off the civil rights movement.

Ada was a mathematician and is considered the first computer programmer. Yes, you read that right. A woman was the first programmer. And computers and the industry of programming have drastically changed the world. Without it, you would most definitely not be reading this article online - let alone possibly on a tiny device called a cellphone.

Let’s Fast-Forward a Bit.

Women in the past aren’t the only inspirations. Celebrating women today includes a variety of smart and proud individuals. So, how do iconic women in 2019 celebrate being a woman?

“I celebrate being a woman by owning it.” - Georgia

“I celebrate daily through the choices I make, from the outfit I wear to the conversations I engage in. I am aware of my femininity and the power I carry. I am always working on empowerment because it focuses on sharpening my strengths and developing my weaknesses.” - Sherine

“I celebrate being a woman by finding time for myself.” - Stacey

“To celebrate being a woman is in the small things, it’s empowering your younger sisters to find their voice, it is buying extra hygiene products during our weekly grocery shop for ladies in need, it is becoming a part of a community of woman, it is smiling back at yourself in the mirror every morning.” - Jenna

This International Women’s Day, How Can You Celebrate?

Become Inspired

Use the stories and remarks from above to drive you. This is your life. You have more opportunities than any other woman has had in history. Take it. Use it.

Emphasize Your Friendships

Girlfriends are irreplaceable. We just get each other. We’ve been through similar struggles. And we tune into each other’s emotional and intellectual vibes. But unfortunately, there is a place where society has placed this cattiness aspect around women’s’ friendships. Yet, we should really learn to cherish these relationships and stand together. Start emphasizing the importance of these friendships. Jump on the team!

Invest in Your Health

Go off of how you feel as opposed to how you look. After all, it only matters if it’s making you happy and adding to your life. In other words, partake in self-care time, exercise on the regular, and live a life full of positivity.

Celebrate Your Body

Beauty is something to be celebrated, and each woman’s body is as beautiful as the next. Our uniqueness is what makes it beautiful. Plus, a woman’s body is strong - it is where life is formed and made. It gives way to the next generation. Celebrate these facts. Celebrate what your body has been through and what it has done. It’s incredible when you really think about it.

Let’s Raise Up the Next Generation of Women!

Celebrating women on this International Women’s Day is one of the best things you can do. And if you want to inspire your kids, consider the book, A is for Awesome: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the World. You can purchase it on Amazon. Teach your children about iconic women who shaped how the world is today. Encourage equality. Inspire confidence. And become empowered!

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